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VetLife Adds New Component T-H and T-S to Cattle Growth Implant Line

ATLANTA, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- VetLife, Inc. President and CEO Rich Shuler announced recent Federal Drug Administration approval of Component(TM) brand T-H and T-S, the latest additions to VetLife's expanding cattle growth implant product line. The full line of Component implants is manufactured in the United States by Ivy Laboratories, Inc.

VetLife now offers seven cattle growth implants, including Compudose(R) and Component E-S, E-H, E-C and TE-S. Each 10-pellet, slow-release dose of Component T-H contains a total of 200 milligrams of trenbolone acetate, which increases the rate of weight gain and improves feed efficiency in growing finishing feedlot heifers. Each 7-pellet, slow-release dose of the companion product Component T-S contains a total of 140 milligrams of trenbolone acetate, which improves feed efficiency in growing finishing feedlot steers. Both Component T-H and T-S, like all Component implants, are designed to be administered by the Component One Gun(TM) implantor.

All Component implants are also color-coded by active ingredient to help cattle producers understand and differential between implant ingredients and reduce product selection errors. The packaging for Component T-H and T-S implants is coded with red stripe, indicating its active ingredient is trenbolone acetate.

"We're proud to be able to introduce these products and continue to expand our cattle implant line," Shuler said, "but what makes VetLife truly unique is that we take our staff's animal health expertise and combine it with quality products and services. With VetLife, producers get a specific implant management program tailored to their operation -- their profit objectives, their Cattle and their feeding system."

In addition to quality implant products, VetLife offers producers unique services like the state-of-the-art V*Net(TM) Implant Management System, a powerful database that helps producers, consultants and veterinarians make up-to-date implant management decisions and recommendations. "The V*Net System gives you easy access to information on hundreds of implant management programs and recent research trial data, reviewed by independent, unbiased animal science experts," said Kevin DeHaan, VetLife's technical services manager. "Using the V*Net database, you can compare your operation and objectives to find the implant program that makes economic sense."

For more information about new Component T-H and T-S implants, or the V*Net Implant Management System, producers should contact their animal health product supplier or call VetLife at 1-888-462-3493.

VetLife, Inc. is engaged in the development, licensing and marketing of technologies to improve the value of food animals without compromising safety or quality. It is a subsidiary of the CytRx Corporation (Nasdaq: CYTR), a Norcross, Georgia-based pharmaceutical development company. VetLife's Cattle Business Unit is located in Winterset, Iowa and in Overland Park, Kansas.

Ivy Laboratories, Inc., founded by one of the original pioneers in growth implant technology, has committed its entire research effort to the expansion of the Component implant line and delivery systems, for which VetLife has exclusive U.S. marketing rights. Ivy Laboratories, Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. SOURCE VetLife, Inc.
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/CONTACT: Rich Shuler, President and CEO, VetLife, Inc., 770-453-0170 or Fax: 770-453-0175/


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Date:Aug 6, 1997
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