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Versatile, continuous blender.

The Model 350 is a versatile, multi-purpose continuous blender utilizing a modification of company's unique, dissimilar speed, Double Concentric Auger Mechanism (and "Inter-Auger-Action") for the highly efficient mixing of dry solids with dry solids and, in certain applications, dry solids with liquids. The action imparted to the material within the blender by the dissimilar parallel motion of the dual concentric augers operating at different speeds produces a gentle, homogeneous blend of the ingredients. Retention time within the blender is minimal and the output delivery of the blended material is smooth and consistent. The company can also furnish complete multiple feeder blending systems including integral support structures. The blenders are only furnished with the company's volumetric and/or gravimetric feeders to form a complete metering/blending system. * Acrison Inc., Moonachie, NJ 07074. or call 201-440-8300

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Title Annotation:MIXING & BLENDING
Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:May 1, 2012
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