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Vent your spleen.

This is in reply to Mrs S, of Fenham, regarding people parking in parent and toddler spaces. I completely agree. I've got little ones and I find it difficult to get them in and out of the car in normal spaces. I was in Asda, in Washington, the other day, when a woman drove into a parent and toddler space, she had no children. I waited to see her and I asked why she had parked there and she told me she was disabled. I informed her there was disabled spaces and she said: "I can park where I want as I am disabled". I think it is a disgrace. The parent and toddler cars would be criticised for parking in disabled bays. It's not something I would do and if this woman was disabled then I'll eat my hat. She walked away from her car and went into the shops, she didn't go into Asda, she just went into the Galleries shopping. So she didn't even park in the right place anyway. It's taking advantage and shows no concern for people with children.

M, Washington.

I AM ringing up to vent my spleen about the piece from Mrs S, of Fenham, who was complaining about people parking in parent and toddler bays.

Well, I can truly say I don't have any children and every opportunity I get I use these car parking spaces, because I don't like to get wet. Why should I have to get wet just because I don't have any children. That's me being selfish but she's being selfish by thinking she should stay dry and the rest of us should get soaked. I would never park in a disabled bay because they are there for a special reason, but I think to have special bays for children and toddlers is just ridiculous.

CW, Prudhoe.

I CAN'T believe people are Christmas shopping already. It's only October for goodness sake. Get a life. Anyway, I must go now, I'm off shopping for Easter eggs.

JW, Washington.

HOSPITAL parking...surely it is time something was done about the cost of hospital parking for pensioners, and the poorer patients who find it hard to make ends meet.

When people fall ill, they usually suffer a loss of earnings and are worried about all sorts of medical things. In view of this, surely the car parks in all our hospitals should provide free parking places of they could give out passes to certain patients and their close relatives.

There are many people who find it very difficult when having to go to hospital to find a parking space and then have the indignity of having to pay while their relatives are maybe seriously ill in the hospital. They could be some system whereby certain parking spaces are reserved for free parking on a pass and these should be given to the people who are very hard up. This the hospital will know from the details they take from people at the very beginning.

DR, Gateshead.

I READ with interest two letters by Eric Armstrong, of Consett, complaining of discrimination against the English by this Government. The discrimination is probably much worse than he realises. The English Democrats Party are dedicated to fighting discrimination. The English do not constitutionally exist, we need an English Parliament. Because there is no English Parliament, this tartan government gets away with it shoddy treatment of the English. The English Democrats Party is steadily growing and they played a part in defeating John Prescott's plans to break up England in last year's referendum on regional assemblies. Eric Armstrong should seriously consider joining the English Democrats Party, a party of England.

MT, Fawdon.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 28, 2005
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