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Victory Over ADHD.

Victory Over ADHD

Deborah Merlin & Larry Cook

EcoVision Communications

10008 National Blvd., Ste. 439, Los Angeles, CA 90034

9780975536179, $16.95

Victory Over ADHD: How a Mother's Journey to Natural Medicine Reversed Her Children's Severe Emotional, Mental, and Behavioral Problems is the true story of one mother's struggle to help her children. The medical community continued to advance Ritalin as the only answer at every turn in response to her sons' behavioral and concentration problems; but ultimately, the cause of their hardship was diet-related--they (and she) were obtaining insufficient amino acids, and in need of supplements. Victory Over ADHD denounces Ritalin for treating the symptoms of ADHD, but not the underlying toxicity that can help create them--toxicity contributed to by too much junk food in the diet, harmful sodium fluoride in drinking water, lack of exercise, and in adults, neglecting to properly cleanse the colon. Though Victory Over ADHD does not unilaterally denounce vaccinations, it strongly warns against vaccinations for infants and young children with risk factors (such as low birthrate, or relatives who reacted badly to a vaccine) that predispose them to an adverse reaction. The overall message of Victory Over ADHD is that parents and individuals of today's society need to improve their immediate environment and overall health rather than rely on expensive drugs and antibiotics to fix all their problems, despite what corporate advertising would have us believe. A much-needed counterpoint to the endless drug marketing ads one sees and the drug-focused cultural indoctrination among modern medical professionals.
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Title Annotation:Victory Over ADHD: How a Mother's Journey to Natural Medicine Reversed Her Children's Severe Emotional, Mental, and Behavioral Problems
Author:Lane, Margaret
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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