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Hospital-cardiologist integration often occurs without a practice acquisition. Post, Brady; Nallamothu, Brahmajee K.; Hollenbeck, Brent Apr 1, 2022 4082
Can vertically integrated health systems provide greater value: The case of hospitals under the comprehensive care for joint replacement model? Machta, Rachel M.; Reschovsky, James; Jones, David J.; Furukawa, Michael F.; Rich, Eugene C. Report Aug 1, 2020 3971
Competition in Digital Markets: Vertical Integration and Acquisitions. Cho, Clare Y. Jul 1, 2020 955
Vertical Merger Enforcement in Light of AT&T/Time-Warner. Underwood, Olivia Mar 22, 2020 8450
ANTITRUST, THE GIG ECONOMY, AND LABOR MARKET POWER. Steinbaum, Marshall Jun 22, 2019 9765
Differing Impact of Liberalisation: The Case of Vertically Integrated Clothing Firms. Liaqat, Zara Report Sep 22, 2018 11305
Administration. Crum, Michael Sep 22, 2018 2510
Invigorating Vertical Merger Enforcement. Salop, Steven C. May 1, 2018 14497
Innovation and the Firm: A New Synthesis. Lee, Peter May 1, 2018 29280
Relationship with headquarters and divestments of foreign subsidiaries: The hysteresis perspective. Song, Sangcheol; Lee, Jeoung Yul Report Jul 1, 2017 12537
Efficiencies in antitrust analysis: a view from the middle of the road. Nelson, Philip; Smith, David Jun 22, 2015 15724
Vertical separation increases gasoline prices. Wilson, Nathan E. Report Apr 1, 2015 8368
A model for value chain integration in a vertically integrated design and manufacturing firm. Subramanian, Arunkumar; Sun, Hongyi Report Jan 1, 2015 5105
Pot goes legit: what the end of prohibition looks like in Colorado. Sullum, Jacob Cover story Nov 1, 2013 9283
Uncreative destruction: the misguided war on vertical integration in the information economy. Skorup, Brent; Thierer, Adam Apr 1, 2013 19671
Leegin and its progeny: implications for Internet commerce. Comanor, William S. Mar 22, 2013 7247
When do vertical mergers create value? Kedia, Simi; Ravid, S. Abraham; Pons, Vicente Report Dec 22, 2011 18931
The systems approach to antitrust analysis. Rubin, Jonathan L. Mar 22, 2011 4794
Global value chains and international competition. Gereffi, Gary Mar 22, 2011 5951
Resale price maintenance after Leegin: why treating vertical price-fixing as "inherently suspect" is the only viable alternative to the traditional rule of reason. Moore, John Austin Mar 22, 2011 15201
The journey toward an effects-based approach under Article 101 TFEU - the case of hardcore restraints. Jones, Alison Dec 22, 2010 14355
Developments in vertical agreements. Vettas, Nikolaos Dec 22, 2010 10884
Did Trinko really kill antitrust price squeeze claims? A critical approach to the Linkline decision through a comparison of E.U. and U.S. case law. Rudaz, Caroline Cavaleri Oct 1, 2010 18576
Vertical integration. Joskow, Paul L. Sep 22, 2010 14428
Transaction cost economics and vertical market restrictions - evidence. Lafontaine, Francine; Slade, Margaret E. Sep 22, 2010 8519
The image theory: RPM and the allure of high prices. Orbach, Barak Y. Jun 22, 2010 11186
Resale price maintenance for beginners: beware of the pitfalls. Romano, Salvatore A. Jun 22, 2010 9817
Vertical separation of telecommunications networks: evidence from five countries. Crandall, Robert W.; Eisenach, Jeffrey A.; Litan, Robert E. Jun 1, 2010 19317
RPM and the rule of reason: ready or not, here we come? Harbour, Pamela Jones; Price, Laurel A. Mar 22, 2010 7609
The plight of online retailers in the aftermath of Leegin: an economic analysis. Blair, Roger D.; Haynes, Jessica S. Mar 22, 2010 8431
The Leegin factors - a mixed bag. Steiner, Robert L. Mar 22, 2010 11249
Antitrust policy toward resale price maintenance following Leegin. Comanor, William S. Mar 22, 2010 6350
Resale price maintenance and resale prices: paying to support competition in the market for heavy trucks. Marvel, Howard P. Mar 22, 2010 7697
A dynamic analysis of resale price maintenance: inefficient brand promotion, higher margins, distorted choices, and retarded retailer innovation. Grimes, Warren S. Mar 22, 2010 18268
RPM myths that muddy the discussion. Ippolito, Pauline M. Mar 22, 2010 5617
