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Venues of communication.

Just how important are they? The question is raised because of this month's annual Show in Print section, which gives manufacturers a venue through which to communicate to potential customers the benefits and advantages of their products. Companies that supply raw materials, machinery, roll goods and services for converting nonwoven fabrics have been taking advantage of this venue for the past 11 years.

Another communication venue is at the proliferation of trade shows and industry conferences that take place throughout the year - such as the INDEX exposition that was just completed last month. These are excellent venues for making customer contacts, communicating about products and potential and practicing "the art of the deal."

Indeed, the fact that a company manufactures a great product may be a venue in and of itself. Word-of-mouth will always spread information about a unique product or interesting characteristic under development at a competitor or a customer.

Of course these are all intra-industry communications. To examine the venues of miscommunication or poor communication, we need only look at the communication lines that run from our industry to others. We still have conversations with "non-nonwovens" people that begin with, "What field are you in?" and end with, "Oh, yes, disposable diapers ... they're bad for the environment, right?" The uninformed public is a potential source of negative communication for our industry and one that must be monitored carefully.

And then there is the government. In this issue's Capital Comments column on U.S. imports and exports of nonwovens, Peter Mayberry writes, "Since there is the possibility that items may be mistakenly miscategorized ... the statistics for various categories of nonwovens may not by entirely accurate. In fact, INDA ... has received word that some of the information contained in these reports is not entirely consistent with the market experience of certain members..." Obviously communication between the nonwovens industry and the government is an area that must be continually watched and improved.

What does all this mean? Simply put, given the world in which we live - a world in which "perception is reality" - we must all work to keep the lines of communication, from supplier to customer, end product user or government agency open and up to date about what's happening as it happens. Communication is an effort, but a lack of communication can do more harm than good.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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