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Vertical injection.


This machine manufacturer recently delivered a number of vertical injection molding machines to a European customer. The VC-class machine range is based on an FEA-optimized c-frame clamp system and is available with clamping forces from 200 to 2,500 kN and mold mounting platen sizes from 300 x 300 mm to 1,000 x 700 mm. Due to the tiebarless design, larger mold mounting platens can also be used. The free three-sided access to the mold is said to provide ample space for unhindered handling by operators, or offers an optimum base for an automated production cell.

The machines are supplied either with a light curtain, a three-sided top activated pneumatically operated safety guard or an interface for the integration of an external safety guard in case of employing automatic handling systems for an automated production cell.

The reciprocating screw injection unit is either installed at the top machine plate for top injection, or optionally in a horizontal configuration for injection from the side. VC-class machines can also be equipped with two injection units operating as two-component injection molding machines. As a standard feature, a servo-valve is employed for the injection unit, achieving the highest possible dosing precision and reproducibility, according to the company.

Machines with clamping forces up to 1,000 kN are available with a fixed bottom mold mounting plate and a movable upper plate. This clamp configuration consists of two clamping cylinders installed at the top machine plate in parallel to the central injection unit. This machine design offers perfect ergonomic conditions for operators and guarantees a perfect and unchanged location of inserts placed in the bottom mold half when closing the mold. Modular design results in a small footprint.

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Title Annotation:Case Studies
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2008
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