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Venture Capital: Forms and Analysis.

Law Journal Press (New York) has published "Venture Capital: Forms and Analysis," a new loose leaf volume that is designed to assist practitioners to balance the competing interests of company founder, venture capitalists, directors, management and related professionals involved in venture capital transactions, including legal issues relating to corporate, securities, intellectual property, information technology and employment laws. It includes a framework for drafting and closing a venture capital deal, analysis from the perspective of both the company and the investor, and guidance on best practices in venture transactions. It also carries discussion and examples of letters of intent for financing, due diligence requests, articles of incorporation for the venture-backed enterprise, anti-dilution provisions, the stock purchase agreement, investor rights agreements, co-sale agreements, warrants and other equity sweeteners, promissory notes, founders agreements, and closing opinion letters. The volume costs $279.
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Title Annotation:Financial
Publication:Legal Publisher
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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