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Vendors & product: world's programming is up for grabs at Las Vegas confab. (NATPE 2002).

All information in the product listings was submitted by the companies. The Natpe market will be held Jan. 21-24 in Las Vegas.


AB Intl. Distribution 132 ave. du President Wilson 93213 La Plaine St. Denis Cedex, France (33-1) 49-22-22-01 Fax: (33-1) 49-22-22-16 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Frederik Range, deputy managing director; Valerie Vleeschhouwer, Dimitri Stephanides, intl. sales managers.


"The Group," sitcom featuring six students who face everything that life has to offer them; 50 x 26 min.

"Vandread," animated adventures of a group of people who were once hostile enemies but must now join together to survive an attack by an unknown enemy; 26 x 26 min.

"Kangoo Junior," the story of the childhood of the Kangoos as well as the other characters of the famous series; 52 x 13 min.

"Doctor Death," documentary on Dr. Wouter Basson and his program of deathly technology in a military laboratory at Rood-eplate aimed at preserving white supremacy in South Africa; 90 min.

Absolutely Independent

Baron G.A. Tindalstraat 246 1019 TZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands (31-20) 4905-200 Fax: (31-20) 4905-151 Email: Web site: In Las Vegas: Las Vegas Hilton Attending: Patty Geneste, owner, managing director; Annelies Noest, sales manager.


"We Wonder Why (W.W.W.)," program that tries to answer typical questions that children ask; 25 min. format.

"P.A. for a Day," our host lends her services for a single day to people who have been successful in all sorts of industries in one way or another; 25 min. format.

"Hello Coby & Co," the adventures of a hardworking countrywoman and her husband, who is a cabaret artist, are alternated with various items for and with children; 20 min. format.

"All Stars," comedy drama about seven friends in their mid 20s who are discovering real life; 25 min. format.

Academy Entertainment

59 Westminster Ave. Bergenfield, NJ 07621 (201) 385-8139 Fax: (201) 385-8196 Email: In Las Vegas: Tropicana Hotel; phone (210) 394-1849 Attending: Alan Miller, president


"Nightmare in Shallow Point," Comedy Horror. A scary tale that follows a group of friends after a day at the beach turns into a zombie-filled nightmare; 85 min.

"Classic Movie Collection," 1,000 classic movies, documentaries, cartoons and short subjects.

"Parenting Life," 78 x 30 min.

Action Time

1 Heathcock Court 415 Strand London WC2R ONS, U.K. (44-20) 7836-0505 Fax: (44-20) 7836-1515 Email: Web site: Booth: 2553 Attending: Phil Trelease, managing director; Caroline Beaton, director of intl. business.


"Stupid Punts," hilarious panel show in which four celebrities bet on the unpredictable outcomes of an outrageous mix of videotapes and studio stunts.

"The Trap," big-money elimination game show that lets viewers help to decide the winner.

"Extreme Date," interactive dating show that challenges conflicting couples to discover if they -- and their relationship -- can survive a lonely wilderness adventure.

Advantage Media Group

4298 Bright Bay Way Ellicott City, MD 21042 (410) 465-0532 Fax: (410) 992-8063 Email: Booth: 3543 Attending: Michael P. du Monceau, president; LaLee D. du Monceau, VP sales & marketing.


"Rock Survivors," Take an insider's look at some of the hottest bands and performers in rock history; 1 x 100 min.

"Exodus to Berlin," Jews from the former Soviet Union fleeing anti-Semitism, violence and economic chaos are finding sanctuary and a new life in Germany; 1 x 50 min.

"Mountain Stage," The eclectic sounds of blues, R&B, blue grass, folk and jazz from top names in music; 13 x 55 min.

"Minds of Medicine," Patients, researchers, scientists and innovators in modern medicine explore the cutting-edge of medicine; 12 x 25 min.


10850 Wilshire Blvd., 9th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 446-1000 Fax: (310) 446-1600 Email: Web site: Booth: 3040; (703) 943-5003, (703) 943-5004; fax (703) 943-5005 Attending: John A. McKenna, director, membership development; Janet Gagnon, VP collections and European policy; Lisa Eastman, executive assistant

Alain Siritzky Prods.

23 Rue Raynouard 75016 Paris, France (33-1) 42-24-50-50 Fax: (33-1) 42-24-66-42 Booth: 4065 Attending: Alain Siritzky; George Pilzer; Robby Amar.


"Double Time," the erotic story of an ambitious young ad executive; 90 min.

"Seducing Fina," a young woman is used as a pawn in a sexy tale of murder, money and mistaken identity; 90 min.

"Crossroads," a beautiful sorceress, her apprentice and a high school seer team up to save a town from demons, warlocks and creatures of the night.

"Paradise Island," visitors come to a magical island to live out their sexual fantasies and wind up learning more about themselves.

Alfred Haber Distribution

111 Grand Ave. Palisades Park, NJ 07650, USA (201) 224-8000 Fax: (201) 947-4500 Email: Web site: Booth: 3607 Attending: Alfred Haber, president; Robert Kennedy, executive VP; Andrew Haber, VP international sales; Sonia Ibias, manager


"2002 44th Annual Grammy Awards," awards special. 1 x 180 mins.

"2002 59th Annual Golden Globe Awards," awards special, 1x180 mins.

"2002 8th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards," awards special. 1 x 120 mins.

"Police Videos," reality series, 46 x 60 mins.

Alliance Atlantis

121 Bloor St. E., Suite 1500 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3M5 (416) 967-1174 Fax: (416) 960-0971 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Ted Riley, president, TV distribution; Maria Sanchez, managing director, TV distribution, Europe; Irene Read, managing director, TV distribution, Australasia; Ken Faier, VP, TV distribution, AAC KIDS; Peter Worsely, managing director, intl. TV distribution, AAC FACT; Rose Marie Vega, VP, sales, Latin America, TV distribution.


"Salem Witch Trials," Dramatic Miniseries. Follows the true story of one of the darkest chapters in history and the notorious reign of terror that swept through Salem in 1692 resulting in the famous witch hunt of all time; 2 x 90 min.

"Invincible," Series. A team of four fighters, predestined from birth, is assembled by an eccentric leader; 120 min pilot.

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," Dramatic Crime Series. This series follows stories through the eyes of a passionate team of forensic investigators trained to solve crimes by going back to the basics and examining every bit of evidence; 48 x 60 min.

"The Associates," Dramatic Series. Last year our five legal neophytes fought for their right to be at the top firm in Canada, now they have to prove they have the chops to stay there; 31 x 60 min.

Allied Entertainment

8899 Beverly Blvd., Suite 911 West Hollywood, CA 90048 (310) 271-0703 Fax: (310) 271-0706 Email: Attending: James Moder, owner-president & chairman; Steve Larsen, general manager, corporate controller; Grant Reynham, VP, sale consultant; Yuan Liu, VP, sales, Asia; Ying Lu, accounting assistant; Wilma Enders, administration & logistics manager.


"Maximum Justice," Action Thriller. McQuade poses as the leader of a feared biker gang to infiltrate the mob-controlled L.A. Harbor; 92 min.

"Home Sweet Hoboken," Comedy. A waitress at a diner discovers that a ring she has is valued at $10 million and her grandsons join in a wild diamond-stealing chase that involves a host of nutty characters; 92 min.

"Pups," Action Drama. Chronicles the story of a rebellious latchkey teenager who finds his mother's gun and embarks on a spontaneous bank robbery with his girlfriend that holds the nation's attention; 95 min.

"Planet Patrol," Sci-Fi. Four teen members of the galactic patrol face the battle of a lifetime as they confront Lord Doom, his nasty minions and gigantic killer monsters; 72 min.


4 rue Charlemagne 75004 Paris, France (33-1) 49-96-44-00 Fax: (33-1) 49-96-44-33 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Christian Davin, president; Clement Calvet, general manager; Julie Fox, director of intl. distribution & co-productions; Jeremie Fajner, head of business affairs & co-productions.


"Shorts of Steel," animated sitcom centered on a washed-out superhero, whose days have become filled with missions that are much less glorious, but much funnier; 26 x 26 min.

"Spaced Out," series featuring a family of guinea pigs off to live on a secret orbital station and its strange encounters with music-obsessed aliens and menacing meteorites; 26 x 26 min.

"Potatoes & Dragons," a curse has been cast over the King of the Potatoes and so he summons all knights specialized in dragon-slaying and promises his daughter's hand to the successful candidate; 78 x 7 min.

"Ralph the Record Rat," animated series centered on our hero Ralph, who attempts to break world records -- any world record -- but keeps coming up shod; 104 x 1 min.

American Public TV Worldwide

120 Boylston St., 5th floor Boston, MA 02116 (617) 338-4455 Fax: (617) 338-5369 Booth: 3443 Attending: Cynthia Fenneman, president & CEO; Joan Cavanagh, VP, intl. sales; Christi Collier, VP, premium; Chris Funkhouser, VP, exchange; Eric Luskin, VP, syndication; Judy Barlow, director, intl. sales.


"A Story of Healing," The lives of 100 children are changed when a team of plastic surgeons jounrney from America to Vietnam's Mekong Delta; 1 x 30 min.

"The Armenians: A Story of Survival," The journey and struggle of the Armenian people from their humble beginnings near the Middle East through their Christian conversion in 301; 1 x 60 min.

"Broken Earth: Humanitarian Demining in Post-Conflict Countries," This film profiles the men and women who have devoted their lives to removing land mines; 1 x 60 min.

"Tight on the Spiral," An insider's look at how the NFL films games; 1 x 60 min.

America Video Film

Virrey Loreto 2426 Buenos Aires Argentina 1426 (+5411)47879098 Fax: (+5411)47879094 Booth: 3652, (702)943-3795 Attending: Enrique Maya, president; Nicholas Bingham, consultant

American World Pictures

6355 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Suite 428 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 715-1480 Fax: (818) 715-1081 Email:, Booth: 3040 Attending: Mark L. Lester, president; Todd Olsson, exec. VP acquisitions/distribution; Dana Dubovsky, VP production


"Beyond The City Limits," action/drama. Cast: Jennifer Esposito, Alyson Hannigan, Nastassja Kinski. Three women pull off for themselves a plan to rob an Indian casino conceived by their Russian gangster boyfriends and a dirty cop. Completed. 1 x 95 mins.

"Sex & A Girl," comedy. Cast: Robert Hays, Ellen Green, Angela Gots. Alex is trying to figure out what life, sex, and love are all about while growing up and surviving the divorce of her kooky parents. Completed. 1 x 96 mins.

"Betrayal," action. Cast: Adam Baldwin, Erika Eleniak, James Remar After hitwoman Jayne Fierraro, mistress to mob boss Johnny Bianco, kills him and makes off with $2 million of blood-money, she hitches a ride with an unsuspecting mother and son to Texas pursued by bounty hunters. Postproduction.

"The Wisher," horror. After seeing a horror movie, a girl's wishes come true in horrible ways for her family and friends. Preproduction.


13 Passage Landrieu 75007 Paris, France (33-1) 44-11-12-37 Fax: (33-1) 44-11-12-30 Email: Booth: 4065 Attending: Nathalie Giboire-Labid, intl. sales manager.


"Moulin Rouge," an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the most famous show on Earth; 60 min. & 90 min.

"Extreme Travellers," unique and spectacular mix of travel and extreme sports; 7 x 26 min.

"The Executioners," executioners in Europe; 52 min.

"The Screaming Room," the ultimate collection of scary movies; 200 x 26 min.

Amsell Entertainment

12001 Ventura Place, Suite 404 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 766-8500 Fax: (818) 766-7873 Email: Booth: 3045; phone (310) 493-6996 Attending: Alan Solomon, president; Tien Liu, director in'lt distribution and acquisitions; Joe Beral, servicing


"Wind and Cloud: A Martial Arts Saga," Martial Arts. The adventures of two youngsters born into the world of martial arts and their struggle for power, romance and quest for the Legendary Sword.

"The Exterminator," Action Adventure. 105 min.

"AirBoss" Series: 1, 2, 3, and 4, Action Adventure. 4 x 90 min.

"Final Payback," Action. Story of an ex-cop framed for a murder he didn't commit who set out to find the real killer; 90 min.

Atlas Media

148 W. 37th St., 10th floor New York, NY 10018 (212) 714-0222 Fax: (212) 714-0240 Email: In Las Vegas: Bellagio Hotel Attending: Bruce David Klein, president; Maria Lane, VP, programming; Steve Friedman, director, production; Wayne DeLeon, controller; Karen Hanley, head, business development & special projects; Jenna Helwig, development exec.


