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Vice queen online to spill sex secrets.

HOLLYWOOD'S most notorious madam Heidi Fleiss is out of jail -and is already making many of her former clients quake with fear.

For Heidi, who served a three-year jail sentence when her vice empire came crashing down, thinks those stars failed to help in her time of need. So now she is threatening to reveal the names in her infamous "little black books".

Heidi, aged 34, has discovered the magic of the Internet and its potential for making megabucks. She has launched Heidi Wear, where shoppers can browse among the boxer shorts and autographed t-shirts. The site announces: "This is Heidi.

"I'm out of prison and back in business. Are you interested in meeting Heidi's fans? Drop by Heidi's Club for a chat - you may be surprised at who drops by there now and then."

Then Heidi announces: "Coming soon: adult web site that will deliver the ultimate in online entertainment" And that raunchy XXX site is where Hollywood insiders believe she intends to spill the beans.

The former madam is all set for a live pay-per-view tell-all that will generate huge publicity for the site. One insider said: "Heidi is going to name names and is also going to reveal their sex secrets."

The clue to Heidi's motives are in an innocent-seeming statement in her Heidi Wear News. It says: "Heidi's personal financial situation (bankruptcy) will not affect the prompt delivery of t-shirts, sweatshirts, boxer shorts or any other items on our website.

"This is Heidi, and I want to thank the people who supported me during my difficult three-year prison term. I am excited about the future and anxious to get back to work."

Heidi filed for bankruptcy three months ago. She listed debts of more than $269,000 but assets of only $1,500.

The famous names in Heidi's little black books have remained a secret, except for bad boy star Charlie Sheen and the late Hollywood movie producer Don Simpson. Heidi believes that, although she protected her famous clients, they didn't help her with her legal bills.

The insider declared: "This is her chance for a payback."

Internet porn mogul Seth Warshavsky, whose Internet Entertainment Group (IEG) exposed the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee home sex video, is sponsoring Heidi's blockbuster. A source said: "It's all clean and legitimate - and she is likely to rake in a lot of money."
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Author:Durham, Frank
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Feb 6, 2000
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