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VLSI Design of a Processor for Discrete Wavelet Packet and Hilbert Transforms. Dibal, Peter Yusuf; Onwuka, Elizabeth N.; Agajo, James; Alenoghena, Caroline O.; Adejo, Achonu Jan 1, 2021 7971
Mitigation and Predictive Assessment of SET Immunity of Digital Logic Circuits for Space Missions. Aguiar, Ygor Q.; Wrobel, Frederic; Autran, Jean-Luc; Leroux, Paul; Saigne, Frederic; Pouget, Vincent Technical report Feb 1, 2020 7092
Technology and Modeling of Nonclassical Transistor Devices. Angelov, George V.; Nikolov, Dimitar N.; Hristov, Marin H. Nov 30, 2019 14540
Tuning Logic Simulator for Estimation of VLSI Timing Degradation under Aging. Miilic, Miljana Aug 1, 2019 6526
Global Semiconductor Industry - ALTEN Calsoft Labs Acquires Wafer Space, a Semiconductor and Embedded Systems Company -- 10/6/2019. Jul 4, 2019 752
Global Semiconductor Industry - ALTEN Calsoft Labs Acquires Wafer Space, a Semiconductor and Embedded Systems Company -- 10/6/2019. Jun 27, 2019 752
Global Semiconductor Industry - ALTEN Calsoft Labs Acquires Wafer Space, a Semiconductor and Embedded Systems Company -- 10/6/2019. Jun 20, 2019 706
Global Semiconductor Industry - ALTEN Calsoft Labs Acquires Wafer Space, a Semiconductor and Embedded Systems Company -- 10/6/2019. Jun 13, 2019 735
Alten Calsoft Labs Acquires India-Based Wafer Space to Strengthen VLSI Chip Design/Embedded Software Expertise. Jun 12, 2019 208
Alten Calsoft Labs Acquires India-Based Wafer Space to Strengthen VLSI Chip Design/Embedded Software Expertise. Jun 12, 2019 209
IIIT-Naya Raipur commences admissions for M Tech Programme. Jun 8, 2019 472
Intl. Symposium on Very Large Scale Integration held in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Apr 23, 2019 332
A Survey of Genetic Programming and Its Applications. Ahvanooey, Milad Taleby; Li, Qianmu; Wu, Ming; Wang, Shuo Report Apr 1, 2019 12659
Superconducting Electronics for High-Performance Computers: MIT LINCOLN LABORATORY. Dec 1, 2018 166
Alten Calsoft Labs Acquires Si2Chip to Strengthen VLSI Practice. Oct 19, 2018 264
Alten Calsoft Labs Acquires Si2Chip to Strengthen VLSI Practice. Oct 19, 2018 268
UST Global Acquires Pre-Silicon Expert SeviTech Systems. Sep 28, 2018 326
UST Global Acquires Pre-Silicon Expert SeviTech Systems. Sep 28, 2018 332
Tesla autopilot execs David Glasco, Dan Bailey leave to join Esperanto. Aug 20, 2018 101
Power-Efficient Viterbi Decoder Architecture and Field Programmeble Gate Arrays Fpga Implementation. Ozbay, Burcu; Cekli, Serap Jun 1, 2018 4317
A Carry-Look Ahead Adder Based Floating-Point Multiplier for Adaptive Filter Applications. Pathan, Aneela; Memon, Tayab D.; Memon, Sheeraz Report Mar 1, 2018 4091
Design of thermally aware ultra low power clock generator for moderate speed VLSI chip applications. Walunj, Rupali Ashok; Pable, Sachin Dattatray; Kharate, Gajanan Kashiram Mar 1, 2018 5239
Active Thermal Sensor for Improved Distributed Temperature Sensing in Haptic Arrays. Cheneler, D.; Ward, M.C.L. Jan 1, 2018 8517
Int'l workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Devices organised at IIT Delhi. Dec 12, 2017 380
Masdar Institute Hosting International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration-System on Chips in Abu Dhabi. Conference news Oct 22, 2017 702
Design of a low power multimode adder for 32-bit pipelined MIPS processor. Sangeetha, P.; Thiruppathi, M. Report Apr 30, 2017 2873
Design a FinFET based 4-2 compressor for arithmetic operation. Senthilkumar, V.M.; Sowmiya, S. Report Apr 30, 2017 2070
