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Verio Delivers New Virtual and Managed Hosting Servers for Its Microsoft Windows-Based Hosting Platform.

Enhanced Services Such as Virtualized Server Resources, Multiple AppPools, and Advanced Subhosting Features Address Web Hosting Challenges Faced by ASP.NET Developers, Site Designers, Businesses

CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- Verio Inc., a leading provider of hosting and managed services for small and midsized companies and partners, today unveiled a new family of Windows-based hosting services for small and mid-sized businesses, site designers, and ASP.NET developers. Verio's new Virtual and Managed Web Server for Windows offers scalable, fully managed hosting solutions for businesses, and provides developers and designers with a highly efficient way to manage Web sites and .NET Framework-based applications for clients or their company.

Based on the Microsoft .NET Framework, Windows Server 2003, and Internet Information Services (IIS) version 6.0, Verio's Web Server hosting solutions provide a logical growth path for shared hosting customers to a more flexible virtual or dedicated hosting server solution thanks to a shared code base and control panel. This means customers currently using one of Verio's basic Windows hosting solutions can readily upgrade their accounts to a powerful managed virtual or dedicated hosting server without having to cope with a technical learning curve, and without additional investments in server management or IT. Verio enables more sophisticated hosting tools as customers move from shared hosting to a virtual or managed dedicated Web Server, with the base level hosting controls and tools remaining at their disposal.

Verio offers its unique MultiSite technology on all Windows-based hosting solutions - including the Virtual and Managed Web Server solutions and its shared hosting plans. With Web Server for Windows, Verio adds more advanced capabilities such as sandboxing, bandwidth compression, site isolation, multiple AppPools (application pools), and resource virtualization, enabling users to more closely manage the Web sites hosted under their Verio account, and granting them freedom to manage each sites' applications and other features individually.

The company's own resource virtualization technology effectively divides server resources such as CPU and RAM into Virtual Resource Units, or VRUs, which customers can assign to individual sites or site groups as needs dictate. For example, if the number of download requests for one site under an account is higher than another, the site administrator can allocate more resources (CPU and RAM) to that site. Additional tools and reports provide the ability to simply manage an account's server resource usage and AppPools, meaning developers managing multiple sites can more easily permit site grouping arrangements or site isolation for easier and more careful site management.

"As the winner of Microsoft's 2006 Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Specialization Award for Hosting Solutions, Verio continues to innovate within the Windows Server environment and the .NET Framework," said John Zanni, director of Worldwide Hosting at Microsoft Corp. "Verio customers now have the opportunity to work with and benefit from resource virtualization, further demonstrating the strength of our partnership. Verio is an industry leader in easy-to-use, scalable Windows-based hosting services and technology, and we look forward to a close working relationship with them in the future."

"Verio understands that its developer partners require meaningful innovations to help their businesses run smoothly and efficiently, and to increase client satisfaction. Our Web Server for Windows solution delivers tools to enable greater productivity while lowering investment time and cost," said Kiyoshi Maeda, president and CEO for Verio. "Verio values its relationship with Microsoft and will continue to innovate in the area of Windows-based hosting. Our clear focus is to provide solutions to make it easy for developers and business customers to grow."

Verio also recently announced additional enhancements to its suite of Windows-based hosting solutions, including Microsoft SQL 2005 and Email for Multisite, placing commercial-grade data and email management tools into the hands of small and midsized business owners, IT professionals, and developers and Web designers.

Availability and Pricing

The new Web Server hosting solutions from Verio are available immediately beginning at $89.95 USD for a Virtual Web Server - Pro. Prices vary depending on the server level selected. More information on Verio's Virtual and Managed Web Server for Windows solutions can be found at

About Verio

Verio Inc. is a leading provider of Web hosting and managed services serving the online business needs of SMB companies and partners worldwide, and is a subsidiary of NTT Communications, which provides complementary global network access reaching over 200 countries worldwide. The company focuses on how to help companies and partners achieve their business goals with functional hosting solutions, applications and services that enable them to drive success online. Verio supports its operations with highly reliable and scalable global infrastructure and systems including the NTT Communications Global IP Network, and provides business solutions to customers and partners in more than 146 countries. More information can be found at

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 6, 2006
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