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Vibration test and trim balancing system. (Test Equipment 2002).

SensorScript Corp. has introduced RotorMD, a turnkey production vibration test and trim balancing system for rotating machinery such as turbines, fans, pumps, and compressors. For vibration testing, RotorMD provides all data acquisition and analysis functions needed to evaluate vibration performance and alarm out-of-specification conditions.

For trim balancing, RotorMD uses a proprietary patent-pending algorithm. Unlike other balancing methods, all active vibration channels are used to calculate optimum weight and placement, the company said. All rotor-specific data is collected and displayed in real time, then stored in a standard Microsoft Access database for subsequent archival and retrieval. Access to rotor test data is available from any computer on the network running RotorMD. Tests are easily automated, customized, extended, or enhanced to meet individual customer requirements.

RotorMD operates under Windows 2000 and is powered by SensorScript, a high-level scripting language used to create sophisticated on-line data acquisition and test systems.


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Title Annotation:RotorMD from SensorScript Corp.
Comment:Vibration test and trim balancing system. (Test Equipment 2002).(RotorMD from SensorScript Corp.)
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Date:Feb 1, 2002
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