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Vent your spleen.

I was on the Metro platform this morning and there were five people, four of whom had cell phones stuck in their ears. How did these people manage to go for 20 minutes without talking to each other before cell phones were invented?

GA, Gosforth.

Regarding the fish oil capsules that they are going to give to our children. Well, if they are so good for you, how come the Eskimos did not invent the wheel, jet engine, computers, TVs, etc. Eskimos are very peaceful so it might help our children calm down. I hope so.

BL, Gosforth.

I have been listening to the radio and Tony Blair says he is quitting early. The quicker the better. Hopefully, he'll be replaced with someone with a bit of backbone to say enough is enough. Let's bring corporal punishment and hanging back. I'm sick of hearing of people getting knifed and shot. And get out of the EU.

AN, Newcastle.

I would like to vent my spleen about Ian Huntley. I can't believe that people actually want to fuss to save a guy like that. What he did was an appalling crime. Why should the ratepayers and everybody else be so bothered about keeping him in prison and alive for what he did? He doesn't deserve to be looked after in hospital. At the end of the day what he did was wrong. If he wants to die, let him die but nothing can bring the murdered girls back so why all the fuss? Why the do-gooders want to keep him alive I do not know.

AN, Northumberland.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 9, 2006
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