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September's meeting was held at the Nellie McClung Library. Eryk Martin, a University of Victoria history student who received the Victoria Branch's Prize in Canadian History, gave a presentation about his research on co-operatives of Vancouver Island that was very well received. Later Carl Hennigar UE received his UELAC certificate for his Loyalist ancestor, Christian Hennigar UE. Al Huffman UE made a presentation that was a review of the book, The Seven Daughters of Eve by Dr. Brian Sykes.

The November AGM was in the Garry Oak Room of the Sir James Douglas Elementary School. A minute of silence was held in remembrance of Phillip Leith DFC, UE, an honoured benefactor of the UELAC. Two certificates were presented, one to Dorothy Nelson UE for her Loyalist ancestor, John Jost Petrie UE, and the other to Michael Smith UE for his Loyalist ancestor, William Ketcheson UE. The amended Constitution and Bylaws was approved. In the election of officers, Carolyn Nordin UE was elected treasurer. The former treasurer, Maralynn Wilkinson UE, was elected director. Maralynn had been treasurer for four dedicated years, an excellent period of service for which the members were most appreciative and thankful. Carl Hennigar UE and Joyce Huffman UE were also elected as directors. There were no other changes in the executive offices. The meeting's proceedings were capped by Carl Hennigar's presentation on the Loyalist, Christian Hennigar UE, who, during the American Revolution, fought with the 84th Regiment of Foot and settled in Hants County, Nova Scotia, in 1783.

Robert Kerr UE, a Victoria Branch member since 1996, passed away on 29 November. A number of our members attended his funeral on 07 December.

The Christmas Tea was cancelled because of the largest snowfall since 1996.

Text and photos by Al Huffman UE, Branch President
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Date:Mar 22, 2007
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