Design and Implementation of multiplier using CMOS adiabatic logic. Nathiya, G.; Balasubramani, M. Report Apr 30, 2017 2620
VLSI design of high speed vedic multiplier for FPGA implementation. Radhakrishnan, R.; Venkatesan, Mr.V. Apr 1, 2017 1810
A survey: dynamic reconfigurable architectures in FPGA. Subashini, C.; Kumar, K. Senthil Report Mar 1, 2017 2675
A duck power aerial speed multipliers. Radha, N.; Abinaya, A. Report Mar 1, 2017 2699
A new systolic array algorithm and architecture for the VLSI implementation of IDST based on a pseudo-band correlation structure. Chiper, Doru Florin; Cracan, Arcadie; Burdia, Danut Report Feb 1, 2017 4014
Oscillation-Based Test Applied to a Wideband CCII. Petrashin, Pablo; Toledo, Luis; Lancioni, Walter; Osuch, Piotr; Stander, Tinus Jan 1, 2017 3851
The flip diameter of rectangulations and convex subdivisions. Ackerman, Eyal; Allen, Michelle M.; Barequet, Gill; Loffler, Maarten; Mermelstein, Joshua; Souvaine, Report Nov 1, 2016 9333
World's First 1,000-Processor Chip. Jun 19, 2016 428
Implementation of low-power and area-efficient carry save adder. Boopathi, K.; Dhayabarani, R.; Raja, S. Report Apr 1, 2016 2524
Implementation of efficient CORDIC array structure based fast RADIX-2 DCT algorithm. Kumar, T.R. Dinesh; Bennet, M. Anto; Priya, P. Janani; Vijayalashmi, R.; Sophia, P. Charret Report Apr 1, 2016 3282
Performance analysis of a low power high speed hybrid 1-bit full adder circuit. Devi, P. Uma; Muthuvel, C. Report Apr 1, 2016 2560
Introduction to Special Issue: Design and Performance of Networks on Chip. Abdallah, Abderazek Ben; Vaidyanathan, Ramachandran; Ariwa, Ezendu; El-Medany, Wael Mar 1, 2016 3368
Now Available: Global EDA Market in the Automotive Industry 2015-2019. Jan 27, 2016 436
A Complete Verification of a Full Search Motion Estimation Engine. Ismail, Yasser Oct 1, 2015 5660
Design of multi output binary adder using modified parallel prefix addition. Pazhani, A. Azhagu Jaisudhan; Vasanthanayaki, C. Report Nov 1, 2014 3446
STBC-OFDM downlink baseband receiver. Manikandan, A.; Nirmala, V.; Sheikdavood, K. Report Nov 1, 2014 3391
Multipliers based on Urdhva Tiryagbhyam algorithm: a survey. Sakthi, P.; Yuvarani, P. Report Nov 1, 2014 3984
A low leakage autonomous data retention flip-flop with power gating technique. Fan, Xiaohui; Wu, Yangbo; Dong, Hengfeng; Hu, Jianping Technical report Jan 1, 2014 3955
Design of synthesizable, retimed digital filters using FPGA based path solvers with MCM approach: comparison and CAD tool. Yagain, Deepa; Krishna, A. Vijaya Jan 1, 2014 10976
Optimization of Fractional-N-PLL frequency synthesizer for power effective design. Arshad, Sahar; Ismail, Muhammad; Ahmad, Usman; Husnain, Anees ul; Ijaz, Qaiser Jan 1, 2014 1709
Radix-[2.sup.[alpha]]/[4.sup.[beta]] building blocks for efficient VLSI's higher radices butterflies implementation. Jaber, Marwan A.; Massicotte, Daniel Jan 1, 2014 5508
Engineering change orders design using multiple variables linear programming for VLSI design. Fan, Yu-Cheng; Lin, Chih-Kang; Chou, Shih-Ying; Wang, Chun-Hung; Wu, Shu- Hsien; Liu, Hung-Kuan Jan 1, 2014 2237
VLSI architectures for image interpolation: a survey. Moses, C. John; Selvathi, D.; Sophia, V.M. Anne Jan 1, 2014 7615
Modeling and simulation of network-on-chip systems with DEVS and DEUS. Amoretti, Michele Report Jan 1, 2014 5176
More Than 4 Lakh Embedded and VLSI Professionals Will be Required by 2015. Dec 22, 2013 606
Adaptive VLSI architecture of beam former for active phased array radar. Rao, D. Govind; Murthy, N.S.; Vengadarajan, A. Report Apr 1, 2013 3410
