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Articles from Veterinary Medicine International (January 1, 2014)

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A population pharmacokinetic approach to describe cephalexin disposition in adult and aged dogs. Prados, Ana Paula; Schaiquevich, Paula; Kreil, Veronica; Monfrinotti, Agustina; Quaine, Pamela; Tarr Report 4220
A qualitative assessment of the risk of introducing Peste des petits ruminants into northern Zambia from Tanzania. Chazya, R.; Muma, J.B.; Mwacalimba, K.K.; Karimuribo, E.; Mkandawire, E.; Simuunza, M. Report 6250
A quantitative study on the trachea of the Red Sokoto (Maradi) goat (Capra hircus). Byanet, O.; Bosha, J.A.; Onoja, B.O. Report 3580
A study on the nature of association between Demodex mites and bacteria involved in skin and meibomian gland lesions of demodectic mange in cattle. Abu-Samra, Mukhtar Taha; Shuaib, Yassir Adam Report 5959
Advances in diagnosis of respiratory diseases of small ruminants. Chakraborty, Sandip; Kumar, Amit; Tiwari, Ruchi; Rahal, Anu; Malik, Yash; Dhama, Kuldeep; Pa, Amar; Report 12981
Antibiotic treatment response of chronic lung diseases of adult sheep in the United Kingdom based upon ultrasonographic findings. Scott, Phil Report 2479
Assessing the effectiveness of tuberculosis management in brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula), through indirect surveillance of Mycobacterium bovis infection using released sentinel pigs. Nugent, G.; Yockney, I.J.; Whitford, E.J.; Cross, M.L. Report 9360
Blastomyces dermatitidis: antibody detection in sera from dogs with blastomycosis with yeast lysate antigens produced from human and dog isolates. Mondada, Katie; Fullmer, Jessie; Hungerford, Eric; Novack, Katrina; Vickers, Kristen; Scalarone, Gen Report 2088
Challenges and economic implications in the control of foot and mouth disease in sub-Saharan Africa: lessons from the Zambian experience. Sinkala, Y.; Simuunza, M.; Pfeiffer, D.U.; Munang'andu, H.M.; Mulumba, M.; Kasanga, C.J.; Muma, J.B. Report 10391
Claw lesions causing clinical lameness in lactating Holstein Frisian crossbred cows. Zahid, Umar Nazir; Randhawa, Swaran Singh; Hussain, Syed Ashaq; Randhawa, Sarnarinder Singh; Mahajan Report 3762
Clinical, hematologic, and molecular findings in naturally occurring Babesia canis vogeli in Egyptian dogs. Salem, N.Y.; Farag, H.S. Report 4275
Comparative pharmacokinetics of levofloxacin in healthy and renal damaged muscovy ducks following intravenous and oral administration. Aboubakr, Mohamed; Soliman, Ahmed Report 5142
Compensatory structural adaptive modifications of vagina in response to functional demand in goat. Hussin, Amer M.; Zaid, Nazih W.; Hussain, S.O. Report 2924
Culture versus PCR for Salmonella species identification in some dairy products and dairy handlers with special concern to its zoonotic importance. Gwida, Mayada M.; Ashmawy, Maha A.M. AL- Report 4029
Current perspectives on Mycobacterium farcinogenes and Mycobacterium senegalense, the causal agents of bovine farcy. Hamid, Mohamed E. Report 6778
Detection of Rift Valley fever virus interepidemic activity in some hotspot areas of Kenya by sentinel animal surveillance, 2009-2012. Lichoti, Jacqueline Kasiiti; Kihara, Absolomon; Oriko, Abuu A.; Okutoyi, Leonard Ateya; Wauna, James Report 6401
Dynamics of Progesterone, TNF-[alpha], and a metabolite of PGF2[alpha] in Blood Plasma of Beef Cows following Embryo Transfer. Mason, M.C.; Copeland, J.; Cuadra, E.J.; Elsasser, T.H.; Jung, Y.; Larson, J. Report 6985
Effects of acute bleeding followed by hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 or a crystalloid on propofol concentrations, cerebral oxygenation, and electroencephalographic and haemodynamic variables in pigs. Silva, Aura; Ortiz, Ana Liza; Venancio, Carlos; Souza, Almir P.; Ferreira, Luisa Maria; Branco, Paul Report 10073
Electrophoretic analysis of Indian isolates of Mycoplasma agalactiae and Mycoplasma bovis by SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting. Kumar, Amit; Srivastava, N.C.; Singh, V.P.; Sunder, Jai Report 3168
Environmental attributes to respiratory diseases of small ruminants. Rahal, Anu; Ahmad, Abul Hasan; Prakash, Atul; Mandil, Rajesh; Kumar, Aruna T. Report 7811
Establishment, culture, and characterization of guinea pig fetal fibroblast cell. Mehrabani, Davood; Mahboobi, Reza; Dianatpour, Mehdi; Zare, Shahrokh; Tamadon, Amin; Hosseini, Seyed Report 3138
Evaluation of sample handling effects on serum vitamin E and cholesterol concentrations in Alpacas. Lear, Andrea S.; Byers, Stacey R.; Callan, Robert J.; McArt, Jessica A.A. Report 3176
