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Vent your spleen.

With regard to the continued onslaught against smokers and some of their paranoid critics, can we now have a no breaking wind campaign in Newcastle where members of the public are not allowed to break wind in public?

What we could do then is appoint a director of the prevention of breaking wind in public.

Pay him pounds 80,000 a year as you will have to pay the anti-smoking director pounds 60,000 a year to keep Newcastle cigarette smoke free.

PT, Heaton.

MY ELDERLY uncle recently visited a famous state circus which had come to town.

One of the acts involved a gorilla, or rather a man in a realistic gorilla suit breaking out of his cage and running into the audience.

My uncle's sight is not what it used to be and he received an almost-life-threatening shock as this man ran at him.

An enjoyable night was therefore spoiled because we had to take my uncle home as he was somewhat short of breath and visibly shaken.

He was forced to spend the rest of the bank holiday weekend lying down in a darkened room.

So come on circus owners, spare a thought for elderly circus-goers before someone does themselves a mischief. We despair!

RC, South Shields.

I WAS out in Alnwick and I was amazed at how ignorant some people of the town are. There is certainly a morality of a local shop for local people there.

Clearly they have a very funny idea about people from Newcastle.

Which is very strange, because the town of Alnwick is very backward in that it is full of charity shops ( so who are they to criticise the people of Newcastle? Absolutely appalling.

ER, Cramlington.

IT'S about the demerit of the fuel lobby to have an essential-user rebate on fuel tax for the transport industry.

What case can be made for such a rebate regarding public transport, there is absolutely no such case for the transport industry?

We need to greatly reduce the number of lorries on our roads and try to persuade, or indeed force, firms to make more use of the railways to transport goods.

The tax on fuel is one way of doing this. Therefore they don't deserve any such rebate.

KS, Wrekenton.

ON PAGE six of the Chronicle on Wednesday it said that while we understand the frustration of lorry drivers over the latest increase of fuel prices is it really the fault of the Government?

Of course it's the fault of the Government, 80% is tax on every gallon of petrol.

I am so furious about that statement.

Petrol in this country is the most expensive. You go to India and it's 14p a gallon, I've just come back.

RSM, Stanley.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 9, 2005
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