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Vent your spleen.

I really resent the fact that you're putting a guilt trip on the pensioners who are getting their long-awaited free travel. First off it was the children; they need these fares to get to school. Now they're starting on the housebound. For the housebound adapted buses are a lifeline. They don't get out of the house without them. Taxis which can take a wheelchair are extremely expensive. It costs pounds 9 to pounds 10 per journey to go into the city; pounds 18 on a shopping trip is a lot of cash. The bus which comes costs pounds 1 each journey. They have over the years managed to get it in working order. The drivers and helpers are very courteous and sometimes it's the only time they've been out for a very long time. In other countries they share their free travel and half-price places. In England quite a lot of the towns already have it. It's not the pensioners who should be put on a guilt trip, it's the Government, which hasn't fully funded our council.

MC, Gosforth.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 9, 2005
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