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Versatility spices jobber market.

NEW YORK--Variety and versatility in pattern and construction are key to presenting saleable fabrics at this Spring's jobber market.

Converters and mills are not focusing their efforts on any specific trend direction. Products run the full gamut from formal jacquards to printed novelties. "Every season we have a focus line," says Fred Vecchione, vice president of sales for Bloomcraft. "This time we have a mix of different looks ranging from transitional to ethnic. We are also mixing our ground cloths."

Anju/Woodridge also is widening it's range of patterns. "We are emphasizing a new direction in the casual story of today," says Jeanie Viars, director of fashion. "It's a coordination story of prints, wovens and piece dyes available in up to 40 colors."

The breadth of patterns and trends result in part from jobber efforts to successfully serve their particular clients' tastes and needs. "The jobber has to find product that gives them the continuity they require to make up for the expense of the books," says Burt Kaplan, sales manager for Richloom. "They have to be sensitive to product and its different applications."

Many converters and mills agree that feedback from jobbers can help them develop future collections. "Their relationships with their clients give us insight into what customers want at that particular point in time," says Chris Stone, president of Chris Stone & Associates.

"Jobbers want more creative [options] than ever before," says Beth Greene, director of marketing for Kravet. "So now we want flexible designs with an element of sophisticated. Many trends can fit under those guidelines."
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Title Annotation:exhibition of textile mill products
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Date:Mar 20, 1995
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