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Vico transition to Aviko in France comes with new product rollouts. (Potato Trends Watch).

The names sound similar enough to begin with, but the accented "A" in Aviko now makes for proper pronunciation in French. The Steenderen, Holland-headquartered producer of frozen potato products, which acquired Vico several years ago, has spent much of the year promoting the branded product transition front Vico to Aviko in France.

Redesigned packaging showing both logos positions the cutesey Vico smiling face to the left of center of the striking blue and yellow Aviko emblem.

"These are transitional packs, as we are still using a bit of the red color associated with Vico along with Aviko's dominant blue," said Dick van der Aart, marketing manager.

New products were launched to create excitement about what's inside the packaging as well as what's on the outside in the way of graphic design. Among the introductions: Zig Zag crinkle-cut fries in 750g bags and Fondants de Pommes de Terre in Mediterranee and d'Alsace styles in 400g boxes.

"Zig Zag has been successfully positioned to appeal to children," said Van der Aart. "Fondants, which may be microwaved or oven baked and served as either a meal component or snack, are adult-oriented potato-based quiche products. The Mediterranean recipe features potatoes, bechamel sauce, milk, eggs, peas, tomatoes and chorizo."

Aviko increased its television advertising campaign considerably in France, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe during 2001 to support launches, which included Dolce Fritas in the Dutch market. The results in France have been quite positive, judging from the 10% increase in volume sales registered during the first hall of the year. Considering that overall retail sales in the country were down by 3% during the period, Aviko's success rate was all the more dramatic.
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Comment:Vico transition to Aviko in France comes with new product rollouts. (Potato Trends Watch).
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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