"Caught," Docu. The mysterious case of Thomas Capano; 60 min.

"Things You Have to See to Believe," Docu. An intriguing trip around the world documenting amazing people, place and events; 5 x 60 min.

"Alien Abduction: The Mystery Unraveled," Docu. Scientific investigation of people around the globe who claim they were abducted; 1 x 60 min.

"Top Ten Travel," Docu. Episodes include places to spend a fortune and America's most expensive hotel rooms; 2 x 60 min.

Atmosphere Entertainment

1828 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 449-9220 Fax: (310) 449-9240 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Terese Linden Kohn, senior VP, distribution.


"This Space Between Us," Drama. A young man, still struggling with grief after the death of his wife, moves to San Francisco, where he reacquaints himself with a wide array of characters.

"The Beatnicks," Mystical Misadventure. An offbeat comedy about two losers, one is a womanizing poet and the other is an alcoholic musician; 90 min.

"Blood Type," Comedy Drama. During a police car chase, a fleeing thief lands several people in an emergency room where they join emotional forces against their unknown assailant; 82 min.

"Silverman," Action Romance. A young man who is deformed by being born with silver skin falls in love with a girl who gets kidnapped and he must fight to get the love of his life back; 96 min.

Aviva Intl.

850 Old County Road Belmont, CA 94002 (650) 631-3601 Fax: (650) 631-3616 Email: Booth: 2611; phone (702) 943-3596 Attending: Michael Lopez, president; Martin Greenwald, CEO; Bruce Venezia, VP, acquisitions; F. Patrick McDonald, senior VP, broadcast sales; Allen Cohn, intl. distribution manager; Tara Tullar Dadd, operations manager.


"Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life," Music. This phenomenal pop group appears in its first network television special; 60/45 min.

"Bee Gees: Live by Request," Music. Celebrating 35 years of hit-making, the Bee Gees take the stage in New York; 90/60 min.

"Britney Spears: No Place Like Home," Music. Britney performs all her top hits; 60/45 min.

"Christina Aguilera: My Reflection," Music. This Grammy Award winner shows why she has become a multiplatinum phenomenon in the music world; 60 min.


Bavaria Film

Bavariafilmplatz 7 82031 Geiselgasteig, Germany (49-89) 6499-2502 Fax: (49-89) 6499-2700 Email: Web site: Booth: 3811 Attending: Thilo Kleine, managing director; Oliver Schundler, head of intl. co-production; Markus Andorfer, managing director of Bavaria Entertainment.


"The Manns - Novel of a Century"

"Love Script"

"Wilhelm Tell"

BBC Worldwide Americas

747 Third Ave. New York, NY 10017 (212) 705-9300 Fax: (212) 705-9332 Email: Booth: 1637 Attending: Mark Young, CEP; Candace Carlisle, COO; Jose Sanchez, regional director, TV sales, Latin America; Helen Jurado, manager, TV sales, Latin America; Ruben Acosta, sales exec, Latin America; Marnie Lawler, communication.


"The Lost World," Drama. A story of adventure, love and prehistoric creatures; 2 x 75 min.

"Walking With Prehistoric Beasts," Science-Nature. This series recreates over 30 extraordinary creatures that live after the dinosaurs; 6 x 30 min.

"Captain Abercromby," Children's. A 10-year-old boy loves visiting his grandpa's house by the sea where he dreams of becoming the master of his own ship; 26 x 15 min.

Beyond Distribution

53-55 Brisbane St., Surry Hills Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia (612) 9281-1266 Fax: (612) 9281-1153 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Mikael Borglund, chief exec & managing director, Beyond Intl.; Ellen Lovejoy, director, sales; Jennifer Buzzelli, VP, intl. sales, U.S. & Latin America.


"Li'l Horrors," Animation. A puppet sitcom that stretches the boundaries of the imagination and sets a new standard in international children's entertainment; 52 x 12 min.

"Pilot Guides," Docu. An entertaining mix of traditional and pop culture landmark attractions and insightful discoveries; 104 x 60 min & 52 x 30 min.

"Supermax," Docu. Cameras record life inside Wabash Valley Correctional Facility as it really happens; 6 x 30 min.

"Halifax f.p.," Drama. Pushes murder mystery into new realms of suspense and intrigue; 21 x 100 min.

The Big Events Co.

Octagon House 81-83 Fulham High St. London SW6 3JW, U.K. (44-20) 7751-2866 Fax: (44-20) 8944-5710 In Las Vegas: The Paris Hotel Attending: Michael Watt, chairman; Emma Schweitzer, managing director.


"Bjork -- Live at the Royal Opera House, London, 16 December 2001," Bjork in concert during her recent sell-out 2001 tour; 60 min. or 90 min.

Buena Vista Intl. TV

3 Queen Caroline St. Hammersmith, London W69PE, U.K. (44-181) 222-1000 Fax: (44-181) 222-1528 Email: In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: David Hulbert, president, WDTV-I; Doug Miller, senior VP & general manager, sales; Tom Toumazis, VP & managing director, TV distribution; Diego Lerner, president, Walt Disney Co., Latin America; Fernando Barbosa, VP, programming sales, Latin America; Orest Olijnyk, VP & managing director, Canada.


"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," Gameshow.

"Teamo Supremo," Animation. Follows the adventures of a quirky triumvirate of superheroes; 26 x 30 min.

"The Web," Comedy. Set behind the scenes of network television and the crazy personalities that run it; 6 x 30 min.

"Imagine That," Comedy. Story of a sketch comedy show writer who never can seem to say what's on his mind; 13 x 30 min.

Buena Vista TV

500 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 (818) 560-5000 Email: In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Janice Marinelli, president; Angela Shapiro, president, Buena Vista Prods.; Tom Cerio, exec VP, sales; Howard Levy, exec VP, ad sales, east; Holly Jacobs, senior VP, programming & development, Buena Vista Prods.; Sal Sardo, exec VP, marketing.


"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," Series. 30 min.

"Wayne Brady Show," Talkshow. An ideal showcase for Brady's comedic, musical and improvisational talents.

"Buena Vista 7," Features with 39 titles.

"Imagination 7," Features with 16 titles.

Bullseye Distribution

2nd & 3rd floors, 46-47 Frith St. London W1D 4SE, U.K. (44-20) 7851-8800 Fax: (44-20) 7851-8809 Email: Booth: 1637 Attending: Dee Smith, commercial director; Ruth Williams, head of sales & acquisitions; David Cornwall, account manager.


"Madina's Journey," documentary following a woman with a facially disfiguring disease who travels from Nigeria to the U.K. to undergo groundbreaking surgery to rebuild her face; 52 min.

"The Wonderful World of Sex," lighthearted adult erotica series that looks at the different practices around the world; 19 x 26 min.

"Scapa Flow," documentary that explores the scuttled German fleet, sunk off the coast of Scotland in 1919 by Von Reuter; 52 min.



One Dock St., Suite 112 Stamford, CT 06901 (203) 425-2136 Fax: (203) 425-2140 Email: Booth: 3241; phone (702) 943-3917 Attending: Gary Lico, president-CEO; Lou Occhicone, VP, program operations; Sabrina Sanchez, program sales associate.


"The Directors," Docu. Each episode devoted to an individual director's professional career; 91 x 60 min.

"Sasquatch," Docu. A modern scientific investigation into the alleged missing link between man and ape; 1 x 60 min.

"Crying Wolf," Docu. A look at two disorders; people who feign illness for attention and people who feign illness of others for attention; 2 x 60 min.

"Battleship Texas," Docu. A film documenting the only surviving warship that served in both WW I and WW II; 1 x 60 min.


18 Dupont St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 1V2 (416) 964-8750 Fax: (416) 964-1980 Email: Booth: 3014 Attending: Arnie Zipursky, president; Annette Frymer, general manager & general counsel; Kate Horton, manager of development; Fernando Szew, head of sales; Loredana Ruscitta, distribution coordinator.


"The Ripping Friends," Animation. These friends are on a mission to rip anything that stands in the way of freedom and goodness, making the world a safe place in which to be manly; 13 x 30 min.

"Abby & Tess Pet Sitters," Children's. Abby and her spunky younger sister, who thinks she's a dog, share in the exciting responsibilities of running their own pet-sitting business; 13 x 30 min.

Canal Sur TV

Crta. San Juan Aznalfarache-Tomares Km. 1-3 41920 San Juan de Aznalfarache Seville, Spain (34-95) 5056157 Fax: (34-95) 5056154 Email: Web site: Booth: 4451 Attending: Cedric Volkman, sales exec.


"How the Andalusian Horses Dance," series about the famous Spanish horse; 3 x 30 min.

"Three Cultures," cultural, historical and sociological aspects of the Muslims, Jews and Christians in the Spain of the Middle Ages; 3 x 60 min.

"Around Flamenco," a look at how flamenco is performed in New York, Tokyo and Paris.

Canamedia Prods.

1670 Bayview Ave., Suite 408 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4G 3C2 (416) 483-7446 Fax: (416) 483-7529 Email: Booth: 4039 Attending: Patrick Perdue, manager, North American sales & acquisitions; Pierre Munha, sales acquisitions & new business exec.


"Alternate Routes," Travel. Takes you on a wild ride around the world through the eyes of young thrill-seeing backpackers; 26 x 30 min.

"Pet Friends," Docu. Tells about enhancing the bond between people and their pets through good care and companionship; 26 x 30 min.

"The Man Who Skied Down Everest," Docu. The 1976 expedition led by Yuichiro Miura, the Japanese skier, sports promoter and TV personality; 86 min.

"The Goods," Lifestyle. Celebrates the art of consumption by shopping with celebrities, interviewing icons of the design world, and beautifully creative reports on trends and shopping; 65 x 30 min.

Carlton Intl. Media

35-38 Portman Square London W1H 6NU, U.K. (44-20) 7224-3339 Fax: (44-20) 7486-1707 Email: Web site: Booth: 2553 Attending: Rupert Dilnott-Cooper, CEO; Stephen J. Davis, president & CEO, Carlton America; William Medlicott, COO; Mark Gray, controller of program development.


"Bertie and Elizabeth," affectionate portrait of a royal marriage; 2 hours.

"Bob and Rose," a gay man and a straight woman meet and do the unthinkable, they fall in love; 6 x 60 min.

"STARStreet" Series 1 & 2, musical series featuring the talented pop band -- all-STARS; 20 x 20 min.

Carsey-Werner Domestic TV Distribution

4024 Radford Ave., Bldg. 3 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 655-5332 Fax: (818) 655-6359 Booth: 2641; phone (702) 943-3532 Attending: Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner, Caryn Mandabach co-chairpersons, Carsey-Werner distribution; Bob Debelko, Dirk W. van de Bunt, co-presidents-COOs; Robert Raleigh, president.


"Livin' Large," Magazine Format. The lives and times of the young, rich, hip and famous are spotlighted; weekly x 60 min.

"The Cosby Show," Series. A devoted family man who, along with his lovely wife, handles his household of five kids with a combination of warmth, humanity and humor; 201 x 30 min.

"A Different World," Comedy. Chronicles the academic careers of the students and educators at Hillman College, where together they learn what life's all about; 144 x 30 min.

"Reseanne," Comedy. 222 x 30 min.

Carsey-Werner Intl.

4024 Radford Ave., Building 3 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 655-5492 Fax: (818) 655-8548 Booth: 2641; phone (702) 943-3532 Attending: Herb Lazarus, president.


"That '80s Show," Comedy. A series about life in sunny Southern California during the 1980s, as twentysomethings attempt to navigate their way through the decade that was defined by outrageous excess and branded by its own unique styles of music; 13 x30 min.

"Combat Missions," Reality Series. A group of six-person teams made up of former members of elite combat units living on a secret military base compete against each other in events that test the limits of physical ability; 15 x 60 min

"Livin' Large"

"Grace Under Fire"

CBS Broadcast Intl.

10877 Wilshire Blvd., 9th floor Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 446-6000 Fax: (310) 446-6052 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Armando Nunez Jr.; president & exec VP, CBS Enterprises; Fred Cohen, president, King World Intl. Prods. & exec VP; Barry Chamberlain, VR sales; Scott Michels, VP, sales operations & administration; Anne Hirsch, managing director, Europe; Stephanie Pacheco, managing director, Latin America & the Caribbean.


"The Agency," Drama. A look at the high-stakes inner workings of the Central Intelligence Agency and its global network of operatives; 22 x 60 min.

"Survivor," Drama. Sixteen ordinary strangers deserted in an exotic location endure adventure challenges and outwit each of the other competitors for a million-dollar prize; 17 x 60 min.

