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Vent your spleen.

I read Vent Your Spleen every day about this doing away with "hinny", "love" and "pet" and I go back a long way. My dad was a footballer and the first team he went away to play for was Grimsby Town and the people there thought his name was Hinny and until the day he died his cards and everything were addressed to Hinny, and they thought it was wonderful. And when they first came up here they just couldn't get over how we talked.

A N, Tyne & Wear.

WITH regard to A B of West Denton, I am very pleased to see that I have fan mail in the newspapers. I always do my best with my letters and I have no friends in the newspaper world. I do it off my own bat. But it's very nice to know that someone reads and appreciates my letters. Incidentally, I never go on holidays. I'm a regular attendee at hospitals but have up to now still managed to write letters. Thank you very much, A B of West Denton.

D R, Gateshead.

WITH regard to MRM of Benton about the care bus system, which is totally going right down the dip, he hit the nail on the head concerning the difficulty of access to these taxis of genuinely-handicapped people who need them. Once a wheelchair is on, access is twice as hard. The minibuses which have been discontinued could carry two wheelchairs and about six walk-ons, with very easy access ( unlike the taxis which are limited to one chair plus two struggle-ons. The reason for the changeover is supposed to be making it easier to book travel, which has not proven to be the case. Previously in the paper it was said that, according to Nexus, most people were happy and satisfied with the new service. But if you could question most wheelchair-bound people I think you would get a different answer.

R J, Gateshead.

AS A person who was involved with education and training in the 1960s and 1970s I'd like to ask is too much money not being spent on education, taking people into degree courses when there are no jobs for them at the end of the line? It appears to me this is just to keep them off the unemployment register.

F S, Newcastle.

I WOULD just like to say to the moronic animal rights people who rang the medical school with a bomb hoax today that I hope one day he or she will contract some painful complaint like arthritis that is being researched there. The research into this complaint is not animal tested and this hoax has cost Newcastle University a fortune in money funded by charities as well as the cost of the emergency services. Vital experiments and precious cells were wasted because of these idiots. I hope one day they will suffer for it.

H M, Fenham.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 29, 2006
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