Evaluation of the cerebral state index in cats under isoflurane anaesthesia: dose-effect relationship and prediction of clinical signs. Sousa, Joana R.; Ribeiro, Lenio; Silva, Aura; Ferreira, David A. Report 5596
Genotypes, antibiotic resistance, and ST-8 genetic clone in Campylobacter isolates from sheep and goats in Grenada. Stone, Diana M.; Chander, Yogesh; Bekele, Aschalew Z.; Goyal, Sagar M.; Hariharan, Harry; Tiwari, Ke Report 5494
Gross and morphometric anatomy of the male reproductive system of bats (Eidolon helvum). Danmaigoro, A.; Onu, J.E.; Sonfada, M.L.; Umaru, M.A.; Hena, S.A.; Mahmuda, A. Report 3675
In vitro virucidal and virustatic properties of the crude extract of Cynodon dactylon against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Pringproa, Kidsadagon; Khonghiran, Oapkun; Kunanoppadol, Suchaya; Potha, Teerapong; Chuammitri, Phon Report 2590
Molecular and morphological characterization of Fasciola spp. Isolated from different host species in a newly emerging focus of human fascioliasis in Iran. Shafiei, Reza; Sarkari, Bahador; Sadjjadi, Seyed Mahmuod; Mowlavi, Gholam Reza; Moshfe, Abdolali Report 5212
Molecular detection, phylogenetic analysis, and identification of transcription motifs in feline leukemia virus from naturally infected cats in Malaysia. Bande, Faruku; Arshad, Siti Suri; Hassan, Latiffah; Zakaria, Zunita Report 7114
Morphologic and osteometric analysis of the skull of Markhoz goat (Iranian Angora). Goodarzi, Nader; Hoseini, Toraj Shah Report 2482
Morphometric evaluation of interrenal gland and kidney macrophages aggregates in normal healthy rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and after bacterial challenge with Yersinia ruckeri. Gregori, Michela; Miragliotta, Vincenzo; Leotta, Roberto; Cecchini, Stefano; Prearo, Marino; Abramo, Report 3880
Mycoplasma agalactiae, an etiological agent of contagious agalactia in small ruminants: a review. Kumar, Amit; Rahal, Anu; Chakraborty, Sandip; Verma, Amit Kumar; Dhama, Kuldeep Report 10163
Pathological conditions associated with the male reproductive tract of the Sahel bucks. Abba, Yusuf; Simon, Suleiman; Gambo, Halima Idris; Igbokwe, Ikechukwu Onyebuchi; Iliyasu, Yusuf Report 2476
Peritoneal reactivity evaluation in horses subjected to experimental small colon enterotomy and treated with subcutaneous heparin. Alonso, Juliana de Moura; Rodrigues, Karoline Alves; Yamada, Ana Lucia Miluzzi; Watanabe, Marcos Jun Report 4511
Pharmacological overview of galactogogues. Tabares, Felipe Penagos; Jaramillo, Juliana V. Bedoya; Ruiz-Cortes, Zulma Tatiana Report 12382
Preliminary study of the influence of red blood cells size on the determinism of the breed in cattle. Adili, Nezar; Melizi, Mohamed; Belabbas, Hadj; Achouri, Abdelhamid Report 2170
Serum copper and haematological values of sheep of different physiological stages in the dry and wet seasons of Central Trinidad. Mohammed, A.; Campbell, M.; Youssef, F.G. Report 5085
Temporal bacteriostatic effect and growth factor loss in equine platelet components and plasma cultured with methicillin-sensitive and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: a comparative in vitro study. Lopez, Catalina; Alvarez, Maria E.; Carmona, Jorge U. Report 6147
The effect of different types of physical exercise on the behavioural and physiological parameters of standardbred horses housed in single stalls. Padalino, Barbara; Zaccagnino, Paola; Celi, Pietro Report 3827
The relationship between selenium and T3 in selenium supplemented and nonsupplemented ewes and their lambs. Hefnawy, Abd Elghany; Youssef, Seham; Aguilera, P. Villalobos; Rodriguez, C. Valverde; Perez, J.L. T Report 3468
The relevance of CD117-immunocytochemistry staining patterns to mutational exon-11 in c-kit detected by PCR from fine-needle aspirated canine mast cell tumor cells. Sailasuta, A.; Ketpun, D.; Piyaviriyakul, P.; Theerawatanasirikul, S.; Theewasutrakul, P.; Rungsipip Report 4611
Tissue residues, hematological and biochemical effects of tilmicosin in broiler chicken. Elsayed, Mossad; Elkomy, Ashraf; Aboubakr, Mohamed; Morad, Mohamed Report 3626
Validity of weight estimation models in pigs reared under different management conditions. Sungirai, Marvelous; Masaka, Lawrence; Benhura, Tonderai Maxwell Report 3410
Virulence genes content and antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli from broiler chickens. Mohamed, Moemen A.; Shehata, Mostafa A.; Rafeek, Elshimaa Report 3491

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