"The Ananda Lewis Show," Talksbow. Designed to appeal to women of all ages, offers informative, intelligent and uplifting conversation; 180 x 60 min.

"Extreme Trivia," Gameshow. Takes the idea of a quizshow format to the extreme with the look, feel and challenge of a sporting spectacle, and the drama and competition of a brain-busting quiz game.

CDC United Network

40 Rue Marconi 1190 Brussels, Belgium (32-2) 502-6640 Fax: (32-2) 502-6656 Booth: 2524 Attending: Alexander Lippens, managing director; Maximilian Weiner, intl. sales & new business manager; Sebastian Lami Dozo, intl. sales manager; Barbara Rodriguez, marketing & sales support manager; Audrey Atlass, intl. sales exec.


"Standard Deviants TV," children's programming that takes the viewer on a fast-paced learning adventure through topics as diverse as anatomy and algebra through Shakespeare and the solar system.

"OCD - Extreme Conditions," documentary that explores compulsions ranging from hand-washing, theft, ritualistic counting to uncontrollable hair-pulling; 60 min.

"The Misdiagnosis of Death," the puzzling history of the misdiagnosed death from the Roman times until the dawn of the 21st century; 60 min.

"Spectacular Spas," series focusing on the benefits of the spa experience, with a holistic approach to wellness and longevity, and exploring the highlights of a spa vacation; 52 x 30 min.

Chrysalis Distribution

The Chrysalis Building 13 Bramley Road London W10 6SP, U.K. (44-20) 7465-6274 Fax: (44-20) 7221-6286 Email: Web site: Booth: 1637, 23 Attending: Christina Willoughby, managing director; Peter Grant, senior sales and marketing exec; Liza Thompson, senior sales exec.


"Airport 6," a further insight into the world's busiest airport, Heathrow; 17 x 30 min.

"Midsomer Murders" Series 5, Inspector Barnaby and his assistant come face to face with murder and mayhem in the English countryside; 5 x 100 min.

"The Cassidys," sitcom centered on three twentysomething siblings who are forced to live together; 6 x 30 min.

"Gay Riviera," docu-soap exposing the real lives of a group of gays and lesbians in New York and Miami, and on Fire Island; 8/4 x 30 min.

Chum Television Intl.

299 Queen St. West Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 2Z5 (416) 591-1604 Fax: (416) 591-1757. Email: Booth: 3207 Attending: Jay Switzer, president; Moses Znaimer, VP, development, Chum Ltd.; Stephen Tapp, VP & general manager, Citytv; Kevin Byles, VP & general manager; Victor Rodriguez, VP sales & business development; Michael Lolato, director, program sales.


"Gonna Meet a Rock Star," Music. Takes fans out of their everyday lives for one whirlwind day with their favorite musicians; 20 x 30 min.

"Live at the Rehearsal Hall - Buddy Guy," Arts. Original music special featuring celebrated blues man Buddy Guy; 1 x 60 min.

"U2 Live at MuchMusic," Music. 1 x 120 min.

"TV Frames: Bali," Travel. Checks out the arts scene on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet; 1 x 30 min.

Cinamour Entertainment

2425 Colorado Ave., Suite 320 Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 828-4772 Fax: (310) 828-3343 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel, Suite 36302 Attending: Glen Hartford, chairman-CEO; Cord Douglas, president, distribution.


"Cheaters," Reality. Investigators conduct covert surveillance of adulterers and empower victimized spouses to confront their cheating husbands and wives on live television; 38 x 43 min.

"Haunted Hotels," Docu. Uncovers scary stories of murder and misfortune from notorious hotels and inns from around the world; 3 x 50 min.

"It's Showtime at the Apollo," Music. Provides the best in hip-hop, R&B and sultry pop music; 300 x 43 min.

"Saving the Endangered Species," Wildlife Docu. Each episode chronicles the efforts of dedicated experts and volunteers who face great odds to save threatened species from extinction; 26 x 24 min.

CineTel Films

8255 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 654-4000 Fax: (323) 650-6400 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Marcy Rubin, senior VP, intl. distribution


"Malevolent," A mysterious stranger with an unknown link to his past lures a police detective into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

"Project Viper," An airplane crashes containing a lethal prototype organism designed to survive in any environment.

"Momentum," A man with telekinetic powers and the ability to cause catastrophic destruction with the wave of a hand must stop a charismatic secret faction with like powers from wreaking havoc on major world cities.

"Written in Blood," A detective must track down a serial murderer that leaves behind clues reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes' mystery books.


29 rue d'Ulm 75230 Paris Cedex 05, France (33-1) 46-12-84-31 Fax: (33-1) 46-12-84-51 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Jacques Beaujean, head of intl. sales.


"Capelito," clay animation series about a forest mushroom that uses its metamorphosis ability to solve different problems; 26 x 5 min.

"Short Stories For Children," funny and scary tales, and tales of love and friendship involving animals; 26 x 6 min.

"Nature Collection," an insight into the behavior of animals; 150 x 5 min.

"Boundary Lands," documentary series on the natural boundaries of 26 big cities and lands around the world; 26 x 13 min.

CNN Newsource Sales

1 CNN Center, 12 North Atlanta, GA 30348-5366 (404) 827-5032 Fax: (404) 827-4466 Email: Booth: 2651 Attending: Susan Grant, president; John Lee, senior VP, sales; Ed Stephen, VP, marketing; Jerry DeMink, VP, news development; Fred Burrows, senior VP, affiliate relations; Bob Morris, VP, sales, western region.


"CNN Newsource," The most extensively syndicated news service.

"CNN Marketsource," Business Financial. Dedicated to making financial news local through daily custom and generic live shots direct from the New York Stock Exchange.

"Parenting TV," Family. Provides accessible segments packed with information and inspiration for audiences interested in family and children's issues.

"Daily News From Entertainment Weekly," Entertainment. The latest news on top movies, television programs, music releases and bestsellers.

Columbia TriStar Domestic TV

10232 W. Washington Blvd. Sony Pictures Plaza, 7th floor Culver City, CA 90232 (310) 244-4000 In Las Vegas: Bellagio Hotel, (702) 693-7111 Attending: Steve Mosko, president; John Weiser, exec VP; John Rohrs, exec VP, cable sales; Bo Argentino, exec VP, Columbia TriStar TV advertiser sales; Dick Burrus, senior VP, advertiser sales; Dennis Dunphy, senior VP, advertiser sales, central & western regions.


"Pyramid," Gameshow. Daily x 30 min.

"Judge Hatchett," Court. Daily x 30 min.

"Ricki Lake," Talkshow. Daily x 60 min.

"The Larry Sanders Show," Comedy. 60 min.

Columbia TriStar Intl. TV

10202 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 (310) 244-4000 Fax: (310) 244-1874 Email: In Las Vegas: Bellagio Hotel, (702) 693-7111


"Tracker," Action. Follows a character named Cole as he brings otherworldly convicts to justice; 22 x 60 min.

"Phantom Investigators," Animation. A bunch of 12-year-olds whose clients are almost all kids and whose particular field of expertise is the realm of the supernatural; 13 x 30 min.

"The Ellen Show," Comedy. A young woman decides to return to her roots but faces life as a high-maintenance gay woman living at home in a small town; 22 x 30 min.

Connection III Entertainment

8489 W. Third St. Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 653-3400 Email: Booth: 2412 Attending: Cleveland O'Neal, president-CEO; Brian O'Neal, exec VP, development & production.


"What About Your Friends," Drama. A coming-of-age relationship from an African-American teen point-of-view; 22 x 60 min.

"The Garage Club Halloween Special," Children's. The kids investigate whether their Halloween garage party is really haunted; 1 x 60 min.

"The Garage Club Christmas Special," Children's. The kids try to help Santa get back to his reindeer and sleigh in time for Christmas; 1 x 60 min.

Creative Light Worldwide

8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 212 Beverly Hills, Ca 90211 (323) 658-9166 Fax: (323) 866-3417 Booth: 3040 Attending: Ted Chalmers, head of worldwide distribution; Ray Haboush, head of intl. sales.


"Trigon: The Legend of Pelgidium," Western Horror. An isolated town in the Old West is visited by two supernatural entities that are locked in an ancient battle of good vs. evil; 99 min.

"King of the Jungle," Drama. A mentally challenged young man takes to the streets after witnessing the murder of his mother; 99 min.

"Hail Caesar! The Golden Age of Comedy," Docu. Celebrates the early days of live television and its comic pioneers; 83 min.

"Voyeur Beach," Thriller. Four women discover a day at the beach can be murder.

Crescent Entertainment

757 Third Ave., 2nd floor New York, NY 10017 (212) 308-1790 Fax: (212) 308-1791 Booth: 3009 Attending: Tony Brown, president.


"The Bible," three epic tales of inspiration.

Movie Package, Director's Cut 2

Movie Package, Director's Cut 3


Peru 174 08020 Barcelona, Spain (34-93) 2664266 Fax: (34-93) 2664014 Email: Web site: Booth: 4451 Attending: Sergi Reitg, managing director; Stephanie Davis, publishing; Judit Foz, sales assistant.


"The Triplets," animated series based on the relationship between the Triplets and the Bored Witch; 65 x 26 min.

"Juanito Jones," a young boy uses his imagination as a fantastic vehicle to take him on wild adventures in amazing places; 52 x 13 min. or 26 x 26 min.

"Miniman," animated series about a superhero who teaches children how to handle difficult situations by themselves; 26 x 26 min.

Curb Entertainment

3907 West Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 843-8580 Fax: (818) 566-1719 Booth: 3040 Attending: Wendy Reeds, exec director, head of sales.


"Pressure," Thriller. Framed for a crime he did not commit, a medical student runs for his life while trying to prove his innocence.

"Pipe Dream," Romantic Comedy. A plumber looking for a date and a screenwriter looking to direct conspire together to lie, cheat, steal and fall in love.

"Nailed," Romance. Passion leads to conflict for a young man torn between his new love and his powerful father.

"Lady in the Box," Thriller. When an innocent man is over his head, the danger will grip you and the truth will shock you.


Dargaud Marina

15-17 rue Moussorgski 75018 Paris, France (33-1) 53-26-31-00 Fax: (33-1) 53-26-31-13 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Claude de Saint Vincent, president; Gaspard de Chavagnac, CEO; Patrick Dedieu, VP of financial & business affairs; Guillaume Galliot, deputy general manager, sales & co-productions; Michele Massonnat, marketing & sales manager; Victoire de Mones, sales exec.


"Volcano Island," the adventures of a sweet little creature as it travels through wild natural landscapes in search of its real family; 52 min. spesh.

"The New Adventures of Lucky Luke," the cowboy who shoots faster than his shadow returns in 52 new adventures; 52 x 26 min.

"Jacques Cousteau's Ocean Tales," in order to pass on his experience and knowledge, Cousteau organizes an ambitious expedition aboard the Calypso for five children of different nationalities; 26 x 26 min. "Pet Thoughts," when left on their own in an apartment, a dog and a cat exchange views of wisdom filled with humor and insight; 32 x 30 min.

Daro Film Distribution

Le Patio Palace 41, Ave. Hector Otto 98000 MC Monaco (377) 97971600 Fax: (377) 97971590 Email: Booth: 3651 Attending: Pierre-Andre Rochat, president; Anne-Marie Gaskin, head of acquisitions; David Prince, Hanneleh Salonen, Ute Cichocki, intl. sales


"Cushion Kids," seven cushion kids live in deep-buttoned houses and play in the park; 26 x 30 min. or 130 x 5 min.

"The Never Ending Story," the adventure of a lifetime begins for a young boy with the discovery of a mysterious medallion of intertwined snakes, which opens the way to the world of Fantasia; 4 x 90 min. or 13 x 60 min.

"Tracker," series centered on a tracker who has been sent to Earth to capture, dead or alive, escaped convicts from unknown planets; 22 hours.

"Wildlife Diary," viewers become intimately involved with a selected group of wild animals in an untamed African bush setting, the Karongwe Conservancy; 26 x 30 min.

Decode Entertainment

512 King St. East, Suite 104 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5A 1M1 (416) 363-8034 Fax: (416) 363-8919 Email: Booth: 4039 Attending: Steven DeNure, Neil Court, Beth Stevenson, partners; Dominique Bazay, director, sales; Dan Fill, director, interactive.


"Why Not?," Live Action. Tries to make sense of the confusing, pimply faced view of junior high, family, friends and junk food; 26 x 30 min.

"Franny's Feet," Animation. For the preschool set, they romp and they stomp, they run and they play; 26 x 30 min.

