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Vent your spleen.

I was reading about Catherine Zeta Jones claiming pounds 10 million from a French cosmetic company, accusing the company of falsely claiming that she used its products. This really annoys me because my mam died last August and the council buried her in the wrong place.We had to have her body exhumed and buried two months later, when they even made a mess of that one.

We've been told we don't have a case to claim compensation.

How can you justify one and not the other?

I SYMPATHISE with EJ of Killingworth regarding the recycling personnel. I am 83 years old and was unable to lift my box last week. I dragged it to my side door and left it in front of the wheelie bin in full view and only four or five steps from the gate, but they ignored it. By next collection time it will be twice as heavy so what am I supposed to do?

MA, Fawdon, Newcastle.

I WOULD just like to reply to DM from North Shields who said that smoking in shopping centres should be banned.

I agree with that, I am not a smoker and am pleased they are banning smoking in the MetroCentre. However, she said she was breast feeding and a stranger sat next to her and started smoking. Well, I would not breastfeed in a shopping centre. When I breast fed my child I used the special rooms in the baby change areas. I totally disagree with her on that one. Breast feeding a child should not be done in the middle of a shopping centre.

CH, Gateshead.

REGARDING Boxing Day shop hours in the MetroCentre. I am actually an employee at one of the stores within the MetroCentre and think it is absolutely disgusting that some shops will be open this year.

I hope I don't see customers walking around the mall aimlessly buying sweets and pop and sitting on benches on a Boxing day. There are 300-plus days of the year to go shopping, don't employees need one or two days rest? What do you think? Give us your vote.

HSC, Whickham.

IN response to the letter from Rosella Vincent of Low Fell, saying Beckham is beautiful and the best of the bunch. My answer to her would be: Get a life. David Beckham is a very, very plain-looking bloke, and if it wasn't for the fact that he's a footballer and absolutely minted with money, women wouldn't probably give him a second look. So Rosella Vincent - get a life.

AB, Low Fell, Gateshead.

I WAS reading the Your Life supplement in tonight's Chronicle and its TV critic Murray Morse really made my blood boil, going on about Den coming back in EastEnders.

We thought it was absolutely brilliant. He totally pulled it to bits and I thought Den being back is brilliant.

Also I thought Letitia Dean who plays his daughter is playing a really brilliant part.

As for Murray saying that she looks like Miss Piggy, looking at his photo, this Murray Morse, he looks well on the piggy side himself, so I think he should keep his trap shut.

Also he's on about Jessie Wallace who plays Kat Slater, he said she was dumpy. Murray Morse, look in the mirror.

I'm absolutely furious to be honest, because looking at this Murray Morse he looks little and fat himself, he wants to look in the mirror.

JR, Belsay Bank, Durham.

IAIN Duncan Smith has been telling Chronicle readers how his party is going to give the North a better deal. It is the same Iain Duncan Smith whose party has no councillors in Newcastle and hasn't had for several years. I think he's whistling in the wind and will not be the Conservative leader for very much longer.

R A, Gosforth.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 7, 2003
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