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Verizon Wireless launches Push-to-Talk.

VERIZON WIRELESS is the first carrier to challenge Nextel's push-to-talk dominance. Verizon Wireless Push to Talk subscribers can connect directly with each other by pressing a button on their handset.

Several other wireless carriers are planning to launch push-to-talk offerings to compete with Nextel's Direct Connect (see "Push-to-Talk Gets Commoditized" at and "Nextel Raises the Bar for Push-to-Talk" at http://Advisor.corn/doc/12486 for more details).

Verizon Wireless' push-to-talk service features self-provisioning contact lists that let users talk one-to-one or with groups of up to 10 participants. Customers can change their contact lists as often as they like and create up to 50 different group lists and store 150 individual push-to-talk contacts.

For now. the service is only available on one phone: the Motorola V60p. It sells for US$149.99 with a two-year Verizon Wireless contract. Monthly fees for America's Choice phone service with unlimited push-to-talk start at $59.99 for 400 anytime voice minutes.

See you in court?

The announcement of Verizon Wireless Push-to-Talk prompted rumors that Nextel might file a lawsuit citing trademark infringement. Nextel filed for a trademark on the term "push-to-talk" in January 2002, and it was granted in late spring 2003. Trademarks can be challenged for five years. A challenger might claim prior use or that the term is descriptive rather than a distinctive brand.
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