"Olliver's Adventures," Animation. A hyperkinetic 6-year-old daydream believer takes on bullies and big sisters to save the world; 13 x 21 min.

"Girl Stuff/Boy Stuff," Animation. About that awkward time when all the rules are suddenly different and survival depends on having friends who will be there for you; 26 x 30 min.

Devillier Donegan Enterprises

4401 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington DC, 20008 (202) 686-3980 Fax: (202) 686-3999 Email: In Las Vegas: Bellagio Hotel; phone (702) 693-7111 Attending: Linda Ekizian, VP, marketing & promotion.


"Egypt's Golden Empire," Docu. Reveals the intimate lives of powerful Pharoahs and ordinary citizens who lived during the zenith of the Egyptian empire; 3 x 60 min.

"Pale Male," Docu. The is a film about a hawk that lives and hunts amid the skyscrapers of Manhattan, attracting the attention of curious onlookers; 1 x 60 min.

"The Power of Play," Docu. From polar bear cubs wrestling in the Arctic to young kangaroos boxing in the Outback, this special sheds new light on the behavior of play; 1 x 60 min.

"The Living Edens," A natural history series; 24 x 60 min.

DIC Entertainment

303 N. Glenoaks Blvd., 4th floor Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 955-5400 Fax: (818) 955-5696 Booth: 2555; phone (702) 943-4775 Attending: Andy Heyward, chairman-CEO; Patricia Ryan, exec VP, intl. sales; Dan Waite, VP, intl. sales; Brad Brooks, president; Robby London, consulting exec; Sherrie Ward, senior director, intl. home entertainment.


"Super Duper Sumos," Comedy Animation. Three young sumo wrestlers fulfill their destiny by battling evil and saving the world using mystical energies to grow into even larger superheroes; 26 x 30 min.

"Liberty's Kids," Adventure Animation. Two teenage friends and the little brother they both love find themselves on opposite sides of a terrible international conflict, the Revolutionary War; 40 x 30 min.

"Mary-Kate & Ashley In Action!," Action Comedy Animation. These teenage special agents save the world; 26 x 30 min.

"Evolution," Action Comedy Animation. A team of eccentric scientists must stop a hostile alien life form from evolving into different species and replacing the native life forms that currently inhabit our planet; 26 x 30 min.

Discovery Networks Intl.

8045 Kennett St. Silver Spring, MD 20910 (240) 662-4261 Fax: (240) 662-1991 Email: Web site: Booth: 2505 Attending: Mercedes Dawson, program sales Latin America/Iberia; Dan Salerno, VP programming Discovery Channel U.S.; Mary Ellen Iwata, VP development and special projects TLC; Carole Tomko, VP development Animal Planet; Doug DePriest, VP production and development Travel Channel; Donald Thoms, VP production Discovery Health Channel


"Muslims in America," documentary. There are more than 7 million Muslims across the United States and their religion is one of America's fastest growing. 1 x 60 mins.

"The Crocodile Hunter," documentary. Steve and Terri Irwin make it their mission to rescue and protect the incredibly diverse creatures of the Australian Outback. 29 x 60 mins

"The Crocodile Hunter's Croc Files," documentary. Younger viewers join the Irwins on their fun-filled and action-packed adventures as they fearlessly track animals of every shape, size and color. 26 x 30 mins.

"21st Century Medicine," documentary. Stories about everyday people and everyday doctors involved in some of the most advanced surgeries from around the world. 6 x 60 mins.

DLT Entertainment

In U.S.: 31 W, 56th St. New York, NY 10019 (212) 245-4680 Fax: (212) 315-1132 In U.K.: 10 Bedford Square London WC1B 3RA United Kingdom +44 (020) 7631-1184 Fax: +44 (020) 7636-4571 Email: Web site: Booth: 1939; (702) 943-4233 Attending: Donald L. Taffner Jr., VP; John Fitzgerald, CEO; Jeff Cotugno, VP; Gary Mitchell, VP/international sales; Natalia Saletska, sales director; Lindsay Frank, sales executive


"My Family," comedy. Robert Lindsay stars as a moderately successful family man and dentist undergoing a mid-life crisis and trying to cope with the bizarre reality of raising teenagers. 49 x 30 mins

"As Time Goes By," comedy. Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer star as old flames who ask the burning question, "Can the flame of passion still flicker in middle age?" .66 x 30 mins.

"Barbara," comedy. Barbara Liversidge is a monster of a woman with a tongue sharper than a chainsaw, which she unleashes at the slightest provocation and which dominates her. 28 x 30 mins

"High Stakes," comedy. Richard Wilson and Jack Shepherd star as two British bankers caught up in the dog-eat-dog world of international finance. 12 x 30 mins.

D'Ocon Films

C/Calaf 3 08021 Barcelona, Spain (34-93) 240-4122 Fax: (34-93) 240-4124 Email: Web site: Booth: 4451 E Attending: Antoni D'Ocon, president; Luis Gonzalez-Aller, consultant; Diana Domingo, commercial & co-productions manager; Jose Salcedo, head office, D'Ocon France.


"Kumba Park," unknown to the world at large, the future of humanity is being decided on a lost island in the Sargasso Sea; 26 x 26 min.

"Scruff," a little dog, naive and trusting, wants to learn about everything new; 65 x 26 min.

"Capertown Cops," the endless antics of Koko Loko, Tattles and Knucklehead in the toony, coastal city of Capertown; 26 x 26 min.

"Lost Continent," the portals to Lemuria are scattered across the Earth and Jack Tilden is able to gain access to one of them in order to search for his long lost archaeologist father; 13 x 26 min.


8489 W. Third St. Los Angeles, CA 90048 (323) 655-5501 Fax: (323) 655-5603 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Ehud Bleiberg, CEO & chairman; Yitzhak Ginsberg, president.


"According to Spencer," Comedy. A young man, reunited with his childhood crush, is determined to make her fall in love with him.

"Never Again," Comedy. A divorcee vows to never again fall in love, right before she meets the love of her life.

"Girl Fever," Comedy. Art student Sam can make 99 of the girls in the women's residence laugh, but he can't make the girl he loves smile.

"100 Girls," Teen Comedy. A college freshman meets his dream girl during a blackout and must find his mystery girl among 100 young female suspects.


E! Networks

5750 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 954-2400 Fax: (323) 954-2657 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Kevin MacLellan, senior VP, intl.; Duccio Donati, VP, intl. sales; Cheryl McDermott, VP, business operations intl.; Michelle Levesque, VP, intl. channels; Lynn Beveridge, senior VP, business development and online; Ken Bettsteller, COO.


"Revealed With Jules Asner," Brings viewers closer and offers a new perspective on some of the biggest names in showbiz today.

"TV Tales," Reality. This series tells you everything you didn't know about your favorite television shows; weekly x 30 min.

"Rank," Will count down the entertainment topics that keep us riveted to our television and movie screens.

"Vegas Showgirls: Nearly Famous," Reality. Puts the spotlight on the worlds of young hopefuls trying to make it in one of the most sought-after entertainment professions on Earth.

Eagle Vision

Eagle House 22 Armoury Way London SW18 1EZ, U.K. (44-20) 8870-5670 Fax: (44-20) 8874-2333 Email: Web site: Booth: 1637 Attending: Geoff Kempin, COO; Steve Sterling, president of Eagle Vision Inc.; Kate McDonald, TV sales manager; Amy Kemp, TV sales exec.


"Diana Krall-Live in Paris," concert performed live at the Paris Olympia on Dec. 1, 2001; 60/90 min.

"The British Invasion," documentary that brings back to life the exuberant music from the '60s that touched the mind, heart and soul of a generation; 2 x 60 min.

"'N Sync - Live," concert filmed in New Orleans in July 2001 during 'N Sync's sellout PopOdyssey tour; 60/90 min.

Egmont Imagination

239 Kensington High St. London W8 6SA, U.K. (44-20) 7761-3693 Fax: (44-20) 7761-3510 Email: Booth: 1637 Attending: Tom van Waveren, president; Tatiana Kober, managing director; Caroline Stephenson, territory manager.


"Rex the Runt," the adventures of Rex the Runt and his plasticine friends; 26 x 10 min.

"Hamilton Mattress," animated spesh introducing Sludger the Aardvark, who changes his name and discovers the world; 30 min.

"Lizzie McGuire," 13-year-old Lizzie struggles through life but it's her animated alter ego who lets us know what's really going on; 43 x 22 min.

"Tracey McBean," follow our heroine through inventive journeys full of mystery, drama, bizarre twists and turns, and scary stuff; 26 x 11 min.

Electric Sky

Friese Greene House 15-17 Middle St. Brighton BN1 1AL, U.K. (44-1273) 201120 Fax: (44-1273) 201121 Email: Booth: 1637 Attending: David Pounds, CEO; Ros Ali, Julian Curtis, sales managers.


"Tales of the Living Dead," series that explores archaeological murder mysteries using forensic science to try to solve the crime; 13 x 26 min.

"Big Boutique," series on international style, design and fashion trends; 26 x 26 min.

"The Luxury Travel Show," comprehensive guide to the fastest-growing sector in the travel industry; 1'3 x 26 min.

"Digital Sex," erotic series; 6 x 24 min.

Ellis Releasing

1300 Yonge St., Suite 300 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4T 1X3 (416) 924-2186 Fax: (416) 924-6115 Email: Booth: 3451 Attending: Stephen Ellis, president; Caroline Godin, manager, program sales.


"Moose: The Moody Monarch," Docu. A look at the majectic woodland moose; 50 min.

"Coyote: The Wily Vagabond," Docu. Able to adapt successfully to increasing encroachment by man, the coyote continues to thrive; 50 min.

"Table for Two," Lifestyle. Host Joanne Meral talks with some of the most interesting personalities over a great meal prepared by a famous chef; 65 x 30 min.

"Behind the Lens," Entertainment. A series about the people who create the images we see every day in films, magazines, advertising and television; 26 x 30 min.

Entertainment Rights

Colet Court 100 Hammersmith Road London W6 7JP, U.K. (44-20) 8762-6200 Fax: (44-20) 8762-6299 Email: Web site: Booth: 1637 Attending: Jane Smith, managing director; Mike Heap, CEO; Gillian Kirby, head of sales -- Canada, Latin America, U.S.; Chloe van den Berg; sales director; Sital Haria, sales exec.


"Short Cuts," nine media students explore the various uses of a video camera, the only rules being there are no rules, so expect the unexpected; 26 x 30 min.

"Merlin the Magical Puppy," a shiny red collar that Ernie the Harbor Master buys to keep Merlin out of trouble turns out to have been made by the great wizard Merlin for his own puppy; 52 x 10 min.

"Tracy Beaker," Tracy's looking for trouble, looking for laughs but most of all she's looking for a loving home; 26 x 15 min.

"Inuk," animated series following the adventures of a highly imaginative 8-year-old Inuit boy; 26 x 13 min. or 13 x 30 min.

Europe Images Intl.

25 rue Francois 1er 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 47-23-28-00 Fax: (33-1) 47-23-28-10 Booth: 4065 Attending: Frederic Rossignol, commercial director; Cristina Moya, intl. sales exec.


"Fabio Montale," miniseries about a police superintendent in Marseille whose past is about to catch up with him; 3 x 90 min.

"Manon," Jules Massenet's opera; 135 min.

"Belphegor," the adventures of a masked fiend, who darkens the skies of Paris and terrorizes the local population; 26 x 26 min.

"Tribal Journeys," a voyage into the heart of the most isolated and remote corners of the world from the Amazon to the jungles of Papua, New Guinea; 13 x 26 min.

Extreme Intl.

131-151 Great Titchfield St. London W1W 5BB, U.K. (44-20) 7244-1000 Fax: (44-20) 7244-0101 Web site: Booth: 1637, 11-12 Attending: Alistair Gosling, CEO; Ben Barrett, intl. sales director; Charlotte Cabrero, intl. sales & marketing exec.


"Blue Torch - Series 2002," skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, freestyle motocross, BMX, wakeboarding, etc.; 130 x 52 min.

"Core Culture - Series 2002," action-packed magazine-style show combining the most up-to-date alternative and action sports events worldwide; 26 x 52 min.

"This is the Time - Night of Combat," compilation of kickboxing fighters competing for the WKN British, European, Intercontinental & World title fights; 18 x 60 min.

"The Runningman," series that takes the viewers to remote tribes of West Papua, Indonesian islands and Brazil, and raises important ethical issues; 4 x 30 min.



