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Vertical integration and dynamic ideas spell success at Home Care.

To hear Mark Bosses, vice president-marketing of Home Care Industries, Clifton, NJ, tell it, vacuum bag filtration is one of the most interesting industries in existence. Describing his company's products as "filters, not just bags," Mr. Bosses reflects the company's enthusiasm about its range of vacuum cleaner filtration products. Home Care, which manufactures vacuum bags for all types of industries ranging from large industrial bags to "Dirt Devil" appliance bags, is a family owned company. In operation for 33 years, it continues to grow with innovative new products and vertical integration.

With three manufacturing facilities, Home Care designs all its own converting machinery, manufactures the vacuum cleaner filter bags and then continues the process through die cutting and polybagging of the finished products. The company also makes some other filter products (see The Facts), although the company staple is vacuum cleaner applications. Mr. Bosses claims the company is the largest independent manufacturer of vacuum bags in North America and possibly the world. Home Care manufactures paper, cloth, vinyl and nonwoven bags--using wet laid and melt blown materials--and sells domestically as well as exporting its product, primarily to the Far East.

The newest innovation at the company has been the use of melt blown nonwovens as vacuum bag liners. The company patented the use of melt blowns--which add to the overall filtration and "cleanability" of the bag--and has been using nonwovens since 1989. "Within the next two years, 50% of all vacuum bags will have melt blown liners," predicted Mr. Bosses, adding that vacuum cleaner suppliers are already noticing the increased efficiency of their machines because of the new design.

"We want to be the leading innovator in the industry," explained Mr. Bosses. "We are constantly reinvesting in the business, we are the most vertical and we will continue to develop new and interesting products for filter products." Newest in the stable of products at Home Care is its "Micro Clean" and "Micro Lined" bags, which incorporate a "Bactrastat" chemical treatment for killing bacteria picked up during the vacuuming process (see page 66 for more information). The new line was introduced in January.
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Title Annotation:Home Care Industries
Author:Noonan, Ellen
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Date:Mar 1, 1993
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