A decision-theoretic rule of reason for minimum resale price maintenance. Lambert, Thomas A. Mar 22, 2010 21365
A step back from substantive competition policy convergence: the international implications of Leegin Creative Leather Products, Inc. v. PSKS, Inc. Krea, Nicole Q. Jan 1, 2010 12247
The rule of reason after Leegin: reconsidering the use of economic analysis in the antitrust arena. Casey, Jason A. Sep 22, 2009 12215
Competition law and policy of the Republic of Korea. Yang, Meong-cho Sep 22, 2009 9544
Resale price maintenance and Leegin: opening Kay's Kloset opened the lid on Pandora's box in global competition law. Devlin, Francis J. Jun 22, 2009 18404
Dr. Miles is dead. Now what? Structuring a rule of reason for evaluating minimum resale price maintenance. Lambert, Thomas A. May 1, 2009 27554
Paying the price for sports TV: preventing the strategic misuse of the FCC's carriage regulations. Hutson, David Mar 1, 2009 10205
Business solutions to the alien ownership restriction. Snodgrass, Greg Mar 1, 2009 10117
Giving teeth to Sherman Act enforcement in the intrabrand context: weaning courts off their interbrand addiction post-Sylvania. Rodes, Carlo Luis Jan 1, 2009 15094
Completion of the revolution in antitrust doctrine on restricted distribution: Leegin and its implications for EC competition law. Jones, Alison Dec 22, 2008 25951
RPM as exclusion: did the U.S. Supreme Court stumble upon the missing theory of harm? Brennan, Timothy J. Dec 22, 2008 7145
Essential facilities and Trinko: should antitrust and regulation be combined? Brennan, Timothy J. Dec 1, 2008 6234
Leegin Creative Leather Products, Inc. v. PSKS, Inc.: the strange career of the law of resale price maintenance. Graglia, Lino A. Sep 22, 2008 17069
Vertical competition, horizontal competition, and market power. Steiner, Robert L. Jun 22, 2008 6855
Corporate diversification, vertical integration, and internal capital markets: a cross-country study. Shackman, Joshua D. Report Oct 1, 2007 9838
Governance and vertical integration in team sports. Szymanski, Stefan; Ross, Stephen F. Report Oct 1, 2007 7859
Does video delivered over a telephone network require a cable franchise? Crandall, Robert W.; Sidak, J. Gregory; Singer, Hal J. Mar 1, 2007 18145
The vertical-integration strategy: as we enter 2007, the industry comes off a year that saw Wall Street dive ever more deeply into the harvesting of profits from the mortgage sector. This article sums up all the major deals, as well as the factors driving them. Levine, Jeffrey M. Feb 1, 2007 3119
Economic formalism in antitrust decisionmaking. Shores, David F. Sep 22, 2005 19532
Vertical integration and exclusivity contracts when consumers have switching costs. Valletti, Tommaso M. Jul 1, 2004 14140
Combining horizontal and vertical analysis in antitrust: the American Antitrust Institute's roundtable on the implications of the work of Robert L. Steiner. Gundlach, Gregory T.; Foer, Albert A. Jan 1, 2004 5928
Vertical relations in antitrust: some intellectual history. Scherer, F.M. Jan 1, 2004 5982
An enforcement perspective on the work of Robert L. Steiner: why retailing and vertical relationships matter. Harbour, Pamela Jones Jan 1, 2004 4706
Movers and shakers: Utah manufacturers deliver the goods. (Manufacturing & Distribution). King, Heather L. Apr 1, 2003 925
Divide and conquer: restraining vertical integration and cross-industry ownership. (The Future of Corporate Reform). Weissman, Robert Oct 1, 2002 2731
Strategic alliances, network organizations, and ethical responsibility. Daboub, Anthony J. Sep 22, 2002 6669
The Meat market. (Behind the Lines). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 264
Law and economics of vertical restraints in Australia. Clough, Daniel Dec 1, 2001 35697
Integration: The Quest Continues. Quinn, Francis J. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 435
First-class returns from tramsportathoo. Bot, Bernard L.; Girardin, Pierre A.; Goulmy, Moira F. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 4029
Let's kick it up a notch. Huff, Feona Sharhran Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 607