Luis Bunuel 2-2 Ciudad de la Imagen 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcon Madrid, Spain (34-91) 512-1660 Fax: (34-91) 512-0148 Email: Web site: Booth: 4451 Attending: Fabia Buenaventura, general director; Maria Jose Vadillo, intl. relations director.

Film Bridge Intl.

1316 Third St. Promenade, Suite 105 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 656-8680 Fax: (310) 656-8683 Booth: 2401;(702) 943-5027 Attending: Ellen Wander; Incoronata Pagliuca; Lori Mathison; Isabel Preciado Loucks.


"Say Nothing," The lives of a young married couple are turned upside-down when a stranger's obsession not only puts their marriage at stake, but their lives as well.

"Invidia," Drama. Set in Italy about two childhood friends and rivals who are reunited as adults in the late 60's.

"Clive Boomer's Success," Comedy. Story of a standup comedian and a sultry bank teller who are caught up in a web of intrigue, murder and a million-dollar heist.

"Beyond the Summit," Docu. Follows an environmental expedition team on the largest cleanup of Mount Everest.

Filmax Intl.

Miguel Hernandez 81-87 Poligono Pedrosa 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona, Spain (34-93) 336-8555 Fax: (34-93) 263-0824 Email: Web site: Booth: 4451 Attending: Julio Fernandez, chairman; Antonia Nava, snr. VP, sales & co-productions; Paco Rodriguez, head of sales & co-productions - animation; Vicente Canales, sales exec; Mar Abadin, sales exec-animation; Rafael Cabrera, intl. marketing.


"Dagon," in the ghostly town of Innsmouth, Paul and Barbera are captured for a hideous ritual in honor of Dagon, a monstrous god of the sea; 98 min.

"Impulse," thriller concerning a beautiful young woman's relationship with a charming serial killer; 92 min.

"Bunuel and King Solomon's Table," the film that legendary filmmaker Luis Bunuel might have made about his student years with close friends Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca; 105 min.

"Arachnid," story set in a haunting jungle, concerning a giant alien spider and man's fight against it; 95 min.

Filmfestivals Entertainment Group

39 rue du General Foy 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 55-30-26-17 Fax: (33-1) 55-30-26-05 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Bruno Chatelin, COO; Gregg Bywalski, business development manager.


"Non Stop Festivals," magazine programming featuring festivals such as Cannes, Sundance and Berlin; 10 x 30 min.

"Best From Fest," 20 x 5 min.

Fireworks Intl.

Tennyson House 5th Floor 159-165 Great Portland St. London W1W 5PA, U.K. (44-20) 7307-6300 Fax: (44-20) 7307-6399 Email: Web site: Booth: 3651 Attending: Jay Firestone, chairman & CEO, CanWest Entertainment; Adam Haight, president & COO, Fireworks Entertainment; Greg Phillips, president; Saralo MacGregor, VP, sales; Kathryn Rice, VP, sales, Europe; Daniel Tibbets, VP, Fireworks TV.


"A Wrinkle in Time," when physicist Jack Murry and his partner disppear, his children and their neighbor take it upon themselves to find him; 4 x 60 min.

"Mutant X," the exploits of a group of human mutants with extraordinary powers who pit themselves against an evil and surreptitious governmental agency; 22 x 60 min.

"Andromeda," series chronicling the efforts of Capt. Dylan Hunt and his crew members to restore a government that once presided over an extended peace and prosperity; 44 x 60 min.

"Disappearance," a summer driving vacation through the Mojave Desert turns into a nightmare for the Henley family when they decide to visit a small town marked on their map; 93 min. TV movie.

Foothill Entertainment

1231 State St., Suite 208 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 965-4488 Fax: (805) 965-1168 Email: In Las Vegas: Las Vegas Hilton Attending: Jo Kavanagh-Payne, president; Gregory Payne, chairman.


"Pirate School," Children's Animation. This is a school designed to teach kids, whose parents think they need to toughen up, the ways of the pirate; 26 x 25 min.

"Wings of Angels," Live-Action Drama. Follows the life of Amy Johnson, the first female aviator to fly single-handed from the U.K. to Australia in the 1920s.

"Path of Dreams," Live-Action. The story of a 15-year-old girl who is involved in a serious traffic accident after an argument with her boyfriend over a Christmas present.

"Nacey," Live-Action Comedy. An undercover FBI agent is left out in the cold when his contact at the FBI disappears, leaving behind the body of a prominent lawyer in his office; weekly x 60 min.

4Kids Entertainment

1414 Ave. of the Americas New York, NY 10019 (212) 759-7666 Fax: (212) 980-0933 Email: Booth: 4725 Attending: Al Kahn, chairman & CEO & director; Tom Kenney, exec VP; Brian Lacy, intl. TV sales; Shelly Hirsh, CEO, Summit Media.


"Kinnikuman," Children's. An animated show featuring the most diverse and powerful superhero wrestlers that the world has to offer; 52 x 30 min.

"Ultraman Tiga," Children's. The scene is earth in the 21st-century and powerful new monsters threaten mankind; 52 x 30 min.

France Animation

14 rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris, France (33-1) 53-35-90-90 Fax: (33-1) 53-35-90-91 Email: In Las Vegas: Las Vegas Hilton Attending: Lionel Marty, head of sales & acquisitions; Dominique Merine, intl. sales exec.

France TV Distribution

Immeuble "Le Barjac" 1 Boulevard Victor 75015 Paris, France (33-1) 44-25-01-40 Fax: (33-1) 44-25-01-42 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Herve Michel, snr. VP, intl. sales, Alexandre Piel, intl. sales manager.


"Tails," a knave who aspires to be a knight, is unwittingly catapulted through the warps of time from the Dark Ages to the 21st century; 52 x 13 min.

"Kaput & Zosky," Kaput and Zosky go in search of planets to conquer, people to enslave and monarchs to dethrone but their invasions are always colossal failures; 26 x 24 min or 78 x 7.5 min.

"The Great Adventure of Newsreels," documentary series on the 20th century; 4 x 52 min.

"Media of the World," how men and women are reinventing communication media on a human scale; 13 x 13 min.

The Fremantle Corp.

660 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10021 (212) 421-4530 Fax: (212) 207-8357 Booth: 4450 Attending: Diane Tripp, VP; Blanca Oca-Pertierra, VP, Latin America, homevideo; Jill Bennett, director of promotion; Randy Zalken, senior VP.


"Spyder Games," Series. Centered on a family who ownes a videogame empire, it has the requisite soap attractions: a murder mystery, sibling rivalry, hot love triangle and closeted gay action; 65 x 30 min.

"Radio Active," Tween Comedy. Chronicles the misadventures of a distinctive cast of students who run their own radio station; 79 x 30 min.

"Man Made Woman," Docu. Examines society's standrds of beauty in regards to beauty pageants; 1 x 60 min.

"O' Grady High," Animation. Pods have infested the Earth and are taking over human bodies; teachers are concerned, but students choose to focus on other matters; 8 x 2 min.

FremantleMedia Production

1 Stephen St. London W1T 1AL, U.K. (44-20) 7691-6000 Fax: (44-20) 7691-6060 Web site: In Las Vegas: Venetian Hotel Attending: Tony Cohen, CEO of RTL Production businesses division & CEO of Fremantle Prods. NA; Doug Gluck, regional CEO; Carlos Gonzalez, managing director, Fremantle Prods. Latin America; Gaby Johnston, senior VP, entertainment, FremantleMedia; David Lyle, head of entertainment, development, acquisitions & resources & president of entertainment, Fremantle Prods.; Jeff Mirkin, development exec, FremantleMedia.


"Date Squad," series that works with people who have been unhappy in love and creates a new look, new confidence, new conversation and a new path on the road to love.

"Looks Are Everything," series that gets under the skin to probe the psychology of self-image.

"They Think It's All Over," gameshow that combines comedy and sport in an outrageous test of sporting knowledge.

"Touch the Truck," endurance contest where contestants stand around a top of the range vehicle, without kneeling, leaning or falling asleep, for as long as they can.

Fremantle Intl. Distribution

1 Stephen St. London W1T 1AL, U.K. (44-20) 7691-6000 Fax: (44-20) 7691-6060 Email: Web site: In Las Vegas: Venetian Hotel Attending: David Ellender, managing director; Jane Rimer, senior VP, sales & development, NA; Kathleen Donnan, sales group head; James Braham, Jo Lovell, sales execs.


"Billy the Cat," transformed into a cat by a cat-loving magician, a punishment for being cruel to animals, Billy invites you to join, him in his breathtaking adventures.

"Mr. Bean," new animated series featuring one of the world's most popular comedy characters; 26 x 30 min.

"History of Football: The Beautiful Game," new series exploring every aspect of the world's most popular game; 13 x 60 min.

"100 Centre Street," the lives of the judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the criminally accused who find themselves caught up in the never-routine chaos of a hectic urban night court; 60 min. series.


German United Distribs

Richartzstr. 6-8a D-50667 Cologne, Germany (49-221) 92069-0 Fax: (49-221) 92069-69 Email: Web site: Booth: 3811 Attending: Gerd Richter-Kiewning, general manager; Christiane Wittich, Carlos Hertel, snr. sales managers; Klaus Fuereder, general manager; Rosemarie Dermuehl, head of sales; Thomas Sgoff, intl. sales manager.


"The Manns - Novel of a Century," mini unveiling the moving story of the Mann dynasty in a groundbreaking tale of love and hate, of togetherness and separation, of the will to survive and the longing for death; 3 x 90 min.

"Escape of the Artful Dodger (Lost in Sydney)," series that takes over where the classic tale "Oliver Twist" ended in 1832; 13 x 25 min. or 4 x 74 min.

"The Kissinger File," documentary investigating Henry Kissinger's role in the assassination of Chile's Gen. Rene Schneider in 1970 and his involvement in the Vietnam War; 52 min.

"A Passionate Princess," the tragedy of a princess stifled by the morals of a hypocritical society; 2 x 90 min.

Gestmusic Endemol

C/Serrano 190 28002 Madrid, Spain (34-91) 561-3538 Fax: (34-91) 411-4141 Email: Web site: Booth: 1611 Attending: Isabel Raventos, managing director, intl.; Joan Ramon Mainat, creative director.


"Moros y Cristianos," primetime talkshow series; 13 x 90 min.

"Operation Triunfo," young singers are trained to become big stars in the music business, with a chance of representing Spain in the next Eurovision Song Contest; 13 x 90 min.

Global Media TV

1999 Ave. of the Stars Suite 1800 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 553-5870 Fax: (310) 553-5897 Email: Web site: In Las Vegas: 3000 Paradise Road, Las Vegas; phone 702-732-5111 Attending: Anthony J. Scotti, CEO; Catherine Malatesta, president; Joseph Scotti, president, North America; Gary Durtz, exec VP, development; Konstantin Thoeren, producer; Anthony D. Scotti, intl. production coordinator.


"Ed McBain's 87th Precinct," gritty crime thriller in which cops and criminals intermingle in a web of secrets, betrayal and intrigue; 26 x 60 min.

"Spartacus," epic miniseries depicting the true story of Spartacus, the barbarian who single-handedly challenged the might of the Roman empire; 4 x 60 min.

"Merlin," contemporary interpretation of life in the Dark Ages in England, centered on Merlin, who is not only a super magician, but also a warrior and a lover; 26 x 60 min.

"Marie Antoinette," story of the coming of age and death of the infamous Queen of France; 4 x 60 min.

Global Telemedia

1 Dock St., Suite 502 Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 359-6781 Fax: (203) 425-2140 Email: Booth: 3465; phone (888) 732-7117 Attending: Greg Kimmelman, president-CEO; Susan Mason, VP, operations.


"Hot Pops," Music. Performance footage on the hot new musical acts from around the world; 13 x 30 min.

"Bizarre Brits!!!," Docu. Weird rituals, pranks, games, crazy sports, from people and even animals from the U.K.; 6 x 30 min.

"Expreme Supreme," Sports. This series includes extreme sports, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, surfing, hanggliding, snowboarding and more; 13 x 30 min.

"Circus Around the World," Family. The best of the award-winning circus acts from all over the globe; 13 x 30 min.

Globo TV Intl.

R. Pacheco Leao, 256 Jd Botanico 22460-030 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (5521) 2512 2244 Fax: (5521) 2540 1319 Email: Booth: 2543 Attending: Ricardo Scalamandre, general director; Carlos Alberto Simonetti, intl. sales director; Marise Caetano, intl. sales manager; Raphael Correa, Renato Wilmersdorfe, intl. sales execs; Luiz Cherman, intl. marketing manager.


"Presencia de Anita -- The Presence of Anita," Miniseries. Shows the traps of what destiny can prepare and how a family can come apart because of a teenage girl; 16 x 45 min.

