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Vibrant well-being & optimal health through detoxification.

Optimal health may best be described as experiencing the fullness of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is more than just the absence of disease or symptoms. It is the state of vibrant well-being in our riving experience.

Our bodies detoxify naturally daily through breathing, digestive tract function, the liver, the lymphatic system, the skin, and the urinary tract. These organs and body systems are designed to process toxins into less harmful substances and eliminate. Exposure to toxins through pollution affects our air, food and water supplies. The increased toxic burden on our body's systems creates toxic residues which accumulate in the fatty tissues and organs. Accumulated toxicity results in illness and disease. Specific herbs, pure food, water, and other natural elements, help the body's detoxifying systems to release these toxins.

A balanced detoxification program addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Lack of energy and fatigue are among the most common complaints that would benefit from a detoxification program. Many of the symptoms of toxicity include exhaustion even after a full night's sleep, excessive weight gain, chronic pain, limited sense of well-being, and even greater lethargy after eating meals. When toxins build up in the body, they create blockages which can prevent proper absorption of the foods we eat.

The digestive tract is very important to the body's detoxification process. This is where food is converted into energy and where toxins are eliminated. Cleansing and rebalancing the digestive tract is the first step to enhance overall energy and an end to lethargy after meals. A balanced detoxification program includes the cleansing of the colon and liver as well as the lungs, skin, kidneys, and lymphatic system. A cleansing program in which these detoxification "channels," or pathways in the body, are opened, cleansed, and functioning optimally is key to experiencing vibrant health through detoxification.

Increased energy levels, greater sense of well-being, joy in living, and inner peace are just a few of the benefits. Additionally, detoxification results may include an improved physical appearance, Clearer mental processes, elimination of allergies, achievement of ideal weight, reduced effects of aging, and spiritual renewal.

Your environment, stress levels, daily lifestyle, emotional health, and spiritual outlook are part of a balanced detoxification program. Identifying and eliminating or minimizing toxins in your environment is part of the process.

Pure drinking water, organic whole foods free of chemicals, range fed meats, and elimination of sugars, processed and refined foods are keys to the elimination of internal toxins.

It is impossible to eliminate all toxins in our environment. However, we can reduce much of the burden. Invest in high quality air and water purification systems as needed. Opt for natural fiber clothing, bed coverings and furnishings of cotton, wool, and natural woods as well as natural flooring of hardwood, ceramic tile, natural fiber wool rugs, and carpets. Select safe, natural, nontoxic paints and natural household cleaners to eliminate synthetic toxins. Eliminate as many electrical devices in the home and especially the bedroom where we spend at least one third of our time. Provide full-spectrum lighting throughout the office and home for a more healthy, natural and relaxing environment.

Stress can interfere with our ability to experience peace of mind. Learn to set limits and become aware when attempting to do too much to help manage stress levels. Regular exercise increases metabolism, stimulates lymphatic movement and can serve as a healthy stress release as well as increase a sense of well-being. Identify negative emotional patterns and release them. Research is finding that toxic emotional patterns contribute to a variety of diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases..

We always have the power to choose how we respond to things. Our attitudes either bind us to our current patterns or free us to make new choices. Releasing and eliminating that which does not serve our highest good and the good of those around us can free us to reveal our true spirit, to reconnect with our true purpose, and to regain our joy for living in each moment.

Susan M Rose ND has assisted in wellness programs for over a decade with a holistic naturopathic approach incorporating bio-energetic assessment, spiritual psychology, and nutritional counseling in developing customized detoxification programs. Contact Susan at 706-867-9229.


To improve our health and quality of life, we can choose to detoxify or remove that which does not contribute to our well-being. Detoxification is more than just adding additional fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. There are seven key areas of importance required to establish optimal health:

Optimal pure water intake

Optimal whole foods uutrition

Optimal digestion

Optimal elimination

Reduction of toxic influences and increase of beneficial influences

Regular exercise

Peace of mind
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Author:Rose, Susan M.
Publication:New Life Journal
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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