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Victory of the West: The Story of the Battle of Lepanto.

Victory of the West: The Story of the Battle of Lepanto. Niccolo Capponi. Macmillan. [pounds sterling]20.00. xxxvi + 412 pages. ISBN 1-4050-4588-4. In 1571, Christian naval forces defeated the Ottoman fleet in the largest sea battle ever seen. The victory of the Holy League secured Christian Europe, at least for a while, from further inroads by the 'religion of peace'. Mr Capponi has, where necessary, gone back to archival sources and re-examined inherited views and interpretations to give us a first-rate history of the battle. He has little time for the recent 'revisionist' views and after a careful examination of the war and of the battle he shows that the Ottomans' defeats not only stopped their inroads but lessened their power in the Mediterranean and 'confirmed the viability of Western military strategy and tactics'. Artillery had saved the day. The struggle with Moslems over the future of Europe would continue for 150 years but a great victory had been won. (T.B.)
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Date:Jun 22, 2007
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