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Vicom Achieves a World First at COMDEX Trade Show.

EDMONTON, Calgary--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 26, 1996--VICOM MULTIMEDIA INC (Alberta Stock Exchange:VMI.) Using a T1 Internet link between Las Vegas COMDEX and Boston SGML'96 trade shows, Vicom's nereus(TM) Multimedia Publishing System successfully demonstrated the Corporation's claim of having the world's only collaborative authoring system capable of simultaneously linking authors on a local area network to authors in opposite sides of the country.

Dale Hardy, senior vice president responsible for the nereus(TM) division, stated, "Typically the knowledge of an organization resides with content experts at various locations in a building, in a plantsite, or across the country. Now these experts can be linked and collaboratively create and distribute multimedia programs. With the nereus(TM) drag and drop authoring tool, these content experts require little training to become production experts. Organizations are now able to truly take advantage of the power offered by multimedia. In a distributed networked operating environment."

Mr. Hardy continued, "The nereus(TM) technology is ideal for corporate intranet applications such as just-in-time training, product up-dates, corporate newscasts and electronic commerce; for the collaborative development of educational courseware and management of distance learning networks; and for high volume publishers of new media materials. The system is so easy to use that it is literally spawning new business."

Participating with Vicom at the COMDEX show was Sencore Inc., a US test equipment manufacturer currently using the nereus(TM) system. Stan Warner, applications engineer, confirmed Vicom's claims. Mr. Warner stated, "The nereus(TM) system has allowed true collaboration among our technical experts in creating very complex multimedia technical service and maintenance manuals. The system is so easy to use that we have totally eliminated the communication layer that traditionally exists between content experts and multimedia authors. Our technicians have now become the authors. This feature is truly the efficiency offered by the nereus(TM) system. One year ago we would never have imagined that a test equipment manufacturer would become a high volume multimedia producer. This publishing tool has opened up a whole new business for us."

Sencore Electronics is a leader in the field of consumer electronic test equipment. It has been estimated that over 85 percent of US consumer service shops have at least one piece of Sencore equipment. There are an estimated 135,000 service establishments in North America alone.

Vicom Multimedia Inc. is a leading technology-based communications, training, and software development company with eighteen years of experience in providing products and services that contribute to better comprehension and use of information. The Company offers a full range of multimedia, video, slide, and print production services. Vicom's three proprietary products: SAFE-T-Disc(TM), SmartCata!og(TM), and the nereus(TM) Multimedia Publishing System exemplify its benchmark status as a multimedia technology and software development company. -0-

Note to Editors: The Alberta Stock Exchange has neither approved nor disapproved the information contained herein.

CONTACT: Vicom Multimedia Inc.

Dale Hardy, 403/452-4082


Sencore Inc.

Stan Warner, 1-800-SENCORE (763-2673)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 26, 1996
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