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Vermeer chips out new brush chipper.


Vermeer Corp. has introduced the new BC1200XL brush chipper to its family of environmental equipment. The new chipper has the capability to process material up to 12 in. in diameter.

Driving the machine is a four-cylinder Cummins QSB3.3 turbo Tier 3 diesel engine rated 85 or 110 hp. Engines are housed within a steel enclosure and are equipped with a two-stage air cleaner and 25 gal. fuel tank.

The BC1200XL brush chipper is fed through dual horizontal offset feed rollers. The rollers feed material to the chipper drum and use the offset feature to help the upper feed roller climb over logs and branchy material.

A dual-pump hydraulic system from White Hydraulics powers the feeding rollers and provides a theoretical pull-in force of 3600 lb., Vermeer said. The hydraulic down-pressure feature on the upper feed roller allows the BC1200XL chipper to crush material, improving the feed roller's "bite" into logs and branches. A manual control valve adjusts the amount of down-pressure as needed.

A belt-driven clutchless PTO system engages the cutter drum. The belt drive, integrated with the throttle, can be engaged only while the engine is at a low rpm, Vermeer said. Once engaged, the engine automatically throttles up to full rpm.

The cutting drum has a 20 in. by 20 in. diameter and is run at 2000 rpm. Eight A8 steel knives cut through material fed on the 30.1 in. feed table. In-feed capacity is 13 in. by 17 in. Feed rate is variable from zero to 122 fpm.

The BC1200XL brush chipper features Vermeer's patented SmartFeed system to monitor engine rpm and automatically stop or reverse the rollers when feeding larger hardwood material. The SmartFeed system also senses feed roller jams and responds by automatically shifting material back and forth, reducing the need to manually manipulate the control bar.

The machine also has a bottom feed stop bar strategically located to make it possible for the operator to strike the bar and shut off the feed, either intentionally or automatically, in an emergency situation. A reset button on each side of the in-feed housing allows for easier resetting if the bar is tripped.

Vermeer offers an optional winch for the chipper to move large logs. The 150 ft. winch has a 200 lb. capacity and a removable choker chain that can be detached from the winch line and carried out to the log, allowing the operator to easily attach the choker chain to the log, Vermeer said.

The entire machine is mounted in a 7 in. by 25 in. Z-channel frame with 7000 lb. axle GWR and rubber torsion suspension. Brakes, turn signals, tail lights, license plate holder and side light indicators outfit the rest of the machine.

The chipper weighs in at 5600 lb. with winch and has a transport length of 14 ft.

Controls are located close to the in-feed area for easier monitoring of the machine. Vermeer's ACS controller is equipped on the BC1200XL brush chipper with gauges for fuel, voltage, water temperature, oil pressure and tachometer and a shutdown system for high engine temperature and low oil pressure.

The BC1200XL brush chipper is manufactured in Pella, Iowa, at Vermeer's headquarters. The Vermeer brush chipper line also includes six other models ranging from 27 to 215 hp and is able to handle material from 6 to 21 in. in diameter.

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Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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