"Puerto de los Milagros -- Port of Miracles," Telenovela. Features the conflicted relationships between the rich and powerful people of the upper side and the fishermen from the lower town side; 190 x 45 min.

"Un Angel Cayo del Cielo-An Angel Fallen From the Sky," Comedy. Tells the story of an internationally famous photographer who suffers an attempted murder after taking a picture of a Nazi leader; 145 x 45 min.

"Brazilian Carnival 2002," Special. The largest party in the world.

Golden Network Asia Ltd.

Unit 1803A, Nanyang Plaza 57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong (852) 2751-1886 Fax: (852) 2750-4862 Email: Booth: 3857 Attending: Clarence Tang, head of sales & acquisitions; Tony Chan, marketing assistant.


"Tai Chi Master," Action Adventure. This story tells how a kung fu master was born in the Ching Dynasty; 4 x 90 min.

"Fighting for Globe," Puppet. Soccer and baseball game held in outer space; 17 x 60 min.

"Seafood," Drama. The film explores the irony of how a good deed is carried out by way of a criminal practice and death begets life.

"Chicken Rice War," Comedy. This is an intelligent riff on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," masterfully recast in a distinctively Singaporean context.

Granada Intl.

48 Leicester Square London WC2H 7FB, U.K. (44-20) 7491-1441 Fax: (44-20) 7493-7677 Email: Web site: In U.S: Granada Intl. (USA) 11812 San Vincente Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310) 689-4777 Fax: (310) 689-4789 In Las Vegas: Bellagio Hotel Attending: John Norman, VP, intl. sales, the Americas; Tania Ussher, sales exec, children & factual, the Americas.


"The Jury," controversial drama series centered around a shocking murder trial; 6 x 60 min.

"Night and Day," compelling mixture of romance, comedy and thriller; 240 x 21 min.

"24Seven," teen serial centered on nine young people who live at an ultraexclusive boarding school; 26 x 30 min.

GRB Entertainment

13400 Riverside Dr., Suite 300 Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (818) 728-7600 Fax: (818) 728-7676 Email: Booth: 3041 Attending: Gary R. Benz, president & CEO; Michael Branton, exec VP, creative affairs; Gavin Reardon, senior VP, intl. distribution; Carrie Lyons, VP, intl. distribution; Gary MacKinney, sales coordinator, intl. distribution; Kelly Raczkowski, servicing manager.


"Now See This," 26 x 30 min.

"Beyond Human Limits," 6 x 60 min.

"Jules Sylvester," 13 x 60 min.

"Stay Alive," 10 x 60 min.

Greenlight Intl.

Lorentzweg 46B 1221 EH Hilversum, The Netherlands (31-35) 642-0677 Fax: (31-35) 642-0668 Booth: 1543 Attending: Rick van den Heuvel, president & CEO; Lynn Chadwick, VP; Gabriela Olavarria, sales exec; Stefan Beiten, CEO, Greenlight Media; Nikolaus Well, COO, Greenlight Media; Heath Mclaughlin, president of U.S. operations.


"Funky Cops," animated series that brings the '70s back to life in an affectionate imitation of the cop shows of that decade; 26 x 24 min.

"Microphonies," animated series about the planet Rock, which lies at the center of the spinning universe of Disco-o and is the capital of the music industry Hitsville; 26 x 13 min.

"Going Going Gone -- Stories of Lost and Endangered Animals," series in which each episode features a different animal story, using a combination of televisual techniques; 13 x 5 min.

"Bob's Beach," Bob's a cool New York City dog who's chillin' on the idyllic Caribbean island of Irie and no matter how hard he tries to get home to the big city, something always persuades him to stay a little longer; 52 x 13 min.

Gullane Entertainment

67 Mowat Ave., Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 3E3 (416) 533-6767 Fax: (416) 533-2070 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: William Harris, CEO; Charles Falzon, president; David Snyder, senior VP, entertainment; Giannina Antola, VP, group head of distribution.


"Guinness World Records," Factual Entertainment. The source of amazing and incredible facts, combining family entertainment with record-breaking material.

"Ella," Children's Series. Follows the adventures of 4-year-old imaginative girl who turns ordinary objects into whatever she needs for her adventures; 12 min.

"Sprogs!," Children's Series. Focuses on twins as they try to make sense of their newborn little brother, giving comical insight into the obstacles that many children face as new additions are made to families; 30 min.

"Thomas & Friends," Children's Series.


Hallmark Entertainment

1325 Ave. of the Americas, 21st floor New York, NY 10019 (212) 977-9001 Fax: (212) 977-9049 Booth: 3331 Attending: Erik Pack, VP, intl. sales.


"King of Texas," Movie. A land baron of awesome authority is embroiled in a life-and-death struggle with the elements, family greed and the violent threat of war; 3 hrs.

"Mark Twain's Roughing It," Drama. American history comes to life as never before through the eyes of this great American humorist; 4 hrs.

"Johnson County War," Drama. Three brothers find themselves in the middle of a rapidly escalating range war; 4 hrs.

"Hans Christian Andersen: My Life as a Fairytale," Drama. Brings the truly incredible life and career of the world's most magical storyteller to light; 4 hrs.

Harmony Gold

7655 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 851-4900 Fax: (323) 851-5599 Email: Booth: 1924 Attending: Frank Agrama, chairman & CEO; Colleen Morris, president; Alan Letz, exec VP, business development; Melissa Wohl, VP, sales & acquisitions.


"Secrets of Nature," Nature Docu. Delves into the beauty of South Africa's national parks and witnesses first-hand the vibrant visual impact of this informative nature series; 26 x 30 min.

"Masters of War," Docu. Brings to life the amazing victories and agonizing defeats of the wartime commanders who fought in some of the greatest all-time battles; 13 x 60 min.

"Walking After Midnight," Reality. Delves into the realm of the paranormal and inexplicable, staggering events that have changed the lives of today's leading stars; 13 x 30 min.

"Robotech: The Series," Animated. Survival of the planet lies in the secrets of an ancient science that has created powerful robotic weapons systems and interstellar spacecraft; 85 x 30 min.

HDH Communications

Via Lusardi 7 Milan 20122, Italy (39-02) 5830-5949 Fax: (39-02) 5830-9965 Email: Booth: 3841 Attending: Francesco Robatto, president; Robi Colangelo, producer; Francesca Giavotto, Lucia Robatto, heads of intl. sales.


"John Paul II: The Autobiography," the pope tells his story in an unprecedented documentary; 60 min.

"Ferrrari: The Legend of the Prancing Horse," dive into the world of Ferrari and take the driver seat of the Granturismo and Supersport cars; 30 x 30 min.

"Overland" 1, 2 & 3, a European team of trekking experts embarks on an adventurous journey across the continents by truck; 2 x 60 min., 13 x 45 min. & 13 x 45 min.

"Pen, Ink & Beyond," 10 easy lessons to introduce you to the world of comic drawing; 10 x 30 min.


2601-A Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22201 (703) 243-3443 Fax: (703) 243-4023 Email: Booth: 4201; phone (703) 256-3111, fax (703) 243-4023 Attending: Steven Schupak, VP, strategic marketing & business development; Brian Kelly, general manager & exec producer; Meg Page, director, business development; Richard Lorber, distribution adviser.


"Secrets of Smugglers," Docu. A behind-the-scenes look at the sordid details of smuggling, smugglers, and their haunts; 60 min.

"K9 Challenge," Game. A competition designed to find the toughest, most versatile and most intelligent dog-human team on the planet; 3 x 60 min.

"Crude: Black Gold," Docu. A defining look at oil; 4 x 60 min.

"Anatomy of a Crash: A Forensic Look at Automobile Accidents," Reality. 1 x 60 min.

Hearst Entertainment

888 Seventh Ave. New York, NY 10019 (212) 455-4000 Fax: (212) 455-4310 Email: Booth: 3411 Attending: Bruce L. Paisner, president; William E. Miller, president, entertainment distribution; Stacey Valenza, senior VP, marketing services; Robert Corona, senior VP, domestic sales; Steve Weisner, VP, midwest sales; Peter Newgard, VP, western sales.


"The Bravest," Reality. A look at the men and women who work in the world's most dangerous profession of firefighting; 22 x 60 min.

"The Pet Shop With Marc Morrone," Lifestyle. Guides viewers through the fun and frenetic world of pets; 22 x 30 min.

"Famous Homes & Hideaways," Lifestyle. 24 x 30 min.

"Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls," Lifestyle. Helping real families tackle realistic do-it-yourself home-improvement projects; 24 x 30 min.

Hightime Films & TV

35 Gresse St., 1st Floor London W1T 1QY Email: Web site: In Las Vegas: Caesar's Palace Attending: Nick Witkowski, managing director; Simon Vaughan, director.


"Winnie the Bear," family adventure telling the enchanting true story of the world's most famous bear; 90 min.

"Duke Ellington," biopic telling the extraordinary moving story of the complex relationship between Duke Ellington and his creative collaborator, Billy Strayhorn; 90 min.

"Arthur C. Clarke's Odyssey," new series based on the ingenious and stimulating short stories from the universally applauded master of science fiction; 13 x 30 min.

"Vikings," true story of the Vikings epic voyage to become the first American settlers 1,000 years ago; 2 x 90 min.

HIT Entertainment

830 S. Greenville Ave. Allen, TX 75002 (972) 390-6000 Fax: (972) 390-6772 Email: Booth: 3331; phone (310) 863-8350 Attending: Daniel Tose, director, Latin American sales


"Pingu," Children's Animation. A loveable claymation penguin is sometimes clumsy, occassionally mischievous, but always good-hearted in this series of quirky shorts; 104 x 5 min.

"Oswald," Children's Animation. The adventures of a blue octopus focusing on the experiences and dilemmas that young children face; 26 x 30 min.

"Barney & Friends," Children's Live Action. 20 x 30 min.

"Angelina Ballerina, The Show Must Go On," Children's Animation. 1 x 48 min.


Igel Media Distribution

118-120 Great Titchfield St. London W1W 6SS, U.K. (44-20) 7307-1270 Fax: (44-20) 7636-0836 Email: Web site: Booth: 3225; phone (702) 943-3576 Attending: Stefan Draegert, CEO; Victoria Valius, VP, intl. sales; Tanya Peck, marketing manager.


"Cyclomania," two friends dream of winning the National Cycling Championships and train together until one of them pushes himself too hard and is forced to make a tough choice between life, ambition and loyalty to his friend; 90 min.

"Oggy and the Cockroaches," the ongoing feud between a good-natured cat, his cousin Jack and three unwelcome tenants -- the cockroaches; 52 x 30 min/156 x 7 min.

"Back to Sherwood," Robyn Hood, the 16-year-old descendant of Robin Hood and Maid Marion, must travel 800 years back in time to rescue her famous ancestors; 13 x 30 min.

"Kiss Me Frog," 15-year-old Anna accidentally releases a medieval prince from a 1,000 year curse that has held him prisoner as a frog; 90 min.


Unit 2303 HongMan Industrial Centre 2 Hong Man St., Chai Wan, Hong Kong (852) 2505-1328 Fax: (852) 2505-9638 Email: Booth: 3414 Attending: Francis Kao, chairman & CEO; Terry Tse, Hamid Ahmadi, exec directors; Derek Poon, marketing director.


"Zentrix," Animation. In a future world technology has gone mad and humans find themselves ruled by robots; 26 x 22 min.

Intl. Broadcast Communications

1744 N. Gardner St. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 365-1231 Fax: (323) 850-1948 Email: Booth: 3351;(323) 365-1231 Attending: Jon Helmrich, president.; Dorothy Crompton, head of acquisitions and development; Jeff Houser, head of intl. sales; Dan Hoskins, operations and administration


"CineNews," Movie news for movie lovers; an insider's guide to filmmaking and filmmakers; 52 x 30 min.

"Famous," An in-depth celebrity-profile series that explores the careers of superstars in their own words and in the words of their collaborators; 26 x 30 min.

"On the Set," An anecdotal and information-filled journey into Tinseltown from the perspective of the director's chair; 40 x 30 min.

Intl. Entertainment Enterprises

5481 Katherine Ave. Sherman Oaks, CA 91401 (818) 994-0801 Fax: (818) 787-5472 Email: josadelman@earthlink, net In Las Vegas: Treasure Island hotel Attending: Joseph Adelman, CEO.


"The Projectionist," Comedy. A movie theater projectionist bored with his everyday life fantasizes that he's one of the superheroes in the movies he shows; 86 min.

