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Vent your spleen.

I agree with SD of Cramlington regarding those drivers who drive on headlights and fog lamps in good visibility. All these drivers are doing is letting other road users know how pathetically stupid and inconsiderate they are. Would those dozy drivers switch on their windscreen wipers when it isn't raining? Of course they wouldn't. So why use fog lights when there is no fog? These drivers are a menace and the poor souls don't even know they are breaking the law. Police patrol drivers please note and book them.

J A, Gateshead.

THE woman who wrote in about the X25 on Sunday has got it wrong. The first bus from Blyth at 8.30 on a Sunday morning gets to Annitsford at 9am. The woman who wrote in got it wrong in Monday night's paper. The bus is once an hour on a Sunday, starting at 9 o'clock from Annitsford.

GR, Fawdley.

REGARDING the proposed increases in the children's fares and reducing the bus service for housebound people, I and many pensioners I've talked to do not wish this to happen. We are grateful for paying half fares in this area and we do not want to burden families with higher fares for their children. I think the pensioners should have been consulted about this.

BB, County Durham.

FIRMS are obliged to employ disabled people, which is a good thing, but why does the FA insist on sending all its blind staff to officiate at every Newcastle United match?

JW, Washington.

I WOULD like to vent my spleen about the inconsistencies of Nexus tackling rowdiness problems. A few weeks ago my four-year-old son and two other children were sitting alongside the driver looking out of the window when the seat tipped forward and fell to the floor. The driver opened his door and shouted at them to sit still, yet late on Saturday night at the front of the train the driver failed to notice 20 15-16 year-olds smoking, drinking, fun-fighting, jumping across seats, swearing and talking about drug use. I appreciate the security concern to the driver, but come on Nexus, something's not right somewhere.

NE, Newcastle

I WOULD like to comment on the proposed free bus travel for pensioners paid for by the Government and Tyne & Wear Transport. This is a totally unrealistic plan and one which the majority of pensioners, including myself, have not asked for. We are very happy with the concessionary travel we already receive. The money that is going to be given for this scheme runs into millions and I think it is a shameful waste of money which could be used to keep fares down for those who are working and who use public transport. Gordon Brown's pledge to give all of us free travel is not only totally unnecessary but it is a move which will simply give more people further excuse to condemn pensioners and make more cruel remarks about us. I didn't ask for free travel. For goodness sake shelve this stupid idea.

JF, Throckley.

I WOULD like to voice my opinion about putting the fares up for the children to pay for the pensioners. I don't agree with it and I am pleading with them not to do it. In fact I would be happy to see the children have free rides. We are happy with what we have got; 50p isn't all that much to pay for a fare.

AB, Kenton.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 2, 2005
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