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Veterans remember UN betrayals: Korean War veterans tell state legislators of "horrifying" experiences and call on them to urge Congress to Get US out! Of the United Nations. (United Nations).

Representative Don E. Bush is the last remaining World War II veteran still serving in the Utah State Legislature. He is also a decorated combat veteran of the Korean War, the "first UN war." During that conflict he began to see the problems and dangers posed by U.S. membership in the United Nations. "We haven't won a war since we joined the UN," he told THE NEW AMERICAN. "Our Armed Forces have won many brilliant victories in spite of the UN, but then our political leaders have allowed the UN to turn victory to defeat," says Rep. Bush. "We wouldn't have a North and South Korea today and the prospect of war now for the tens of thousands of American troops stationed there, except for the UN," he noted. "We kicked the enemy clear out of Korea but then, to satisfy the UN, we turned around and allowed them [the Communists] to come back and take over the North. The war never did end there; we're still under a so-called truce that could erupt into full-blown conflict at any moment. Or look at Iraq. We wouldn't be go ing back into Iraq now if we hadn't caved in to UN dictates last time around during Desert Storm. But the UN insisted that its mandate was only to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, so our forces were not allowed to go into Baghdad and capture him in 1991 when we had a much larger force there and he was already defeated. Now we're back there again, facing a much higher cost--in both lives and taxes."

Rep. Bush, now in his seventh two-year term in the Utah House of Representatives, recently introduced a resolution, H.R. 7, urging Congress to withdraw U.S. membership in the United Nations (see page 26). He believes it is foolish to try to amend or reform the UN, as some people advocate. Such efforts are doomed to failure, he says, because the organization was wrongheaded and corrupt from the start. Its charter is incompatible with our Constitution, and its membership includes many regimes that are our sworn enemies.

More Evidence of UN Betrayal

Staunchly supporting Rep. Bush's resolution is fellow Korean War veteran W. Dean Lindsay, who testified in favor of the measure before the Government Operations Committee. Mr. Lindsay is well known in Utah business, sports, and philanthropic circles, having served as vice president and general manager of KSL radio, one of the state's largest radio stations; vice president of the Utah Jazz NBA basketball franchise; president of the Utah Advertising Federation; and a 25-year trustee of the Primary Children's Medical Center.

Mr. Lindsay, a John Birch Society member, told the legislators about a "horrifying experience" suffered by his Army division in Korea when the UN betrayed their "Top Secret" mission to the Communists. (See sidebar on the next page.) After removing all identification and insignias from their uniforms and trucks, and after taking many other extraordinary measures, his division arrived at the "Top Secret" destination only to be met by an enemy division waiting there to pulverize them--after first mocking them with taunts over loudspeakers in which the American units and commanding officers were identified by name. That shattering experience was not an isolated event; American units were constantly finding that the enemy was privy to their most guarded secrets.

Awarded the Army Commendation Ribbon with Medal Pendant and a Bronze Star, Mr. Lindsay was 19 years old when he entered the Army in 1952. He was assigned to the 40th Infantry Division, 223rd Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Company M. His company was a "heavy weapons support" company, providing mortar, machine gun, and recoilless rifle support to three rifle companies. He and other green recruits went almost immediately into battle in the area of Korea known as the Punchbowl. After a brief rest and recovery, they were sent on their "Top Secret" mission in the Mun Dung Ni Valley, near the 38th Parallel. That the enemy always knew their positions was a source of alarm and frustration for the young soldiers, as were many nonsensical orders they were constantly given.

Truth Comes Out

"We would be given an assignment to capture some strategic turf--a hill or whatever--which we would do, often sustaining casualties in the process, only to be ordered a couple days later to withdraw to our original positions and give back the territory to the enemy," Mr. Lindsay told THE NEW AMERICAN. "My outfit never lost an inch of ground to the Communists in battle," he said. "We were always able to repulse their attacks. It was clear that we were stronger and could have overwhelmed them completely if ordered to do so--if allowed to do so. We all knew that. We didn't understand why we were always forced to give the enemy advantages. It was very frustrating, but we were all patriotic young guys and understood the importance of discipline and the necessity in combat simply to follow orders. So that's what we did. I didn't find out until later that the reason the enemy always knew our positions was that our military plans were required to be submitted to the UN, where the Russians and other Communist member n ations had instant access to them. And they were the source, undoubtedly, of many of our UN orders that required us to give up the strategic positions we had fought for and won."

Generals Douglas MacArthur, Walton Walker, Mark Clark, James Van Fleet, and others charged that enemy agents in the UN's top levels, as well as Communists and one-worlders in our own government, were sabotaging their efforts. Later, congressional investigations proved their suspicions correct. (See "Korean War Remembered" in our February 24, 2003 issue.)

"It made my blood boil to think of all the good men whose lives were sacrificed to the UN in Korea," Dean Lindsay says. "And it angers me that our elected officials still have anything to do with that organization and continue to send our soldiers to fight and die under the UN flag. It's time for us to get out; that's why I felt compelled to testify before the legislature."


On February 10, 2003, Mr. W Dean Lindsay was one of several Utah citizens who testified before the Government Operations Committee of the Utah House in favor of H.R. 7, entitled, "Resolution to Urge Congress to Withdraw the United States from the United Nations." Mr. Lindsay, a decorated combat veteran of the Korean War, addressed the issue of the betrayal of the U.S. Armed Forces by the UN, which he had personally experienced in Korea. Below is his testimony.

After I had been in combat with my outfit for four months, we were relieved by another division and moved to the rear to rest, regroup, and to receive and train some new soldiers to bring us back up to strength. After a couple of weeks, we were notified that it was time to return to action.

We were told that this was a "Top Secret" move and we were required to remove all insignia from our uniforms, and all identification from trucks, vehicles, and weapons. It was so secret that all movement in our convoy was done at night with Korean runners leading the way. No lights, no cigarettes or even matches were allowed.

We moved to our new position and were ready to occupy it at the appointed time. Up until then, we had no idea where we were or who we were replacing. At 10 o'clock, we began the exchange and suddenly searchlights illuminated our new position and American music blared over loud speakers. Then a voice called out a special "welcome" in English. The speaker identified our division, regiments, and battalions by number and all of our leaders by name.

When the "welcoming party" ended, the enemy opened fire and pounded our position with mortar and artillery fire. The shelling continued most of the night. We sustained some casualties, both dead and wounded.

This horrifying experience only added to the questions that were coming into my mind. How could our enemy know things about us that we did not even know ourselves? And why were we only permitted to play deadly war games with the enemy? We were a vastly superior fighting force, and could have swept them off the land in a short time, hut we were not permitted to do so.

After I had been home a number of years, I learned the answer to these questions. The problem was that for the first time in American history, the United States Congress copped out and abdicated their responsibility to declare war, and then compounded the problem by turning control over to the United Nations who orchestrated the war, which, by plan, was to become America's first no-win war.

We were required to notify the UN in advance of every action we planned so that the enemy always knew what we were going to do, thus the special "welcoming party" at our "Top Secret" destination.

Since learning the truth, I have always despised the United Nations, who conned and deceived and exploited me, and hundreds of thousands of other loyal and patriotic Americans. And I have always felt betrayed by the leaders of the land that I love, who placed the precious lives of so many Americans in the hands of a godless organization that had no regard for human life.
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