A soft computing approach to crack detection and impact source identification with field-programmable gate array implementation. Dixit, Arati M.; Singh, Harpreet Jan 1, 2013 5327
A transformation-based approach to implication of GSTE assertion graphs. Yang, Guowu; Hung, William N.N.; Song, Xiaoyu; Guo, Wensheng Report Jan 1, 2013 6831
Mentor Graphics and SiliconIndia Announce Leadership Awards for the Embedded/VLSI Industry. Dec 17, 2012 422
Finite field arithmetic architecture based on cellular array. Kim, Kee-Won; Jeon, Jun-Cheol Report Apr 1, 2012 3043
Hyderabad Turns Global Hub for VLSI and Embedded Systems Design & Development. Jan 9, 2012 873
HCL Technologies Wins Industry Award for Leadership in the Embedded/VLSI Industry Segment. Dec 5, 2011 352
Codec chip can encode multitude of audio formats. Nov 1, 2011 143
RV-VLSI, JSS Mahavidyapeetha (JSSMVP) and IGNOU partner to offer first-of-its-kind M.Tech program in VLSI & Embedded System Design. Oct 18, 2011 949
25th International VLSI Design & 11th Embedded Systems Conference to Bring Back VLSI Industry into Spotlight. Sep 29, 2011 1000
NEC Markets Award Winning VLSI Design Software Suite, CyberWorkBench in North America. Jan 18, 2011 467
Wipro Technologies Receives '2010 Outstanding Corporate Award'. Dec 20, 2010 165
SiliconIndia Mentor Graphics Leadership Awards for the Embedded/VLSI Industry. Dec 13, 2010 601
India : JNTU introduces PG course in VLSI. Jul 27, 2010 223
Global Semiconductor Alliance and VLSIresearch Announce Partnership. Jun 29, 2010 353
Various parametric analysis and comparison of full adder cells for DSP data path block. Marimuthu, C.N.; Thangaraj, P. Apr 1, 2010 2519
An approach to design, simulate & synthesize frequency meter using VLSI technology. Sharma, Abhay; Chabra, Bhupindra Singh Report Oct 1, 2009 1758
New operators of GA for improving the performance of high-level synthesis. Choong, F.; Phon-Amnuaisuk, S.; Alias, M.Y. Report Jul 1, 2009 4085
NEC's Next Generation System Hardware Virtualization Technology, ExpEther, Adopted by Nethra Imaging for LSI Development. Company overview Jun 9, 2009 780
Upper and lower bounds on the pagenumber of the book embedding of the k-ary hypercube. Bettayeb, Said; Hoelzeman, David Feb 1, 2009 4350
Signal driven partitioning large circuits. Bucur, Ion; Cupcea, Nicolae; Stefanescu, Costin; Popescu, Cornel; Surpateanu, Adrian; Boiangiu, Cost Report Jan 1, 2009 1831
Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Power Gating Technology to Enable Power Savings in System LSIs. Jun 18, 2008 1167
FPGA based multiprocessor core for processing of sensor signals. Kamat, Rajanish K.; Shinde, Santosh A.; Shelake, Vinod G. Report Apr 1, 2008 897
An effective asynchronous micropipeline using double edge triggered D Flipflop. Mohideen, S. Kaja; Perinbam, J. Rajapaul Report Jan 1, 2007 2498
Periodification Scheme: Constructing Sorting Networks with Constant Period. KUTYLOWSKI, MIROSLAW; LORYS, KRZYSZTOF; OESTERDIEKHOFF, BRIGITTE; WANKA, ROLF Sep 1, 2000 13788
Better designs from a blood sucker. O'Connor, Leo Jan 1, 1996 779
Object-oriented software testing. Binder, Robert V. Sep 1, 1994 475
The i750 video processor: a total multimedia solution. Harney, Kevin; Keith, Mike; Lavelle, Gary; Ryan, Lawrence D.; Stark, Daniel J. technical Apr 1, 1991 6530
On-board radar signal processors. Swartzlander, E.E., Jr. Dec 1, 1990 2155
The rise of the VLSI processor. Wilkes, Maurice V. Dec 1, 1990 1826
Ivan E. Sutherland 1988 A.M. Turing Award recipient. Frenkel, Karen A. interview Jun 1, 1989 6645
A tungsten coat for silicon. Mar 16, 1985 360

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