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Victims and survivors to 'build for the future'.

VICTIMS Commissioner Judith Thompson chairs a meeting of the newly-reformed Victims and Survivors Forum - as 10 new members are unveiled.

Along with 13 sitting members, they are charged with fighting for the interests of victims of the Troubles.

The panel, which met yesterday at Queen's University Belfast, has "identified victims or survivors of state violence and those from the Loyalist/Protestant working class community as being the most underrepresented".

Praising past members, Ms Thompson said: "The challenge for our new forum is to finish the task of dealing with the past and take us into the completion of our task to build for the future."


LINE-UP Judith Chambers with 10 new forum members in Belfast yesterday

ROUND TABLE TALKS The Victims and Survivors Forum meets for first time at QUB yesterday

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 15, 2016
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