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VeriSign Says Incorrect Blaster Data Was "Software Anomaly".

By Kevin Murphy

VeriSign Inc on Friday admitted that a temporary "anomaly" in ATLAS, its flagship directory software, was responsible for inaccurate data about a huge spike in domain name system lookups that VeriSign attributed to the Blaster worm.

The company said Thursday that queries were up between 33% and 50% since Blaster started spreading - evidence that the worm was more widespread than everybody thought. VeriSign's DNS infrastructure was hit with 3.7 billion more daily lookups than usual.

Or so the company thought. After digging a little deeper into the data, it turns out that Blaster had nothing, or very little, to do with it, and that the unprecedented spike in queries came from problems with its internal systems, not the internet.

A company spokesperson called Friday to say the data "is not related to Blaster" and "resulted from a software anomaly in ATLAS"

ATLAS, for "advanced transaction lookup and signaling system", is VeriSign's high-end software for handling vast quantities of directory lookups. It is used in the DNS and for VeriSign's telecommunications services.

The company also hopes to leverage the software in future hybrid directory services, such as ENUM, a system for mapping telephone numbers into the DNS, and RFID, a system of radio frequency identifiers used in inventory management.

News outlets including ComputerWire and the San Francisco Chronicle reported VeriSign?s initial data and conclusions. It?s probably safe to assume somebody at VeriSign is getting a slapped wrist for jumping the gun.
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Date:Aug 18, 2003
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