"Animaland," Children's Animation. 9 x 8 min.

"Interviews With My Lai Veterans," Docu. The story of the 1968 massacre of Vietnamese village My Lai as told by five of the soldiers involved in this horrific event; 1 x 22 min.

"Here Comes the Grump," Children's Animation. Featuring the mischievous Grump on his bumbling dragon as they chase Princess Dawn and her friend through fantastic towns in search of the magic key to dispel gloom; 34 x 10 min.


Via Eustachio Manfredi 15 00197 Rome, Italy (39-06) 807-7252 Fax: (39-06) 807-6156 Email: Web site: Booth: 4040 Attending: Paola Corvino, president.


Karma Production

66 rue du Nord BE-1000 Brussels, Belgium (32-2) 218-8690 Fax: (32-2) 218-8691 Email: Web site: Booth: 4046 Attending: Jean-Jacques Neira, manager.


"Ben Harper: Pleasure & Pain," the first and exclusive documentary on the famous rock star; 92 min.

"Iggy Pop Live at the Avenue B," the Raw Iguana live in Brussels with the Avenue B tour; 89 min.

"Susana Baca," documentary following the singer on her world tour; 52 min.

Keller Entertainment

14225 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (818) 981-4950 Fax: (818) 501-6224 Email: In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Max Keller, chairman; Micheline Keller, president; Jeannine Imperiale, VP, distribution.


"Tiffany Collection," Movie Collection. 6 x 120 min.

"Stranded," Action Adventure. A rock group and its entourage crash in a small chartered jet on a gorgeous South Seas deserted island and have to learn to live off the land; 22 x 60 min.

"Bali H.E.A.T.," Action Adventure. This counterterrorist organization relocates to Bali to combat injustice; 22 x 60 min.

"The Sam Hill Chronicles," Family. Follow Sam and his beautiful assistant as they investigate supernatural activity throughout the world; 22 x 60 min.

Keystone Entertainment

23410 Civic Center Way, Suite E9 Malibu, CA 90265 (310) 317-4883 Fax: (310) 317-4903 Email: Booth: 3040; phone (310) 505-1180. Attending: Monique White, VP, intl. sales.


"Dead Above Ground," Teen Thriller. A young man in a high school class directed a horror video instead of making a documentary assigned by his instructor and then goes nuts and threatens the lives of everybody; 90 min.

"MVP3," Family Comedy. Jack the chimp is bummed out after playing hockey and boards the wrong plane at the airport to find himself in Salt Lake City for an adventure of a lifetime; 90 min.

"Bird Brain," Family Comedy. George is the assistant coach of the high school football team and is a parrot; 90 min.

"AB5," Family Comedy. School is out for the summer, and for the teenagers, summer days are filled with oddball neighbors and volleyball camp; 90 min.

King World Prods.

10877 Wilshire Blvd., 9th floor Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 446-6000 Fax: (310) 446-6052 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Roger King, chairman & CEO; Robert Madden, exec VP, CBS Enterprises; Steve LoCascio, senior VP & CFO; J Stuart Stringfellow, president domestic TV sales; Joe DiSalva, senior VP & general sales manager; Steve Hirsch, president, King World Media sales.


"Dr. Phil," Talk Series. A popular psychologist, educator, consultant and bestselling author will showcase his no-nonsense approach to clarity and truth; 60 min.

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," Drama Series. A passionate team of forensic investigators in Las Vegas is trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence; 60 min.


5042 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 602 Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323) 766-0069 Fax: (323) 733-7718 Email: Booth: 3643 Attending: Robbie Mescudi, president & exec producer; Cooper Bates, director, development.


"Addicted to Murder," History Film. The story of Peter Kurten, a brilliant and insatiable serial killer who began his career of terror at the age of 10; 1 x 54 min.

"Murder Most Rare," History Crime. Examines the motives, victims and methods of the female serial killer; 1 x 52 min.

"Bones in the Basement," History Crime. This film will explore the consequences of body-snatching in turn-of-the-century medicine and the widespread practice of robbing the dead in the name of science; 1 x 54 min.

"Why They Kill," Crime. A question that has so stubbornly resisted explanation; 4 x 50 min.


Lakeshore International

5555 Melrose Avenue Gloria Swanson Bldg. 4th Floor Hollywood, CA 90038, USA (323) 956-4222 Fax: (323) 862-1456 Booth: 3040; (702)-943-5003, (702)-943-5004; fax (702) 943-5005 Attending: Julie McLaughlin, VP worldwide television sales; Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard, manager, international sales


"Purpose," drama. Cast: Mia Farrow, Paul Reiser, Jeffrey Donovan. John Elias, a brilliant Stanford University student who has developed a software program that will revolutionize the Internet, has to defend his company from a hostile takeover. Completed. 1 x 120 mins.

"Delivering Milo," comedy. Cast: Bridget Fonda, Albert Finney, Lesley Ann Warren. A comedy about Milo, a soul who is next in line to be born, but refuses to leave Heaven. A reluctant guardian angel assigned to Milo has only 24 hours to convince him that life on Earth is worth the effort. Completed

"Steal This Movie!" biopic. Cast: Vincent D'Onofrio, Janeane Garofalo, Kevin Pollak. The rise and fall of Abbie Hoffman and leads us through the maze of music, politics and personal struggle of the late 1960s and 1970s in America. Completed

"Animal Farm," political satire. Cast: Pete Postlethwaite, Alan Stanford. A new adaptation of George Orwell's savage political satire with special effects devised by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. Completed

Lantern Lane Entertainment

P.O. Box 8187 Calabasas, CA 91372-8187 (818) 222-2309 Fax: (818) 224-4028 Email: Attending: David Garber, president-CEO; Enid Garber, CFO; Cynthia Burnett; Rob Lynch.

Liberty Intl. Entertainment

1990 Westwood Blvd., Penthouse Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 474-4456 Fax: (310) 474-7455 Email: Booth: 3825; phone (702) 943-4222 Attending: Irv Holender, chairman; Randy Naft, president; Noel Gimbel, director.


"Today's Environment," Informational. A series on environmental issues and topics like recycling, pollution protection, work environments and others; 65 x 30 min.

"Today's Health," Informational. A full range of health and lifestyle issues; 65 x 30 min.

"Parenting and Beyond," Informational. 52 x 30 min.

"Frozen Stars," Drama. This story explores the lives of four young people struggling with emotional conflicts, family issues, personal identities, and the consequences of love and friendship; 93 min.

Lions Gate Entertainment

4553 Glencoe Ave., Suite 200 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 314-2000 Fax: (310) 314-9560 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Jon Feltheimer, CEO; John Dellaverson, exec VP; Ira Bernstein, president, Lions Gate TV worldwide distribution; Kevin Beggs, exec VP, series development; Jean Huang, VP, intl. sales; Doug Friedman, senior VP, worldwide TV marketing.


"Tracker," Series. An alien jailbreak results in a group of intergalactic felons wreaking havoc on Chicago and London; 22 x 60 min.

"No Boundaries," Reality. Contestants' leadership, navigational and teamwork skills are put to the ultimate test as they traverse an unforgiving wilderness; 13 x 60 min.

"Iron Chef USA," Reality. Frenetic culinary battles between the world's most talented chefs as they race against the clock to create outstanding original cuisine; 2 x 60 min.

"High Impact TV: The Fox 12," Reality. Provocative, globally appealing topics; 12 x 60 min.


Velazquez 12 - 70 28001 Madrid, Spain (34-91) 436-7400 Fax: (34-91) 435-5994 Web site: In U.K.: 19 Garrick St. Covent Garden London WC2E 9AX (44-20) 7845-7900 Fax: (44-20) 7845-7909 Booth: 1611 Attending: Marina Fuentes; Will Machin.


"His Master's Voice" (La Voz de su Amo), the bodyguard of a corrupt businessman is asked to look after his boss's teenage daughter, but before he knows it, they are involved in a passionate love affair; 113 min.

"Luna's Game" (Juego de Luna), a female professional card player's only goal in life is to take revenge on the man that took everything from her father at the poker table, including his life; 96 min.

"Gaudi Afternoon," an expat American living in Barcelona must resolve a family's deepest, darkest secrets in order to confront her past; 90 min.

"Girl From Rio," discovering your wife is sleeping with your boss can make a man do strange things, but for a samba-obsessed London clerk named Raymond, robbing a bank and boarding the first flight to Rio are just the beginning; 99 min.

London TV Service

21-25 St Anne's Court London W1F 0BJ, U.K. (44-20) 7494-8022 Fax: (44-20) 7494-8025 Email: Web site: Booth: 1637 Attending: Ron Blythe, head of programming, Infonation; John Ridley, general manager; Sally Brincklow, client services.


"Back to Babel," a look at how trade, culture, politics and technology are driving the tremendous rate of growth of the English-language worldwide; 4 x 50 min.

"The Edge" Series Two, science and technology series; 12 x 30 min.


Mainframe Entertainment

2025 W. Broadway, Suite 500 Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6J 1Z6 (604) 714-2600 Fax: (604) 714-2641 Email: Booth: 4039 Attending: Mark Fleischer, president; Dan Didio, senior VP, creative affairs.


"Betty Boop," Youth Animation. Features Betty on the road as the lead singer of a rock band; 13 x 30 min.

"Gatecrasher," Youth Animation. The story of Alec, college student who is half-human, half-alien and full time member of the split-second squad, a secret alien army that protects Earth from alien attacks; 13 x 30 min.

"Tony Hawk," Youth Animation. Based on professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and the essence of action sports; 26 x 30 min.

Mainline Releasing

1801 Ave. of the Stars, Suite 1035 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 286-1001 Fax: (310) 286-0530 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Marc Greenberg, Rich Goldberg, presidents; Tannaz Anisi, VP, intl. sales; Helen Lee Kin, director, intl. sales.


"Losing Grace," Drama. A reckless gamble tears a family's life apart, but after losing Grace, can faith bring them back together; 90 min.

"Angel Doll," Family. A timeless and moving tale about the greatest gift of all -- love; 90 min.

"Mockingbird Don't Sing," Drama. A little girl battles for her dignity as society analyzes and dissects her troubled past; 90 min.

"Young America Outdoors," Teen Adventure. Each episode explores different activities such as bang-gliding, snow boarding, parasailing and more; 66 x 30 min.

Mandarin Entertainment

Room 1801-2, Westlands Centre 20 Westlands Rd., Quarry Bay, Hong Kong (852) 2579-1718 Fax: (852) 2579-1712 Email: Attending: Charlie Wong, distribution & acquisition manager.

Marathon Intl.

74 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris, France (33-1) 53-10-91-00 Fax: (33-1) 43-25-04-66 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Olivier Bremond, CEO; Thorunn Anspach, managing manager; Emmanuelle Bouilhaguet, sales exec.


"Totally Spies," a look at what happens when three typical Beverly Hills girls get catapulted into the dangerous world of international espionage; 52 x 26 min.

"Martin Mystery," a group of friends learn to cope with the peculiarities of the supernatural, and also with the pressures of everyday high school life; 40 x 26 min.

"Flight 93, America's New Heroes," a tribute to the courageous men who fought against the hijackers on Sept. 11, causing the fourth detoured airplane to crash; 52 min.

"Technopolis," applied technology in today's urban world; 10 x 52 min.

Menthorn Intl.

43 Whitfield St. London W1T 4HA, U.K. (44-20) 7258-6834 Fax: (44-20) 7258-6889 Email: Web site: Booth: 1637 Attending: Mark Rowland, managing director; Anna Fuge, sales manager.


"Robot Wars and Robot Wars Extreme," robots, built by members of the public, battle against each other and the invincible house robots; 100 x 30 min. or 60 min.

"Masters of Combat," two opposing teams of experts pit their mental agility and physical skills over six rounds of intense and spectacular action; 60 min. format.

"Challenge," series that aims to turn dreams into reality; 60 min. format.

"Fear," six people who have never met are brought blindfolded to a mysterious location to determine if it is haunted and are given handheld cameras to film their own experiences; 60 min. format.

MGM Worldwide TV Group

2500 Broadway St. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 449-3000 Fax: (310) 449-3034 Email: In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Hank Cohen, president, TV entertainment; Jim Griffiths, president, worldwide TV distribution; Michael Daraio, VP, advertiser sales; Jim Packer, exec VP, TV sales, North America; Bruce Tuchman, exec VP, MGM Networks; Simon Sutton, senior VP, intl. pay & free TV.


"Hart's War," Drama. WW II drama finds an American soldier and law student defending a fellow soldier accused of killing one of their own.

