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"Moral authority depends on credibility, which in turn requires honesty. The cover-up of the church's pedophile scandal ... exposes the weaknesses of a virtually all-male decision-making structure, which puts a high priority on secrecy and image."

-- Boston College theologian Lisa Sowle Cahill in a New York Times editorial, March 6, 2002

"The church reacted as institutions often do -- as Enron did -- and that is to deny, to delay, to dissemble, to fool themselves into thinking that all was well."

-- Author Eugene Kennedy, on the Boston Archdiocese's handling of the Geoghan case (Newsweek, March 4, 2002)

"Should celibacy continue to be a normative condition for the diocesan priesthood in the Western (Latin) Church? If celibacy were optional, would there be fewer scandals of this nature in the priesthood?"

--An unsigned editorial in The Pilot, Boston's archdiocesan newspaper, March 15, 2002

"I don't know why any Catholic would give $5 to the church as it is now."

--Columnist Jimmy Breslin (New York Newsday, March 14, 2002)

"It's not a question of a few bad apples in the barrel. It's a question of the barrel itself,"

--Notre Dame theologian Father Richard McBrien, (Reuters, March 10, 2002)

"I think it's too little, too late."

--Los Angeles parishioner commenting on how the church has handled the scandal (Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2002)
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Title Annotation:priest child abuse scandals
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Date:May 1, 2002
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