The Use of Intermediate Sourcing Strategies. Heriot, Kirk C. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 6023
In Firm Control. Stumo, Michael Aug 1, 2000 1641
"Vertical" excuses for horizontal practices: should there be any per se antitrust rules? Brennan, Timothy J. Jun 22, 2000 7938
ONE ON ONE. Lester, Marilyn Jan 1, 2000 1157
Vertical Research and Development Spillovers, Cooperation, Market Structure, and Innovation. ATALLAH, GAMAL Brief Article Aug 1, 1999 215
Connecting currents: toward the integration of North American electricity markets. Strahan, Mary Katherine Jan 1, 1999 11436
Marshfield Clinic, physician networks, and the exercise of monopoly power. Greenberg, Warren Dec 1, 1998 5689
Vertical specialization and the changing nature of world trade. Hummels, David; Rapaport, Dana; Yi, Kei-Mu Jun 1, 1998 10763
Uneasy labeling. Widiss, Deborah A. Case Note Mar 1, 1998 3552
Vertical economies: the case of U.S. electric utility industry, 1983-87. Chamberlain, Wm. Clif Jan 1, 1997 7238
Musings on vertical integration. Baumol, William J. Jan 1, 1997 5897
Vertical integration. Rodriguez, Hector Dec 1, 1996 836
The new electric industry: what's at stake? Heller, William J.; Jansen, Paul J.; Silverman, Lester P. Jun 22, 1996 2708
Virtual vertical integration: the key to success. Zielke, Andreas; Pohl, Matthias Jun 22, 1996 1227
How vertical integration can sap profits. Allas, Tera; Francis, Stephen; Lowth, Simon Jun 22, 1996 601
Making the journey into the networked enterprise, part 2. Somerville, Iain Jun 1, 1996 2609
The shift from vertical to networked integration. Somerville, Iain May 1, 1996 2296
Antitrust policy and the Republican Congress: vertical integration and vertical restraints. Marvel, Howard P. Mar 22, 1996 9094
Double marginalization and vertical integration: new lessons from extensions of the classic case. Mqasqas, Ibrahim Jan 1, 1996 9451
The role of antitrust in telecommunications. Noll, Roger G. Sep 22, 1995 9039
Do new theories of vertical foreclosure provide sound guidance for consent agreements in vertical merger cases? Klass, Michael W.; Salinger, Michael A. Sep 22, 1995 10150
Hollygopoly: oligopolistic competition for (Hollywood) movies. Gandal, Neil; Salant, David J. Sep 22, 1995 4153
Testing for subadditivity of vertically integrated electric utilities. Gilsdorf, Keith Jul 1, 1995 4342
Vertical restrictions and the number of franchises: comment. Schmidt, Torsten Jul 1, 1995 3136
A look at vertical integration. Jun 5, 1995 466
Oligopsony, vertical integration, and output substitution: welfare effects in U.S. pulpwood markets. Murray, Brian C. May 1, 1995 7406
How management of medical costs is revolutionizing the drug industry. Dunne, Kevin J.; Ryan, Ciara R. Apr 1, 1995 9313
Behavioral remedies in a post-Chicago world: it's time to revise the vertical merger guidelines. Willcox, Thomas C. Mar 22, 1995 9423
Make versus buy: the wrong decisions cost. Bruck, Felix Jan 1, 1995 6919
Strategic outsourcing. Quinn, James Brian; Hillmer, Frederick G. Jan 1, 1995 8294
Antitrust, rent-seeking, and regulation: the past and future of Otter Tail. Kleit, Andrew N.; Michaels, Robert J. Sep 22, 1994 12509
Vertical integration efficiencies and electric utilities: a cost complementarity perspective. Gilsdorf, Keith Sep 22, 1994 7548
Building virtual success. Fisher, Lionel Oct 1, 1993 824
When and when not to vertically integrate. Stuckey, John; White, David Jun 22, 1993 6655
Principle of verticality: controlling product from the cotton field to the gin propels the harvest of bigger profits. Waldon, George May 31, 1993 945
Factor substitutability, monopoly, and vertical integration: a heuristic analysis. Hamilton, James L. Jul 1, 1992 3186
Manufacturers' promotional allowances, free riders and vertical restraints. Steiner, Robert L. Jun 22, 1991 8907
Vertical disintegration, industrial classification, and long-term trends. McCollum, James B. Jun 1, 1991 437
Profit centers, single-source suppliers, and transaction costs. Walker, Gordon; Poppo, Laura Mar 1, 1991 8961
The effects of monetary instability on the extent of vertical integration. Boudreaux, Donald J.; Shughart, William F., II Jun 1, 1989 4590

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