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Victory in Vermont.

The Vermont house of representatives' passing of legislation March 16 that would legalize same-sex civil unions has almost guaranteed the bill's success. State politicians predict the bill will be passed quickly in the senate, which has a 17-13 Democratic majority. Gov. Howard Dean, meanwhile, has promised to sign it. "We will pass a bill this year," senate president pro tern Peter Shumlin, a Democrat from Windham, told the Rutland Herald newspaper.

Prospects for same-sex couples are not as bright elsewhere. On March 11 the West Virginia legislature passed a bill prohibiting recognition of same-sex marriages. Gov. Cecil Underwood has promised to sign the bill, which will make his state the 32nd with such a ban.
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Title Annotation:same-sex civil unions
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Apr 25, 2000
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