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Vertical blinds open and close master suite.

Vertical blinds open and close master suite

When walls are too confining, sliding partitions might do the trick. San Francisco architect William Stout designed this upstairs master suite to be as flexible as possible. It contains separate areas for sleeping, conversation, and deskwork. Thanks to two sets of vertical blinds mounted on metal tracks in the floor and ceiling, the owners can keep each area separate for privacy, or combine them all into one spacious, light-filled room.

Pulley-mounted bead chains control the blinds. Closed, the white plastic curtains match the white gypsum board walls adjacent to them.

Photo: With the "curtain" to one side, the study, bedroom, and seating area flow together to form an open master suite

Photo: With the curtain closed, the vertical metal slats create an elegant wall-like barrier that seems to float between floor and ceiling

Photo: Slats slide--and pivot open and closed--in track recessed in floor
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Date:May 1, 1988
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