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Victims of AIDS helped by hypnosis.

AIDS victims are recording major health improvements through a surprise new treatment - hypnosis.

Sufferers are benefiting from significant physical gains after going under to receive stress therapy.

The discovery, confirmed by HIV charities, adds credence to the controversial benefit claims of complimentary medicine.

While hypnotherapists are not claiming to be able to cure AIDS they say their work is helping prolong lives.

David Iles provides private hypnosis to around 20 HIV and AIDS sufferers in Birmingham. He said: "Around 70 per cent have seen genuine physical improvements after a course of treatment.

"As a hypnotherapist I believe having a healthy mind can help build a healthier body. Most HIV and AIDS victims suffer from high levels of stress.

"Hypnosis can reduce those stress levels by helping patients become more positive about themselves and the future.

"Mentally, my patients feel better after a few weeks treatment and most have also recorded significant physical improvements.

"This is most noticeable in their T-cell count - which monitors how fast red blood cells are multiplying.

"After hypnosis many have recorded a large drop in their T-cell count which is a clear sign of physical improvement."

London-based Steven Harold is one of the country's leading HIV hypnotherapists. He said: "There are still cynics in the medical profession who scoff at the benefits of complimentary medicine.

"But the fact is hypnosis is helping HIV and AIDS victims live a longer, better, life.

"I have seen patients who have been as low, physically and mentally, as it is possible to be, improve in mind and body after a course of hypnosis."
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Author:Larner, Tony
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jan 16, 2000
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