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Veramark Wins Three Significant VeraSMART(R) Orders.

PITTSFORD, N.Y. -- Veramark Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: VERA) today announced receipt of three significant VeraSMART orders. The orders have been received from a national publishing giant; a high-profile state government agency; and a large county government agency.

The publishing company plans to deploy the VeraSMART solution for 1,000 extensions on an Avaya(R) 8700 voice network. The customer purchased SMART Call Accounting to manage multiple business units and to provide access to data for all Business Unit Managers. The customer plans to use VeraSMART's web interface and security features to provide individualized access to telephone usage information.

The state government agency plans to utilize VeraSMART's Call Accounting and Allocation modules to bill back usage charges for 5,000 extensions at 50 locations. Each office will receive billing data using VeraSMART's EZ-Burst(R) utility and EZ-Share(TM) will be used to import data from 3rd party applications.

A large county government agency upgraded their current VeraSMART software adding both Online Directory and EZ-Share modules. This customer intends to replace a competitive directory application with VeraSMART's Online Directory, and feed information from Active Directory using EZ-Share, on a 2,000 extension Avaya(R) voice network.

The flexibility of Veramark's offerings -- which gives clients the option to select a managed-services model delivered by Veramark or to purchase a right-to-use software license -- allows small, medium, and large business enterprises to buy what they require today and expand as future needs dictate. Using the same telemanagement tools developed by Veramark, the company's Managed Services solution can remotely poll, process, and report on telecommunications and work flow activity; then provide comprehensive reports and analysis in a variety of formats.

VeraSMART is available from Veramark and their leading industry partners. For more information, visit

About Veramark Technologies, Inc.

For over 20 years, Veramark's telemanagement solutions have set the industry standard for technological excellence, application experience, and process expertise. Veramark's completely web-based software architecture integrates communications management software with operation support systems (OSS) software. These solutions include Call Accounting, Telemanagement, Work Flow Management, Directory / Information Management, Service Inventory Build and Line Verification, Service Analysis and Recommendations, Wireless Optimization and Ongoing Management, Contract Analysis/Negotiations, and Billing Dispute Resolution.

This broad portfolio of products and services allows enterprises to measurably reduce communications expenses, optimize network performance, increase productivity and improve enterprise security. By utilizing industry-standard databases, secure web-browser based user interfaces, and dynamic reporting tools, Veramark's products and services make managing complex communications networks easy and efficient. Veramark's web-based software architecture eliminates the need for client software and makes the software accessible from every networked PC in the enterprise. In addition to Veramark's premise-based solutions, Veramark offers its customers a robust ASP and managed services alternative, designed to meet all or a portion of the customer's defined needs.

The company sells and markets its solutions directly and through leveraged distribution channels to customers ranging from the Fortune 500 to small businesses as well as the public sector, including government agencies and the military. Veramark's leadership position is demonstrated by its relationships with telecom's leaders -- Avaya(R), Nortel Networks(R), Cisco Systems(R), NEC Unified, AT&T Inc., Sprint(R) and others. All Veramark products and services are made and provided by personnel in the United States.

Veramark and VeraSMART are registered trademarks of Veramark Technologies, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.

This report may contain forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. A variety of factors could cause actual results to differ from the anticipated results expressed in such forward-looking statements. These may include but are not necessarily limited to changes in general economic conditions in the United States and overseas, technological changes in the telecommunications or computer industries, the timely and successful launch of planned new products, the timely installation and acceptance by end-user customers, and the impact of competition or changes in the marketing strategies of major distributors.
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Date:Aug 15, 2006
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