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Versatile mixing: CKL Machinery Sdn Bhd of Malaysia has developed the Multimix.

MultiMix is designed from the beginning to be lightweight, compact, easy to use and easy to clean, It is intended to be used for mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and milling products in a range of industrial applications, including chemicals, coatings, adhesives, cosmetics, food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. It is a 4-in-1 laboratory high shear mixer for a variety of applications and industries.

The conventional design of a mixer is limited in its purpose or application and is therefore not suitable for multi-purpose applications, and yet the MultiMix is considered a value-added mixer and is considerable cheaper than the conventional designed mixers.


MultiMix's motor is an electric three-phase AC induction motor running from the variable frequency supplied by its inverter which is fed from a common household single-phase outlet.

Unlike most conventional mixers available to the market, the AC motor is specially chosen over the conventional DC motor to eliminate the electric arcs or sparks associated with DC motors. In a solvent-based environment in the inks and paints industries, a DC motor could be dangerous because sparking could create a flammable situation and thus cause danger to the users in the laboratory. Furthermore, as no carbon brushes are used in the AC motor, there is no wear and tear of parts compared to the conventional design. Also the AC motor runs much quieter in operation as compared to the conventional DC motor.

MultiMix is designed with a direct drive motor so that no gearwheels or friction wheels are required, unlike some conventional mixers where the gearwheels and friction wheels tend to wear down. Worn parts always need replacement and thus pose a main problem as the cost of repairing and servicing is expensive. In some cases, the cost of delivery in sending the mixer for repairing and servicing is greater than the cost to purchase a new mixer. However, MultiMix is designed to overcome such a problem by eliminating the need for these replacements and inherently is guaranteed a long life service life.


MultiMix's mixing components are designed so that the person using it can quickly assemble all the parts and operated it without the need for any tools. After use, the mixer can likewise be dismantled for easy cleaning or sterilising.

This convenient feature is unlike most conventioanl mixers in the market that require hand tools for assembling and dismantling. In particular, most conventional designs prevent the drive shaft from being dismantled easily and cause a problem for cleaning and sterilising. Some mixers requie a degree of technical skill, together with specialist tools, to dismantle, which takes time. In contrast, the MultiMix has been designed to be dismantled without tools, but the rotor and the drive shaft will self-tighten in operation against mixing fluid resistance.

Another feature of the MultiMix is the rotor/stator design. The stator has special Vee-shaped slots cut in the circular rim unlike conventioanl stators which generally have vertical slots. The Vee-slots present the longest cutting or shearing edge to the mixing fluid in operation and hence produce higher shearing forces and flow rates compared to conventional rotor/stator available in the market.

Because of the inverter used, MultiMix is even suitable for high viscosiy fluids. During mixing, the inverter provides stable operation speed even when the motor load fluctuates such as when more ingredients are added.

Contact: CKL Machinery Sdn Bhd(Malaysia), Tel: +603 80753940; Fax: +6036 80754867;
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Date:Dec 1, 2004
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