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Verse & Chapter: Books.

Byline: With Pamela Hoey With Felicity Newson

Just For The Record - Geri Halliwell (Ebury Press pounds 17.99)AT LAST, one of the most written about people on the planet writes about her life in her own words.

Four years ago, Geri Halliwell walked out of the most successful girl band the world of music had ever known.

It was a tremendous risk, which has paid off.

Not only has she carved a niche for herself as a solo artist, but she has also been made an ambassador for the United Nations.

Gobby Spice becomes a maker of speeches. But this fame has come at a cost with the tabloids reporting every failed love affair and every pound gained and lost.

Here, Ms Halliwell allows us into her world, speaking candidly about her past from Ginger Spice to her present as a super waif.

The book is full of fantastic photos by Dean Freeman, which are as much a history of her career as are her words.

Very interesting.

Catch A Fire - Melanie B: The Autobiography (Headline pounds 17.99)

THE second Spice Girl to bare her soul this week is the scary one.

Nowhere near as successful as her ginger contemporar, Mel B has tried her hand as a dance act, R'n'B singer and television presenter. She pursues everything with the drive which led her to become a member of the No 1 group.

Mel tells of her roots in Yorkshire, daughter of a mixed-race couple, through her desperate search for fame to the peak of her success and introduction of girl power to an unsuspecting world.

With candid family photos and excerpts from her tour diary, this is a story that proves Mel B isn't as scary as everyone first thought.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 28, 2002
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