"Crossing Jordan," Drama. A sexy and brilliant Boston medical examiner with a checkered career goes beyond the call of duty to solve crimes; 22 x 60 min.

"Stargate SG-1," Action Adventure. Follows the adventures of a top-secret Air Force team as it travels through space and battle evil to protect the Earth; 110 x 60 min.

"Outer Limits," Sci-Fi. 154 x 60 min.

Minotaur Intl.

160 Great Portland St. London W1W 5QA, U.K. (44-20) 7299-5000 Fax: (44-20) 7299-5777 Email: Booth: 1637 Attending: Sarah Tong, VP; Robyn Hurd, snr. sales exec; Andy Grant, sales exec.


"Ed Stone Is Dead," Ed Stone is young, streetwise, tough, charming, cute, funny and completely gorgeous, but there's a catch ... Ed Stone is dead! 13 x 30 min.

"The Strip," series following Melissa through the often-humorous trials and tribulations of her new career as the owner of a classy male strip club; 20 x 60 min.

"Tiny and Crew," Tiny, Dog, Arabella and friends, invite you to play and learn in their fun-filled "tiny" world; 40 x 15 min.

"Travel Sick," must-see viewing for all wannabe, curious travelers everywhere; 15 x 30 min.

M. & L. Banks

330 5th Ave., Room 304 New York, NY 10001 (212) 563-5944 Fax: (212) 563-5949 Email: Booth: 3644 Attending: Mitchell Banks, president.


"In Shifting Sands," Docu. Weapons inspectors in Iraq; 90 min.

"Aftermath," Docu. Worldwide search for mines; 60 min.

"The Second Front," Docu. Archival footage of heroic partisans fighting in WW II; 60 min.

Monarch Films

368 Danforth Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07305 (201) 451-3770 Fax: (201) 451-3877 Email: Booth: 3644; cell phone (201) 320-5493 Attending: Arthur Skopinsky, president.


"24 Hours From Ground Zero," An extra-ordinary inside look at the evolution of the World Trade Center horror; 1 x 48 min.

"Doctor's Diaries," Reality Series. Delves deep into the lives of the people who save lives in the trauma center and emergency room at a large urban hospital; 13 x 50 min.

"Nuclear 911," Explores the accidents, incidents and exercises in the secret world of nuclear weapons; 1 x 52 min.

"Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans," A look at the complex subject of Jewish efforts to fight back against the Nazis and their collaborators in Eastern Europe; 1 x 90 min.

Mondo TV

Via Giuseppe Gatti 8/A 00186 Rome, Italy (39-06) 86323293 Fax: (39-06) 86209836 Email: Web site:


"In the Name of Jesus," animated series on the history of Christianity; 26 x 30 min.

"St. Francis," series on the life and beliefs of the poor man of Assisi; 26 x 30 min.

"Spaghetti Family," the everyday life of a funny and chaotic family; 26 x 22 min.

"The Legend of Sleeping Beauty," animated series in post-production; 26 x 22 min.

Monster Dist.

47 Lower Leeson St. Dublin 2, Ireland (353-1) 2871167 Fax: (353-1) 2871180 Booth: 1936 Attending: Andrew Fitzpatrick, chairman; Deirdre Barry, president of sales & acquisitions.


"Bruce Lee -- A Warriors Journey," documentary chronicling Bruce Lee's life and career; 120 min. or 2 x 60 min.

"Bruce Lee: The Lost Interview," the only available Bruce Lee interview; 30 min.

"The Legend of Candy Cane," animation; 60 min.

"The Legend of the Three Trees," animation; 60 min.

Moonstone Entertainment

P.O. Box 7400 Studio City, CA 91614 (818) 985-3003 Fax: (818) 985-3009 Booth: 3040; (702) 943-5003, (702) 943-5004; fax (702) 943-5005 Attending: Ernst Stroh, CEO


"Hidden Agenda," Thriller. The FBI can't protect a witness and it's up to exagent Price and his own private witness protection program to take them on.

"Hollywood Palms," Comedy. A turbulent evening of romance, mayhem and outright confusion displayed by the tenants of a beaten-down Hollywood apartment complex comes to a rousing conclusion. "Dorian," Thriller. A modern-day update of the Oscar Wilde novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray."

Morgan Creek

4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 76 Burbank, CA 91522 (818) 954-4800 Fax: (818) 954-4990 Email: In Las Vegas:Paris Hotel; phone (702) 967-4401. Attending: Howard Kaplan, CFO; Jonathan Deckter, VP, intl.


"Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," Action. The infamous swashbuckler who was cloaked in obscurity, but set free a kingdom; 142 min.

"Ace Ventura," Comedy. He's the best there is for a pet detective; 90 min.

"Last of the Mohicans," Action. This epic adventure follows the life of Hawkeye during the tumultuous war between the English, the French and Indian tribes in 1757; 112 min.

M6 Droits Audiovisuels

89 avenue Charles de Gaulle 92575 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex, France (33-1) 41-92-68-66 Fax: (33-1) 41-92-68-69 Booth: 4065 Attending: Bernard Majani, director; Laetitia Gavoty, Caroline Mougey, sales execs.


"The Lucas' Children," when her parents leave home, 15-year-old Amandine has to raise her sisters and brothers, while continuing her studies; 90 min.

"High School Blues," series about life in a high school, following the adventures of four teachers, a nurse, a headmaster and their students as they face up to their daily problems; 18 x 52 min.

"Celestin," animated series featuring the guardian angel of 5-year-old Lucas and his friends, who is always there to pull them out of trouble; 50 x 2 min & 104 x 3 min.

"Rendez-Vous," a look at the lives of modern women; 6 x 90 min. TV movies.

MTV Intl.

Vermundsgade 40 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark (45) 39169900 Fax: (45) 39169999 Email: Web site: Booth: 3217 Attending: Jacob Houlind, director of sales & legal affairs; Carina Simons, sales exec.


"," series in which Net romances meet in real life for the first time; 25/90 min. format.

"Super Sellers," salesmen go head to head to win a large money prize; 25 min. format.

"Tax Free Saturday," game show in which the winner can win up to one year of not paying taxes; 25/50 min. format.

"Funny Home Video Clips," more than 3,200 fresh and funny clips from Scandinavia.

MTV Networks Intl.

1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036 (212) 846-4575 Fax: (212) 846-7938 Booth: 4225 Attending: Kathleen Hricik, exec VP, intl. program enterprises; Debbie Back, VP, intl. program enterprises; Steve Patscheck, Nicolas Bonard, directors, intl. program enterprises; Laura Burrell, sales manager, intl. program enterprises.


"The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius," Animation. 13 x 30 min.

"Dora the Explorer," Animation. 52 x 30 min.

"Becoming," Live Action Music. The adventure begins when MTV surprises the fans and whisks them away in a stretch limousine and completely transforms them into their musical idols; 15 x 30 min.

"Evolution: Madonna," Live Action Music. This film brings the pop icon's unknown past to life, plus interviews with people who played integral roles in her development; 1 x 60 min.

Multimedia Group of Canada

261 du St. Sacrement St. Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2Y 3V2 (514) 844-3636 Fax: (514) 844-4990 Email: Booth: 4025 Attending: Sari Buksner, senior VP, intl. sales & development; Roselyne Brouillet, intl. sales exec, documentaries & science.


"Only Joking," Reality. The ultimate package of comedy clips in which hidden cameras catch life's most hilarious moments; 465 x 1.5 min.

"My Messy Bedroom," Docu. A unique rendezvous about sex and relationships among three girls and their friends who drop in; 26 x 30 min.

"Real Families," Docu. Peer into the emotional private lives of real families from all walks of life who share the realities of raising children; 52 x 30 min.

"Balltown," Children's Animation. A fun place where everyone is a ball and all the balls "have a ball" while learning universal values and important life skills; 26 x 5 min.

Myriad Pictures

421 S. Beverly Drive, 5th floor Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 789-4500 Fax: (310) 789-4545 Booth: 1637 Attending: Kirk D'Amico, Philip von Alvenslebe, co-presidents; Eric Christenson, exec VP, sales & distribution; Tony Lytle, senior VP, TV; Sandra Keser, senior VP, intl. TV distribution.


"Winning London," Teen Adventure. Let Mary-Kate and Ashley show you the royal treatment as they take on the world; 90 min.

"Goldwyn: The Man and his Movies," Docu. The fascinating life of pioneering movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn; 117 min.

"Hildegarde," Family. When three children's beloved pet duck is ab-duck-ted by bird smugglers, the kids hit the road in pursuit; 120 min

"Our Lips Are Sealed," Teen Adventure. Join Mary-Kate and Ashley as they hang-10 with the cutest surfers and coolest spies in an Aussie outback adventure; 90 min.


NBC Enterprises

3500 W. Olive St., 15th Floor Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 526-6900 Fax: (818) 526-6912 In Las Vegas: The Venetian, Suite 34206 Attending: Scott Sassa, president, NBC west coast; Ed Wilson, president; Jon Hookstratten, executive VP administration & operations; Jerry Petry, executive VP; Barry Wallach, executive VP; Linda Finnell, senior VP programming


"Weakest Link," gameshow. Host: George Gray.

"John Walsh," talk show.

"B.A.I.T.," action.


Unit 2 Royalty Studios 105 Lancaster Road London W11 1QF, U.K. (44-20) 7243-3646 Fax: (44-20) 7243-3656 Email: Web site: Booth: 1637 Attending: Nicky Davies Williams, managing director; Andrew Winter, sales & general manager.


"London Gangsters--The Notorious Kray Twins," documentary on what life was like during the mob rule of the Krays; 60 min.

"Oasis -- 10 Years of Noise and Confusion," concert to celebrate the rock & roll band's 10th anniversary celebration; 60 min. or 90 min.

"Bravo Profiles," collection of profiles on famous Hollywood actors, designers and performers; 10 x 50 min.

NBP Intl.

Rue Jose Falcao 57, 3o Dto 1000-184 Lisbon, Portugal (351-21) 319-3794 Fax: (351-21) 319-3799 Email: Web site: In Las Vegas: Las Vegas Hilton Attending: Rosa Lousa, marketing manager.


"Daughter of the Sea," drama, 150 x 50 min.

"Enchanting Waters," drama, 150 x 50 min.

"Eyes of Water," drama, 190 x 50 min.

"The Secret," TV movie, 90 min.


64 Jefferson Ave., Unit 2 Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3H3 Canada (416) 588-6671 Fax: (416) 588-9341 Web site: Booth: 3025 Attending: Michael Hirsch, co-CEO; Toper Taylor, president; David Kincaid, chief merchandising officer; Andrea Bergstein, VP brand marketing; Sid Kauffman, executive VP worldwide licensing; Emmanuele Petty, VP Europe


"Beyblade," animated. A boy learns to harness the power of his ancestors to perfect his technique in the sport of Beyblade. 51 x 30 mins.

"The Berenstain Bears," animated. Adapted from the books, series centers on the funny, touching and familiar experiences of the Bear family. 40 x 11 mins.

"Jerolemon Street Players," animated sitcom. Harry is 13 and starring in a series about his new life at the high profile Jerolemon Street Middle School. 14 x 30 mins.

"Sausage Factory," comedy. An original Canadian-produced high school teen comedy scheduled to air on MTV next year. 13 x 30 mins.

New City Releasing

20700 Ventura Blvd., Suite 350 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (818) 348-2500 Fax: (818) 348-3022 Email: Booth: 3854 Attending: David Bursteen, VP.


"The Man From Elysian Fields," Drama. A happily marrried yet unsuccessful writer joins an escort service to make quick money; 105 min.

"Tempted," Thriller. A wealthy businessman hires a young man to seduce his wife to test her love for him; 91 min.

"Donnie Darko," Dark Drama. A disturbed adolescent from a semifunctional upper-middle-class family, hears the voice of a six-foot bunny and is led to create havoc that is both destructive and creative; 113 min.

"Green Dragon," Drama. This is the story of refugee camps that were set up across the deserts of the U.S. to house an exodus of 100,000 Vietnamese emigrants after the fall of Saigon in 1975; 112 min.

New Dominion

1000 Film Way Suffolk, VA 23434 (757) 923-1300 Fax: (757) 923-1340 Email: Booth: 3404; phone (702) 943-3732 Attending: Tom Naughton, president; Nicolas Valcour, VP; Kristen Eppley, head of intl. sales & distribution; Chris Zarpas, producer.


"Special Forces: Untold Stories," Docu. 4 x 60 min.

"The FBI Files," Docu. 67 x 60 min.

"The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice," Docu. 31 x 60 min.

"Navy SEALs: Untold Stories," Docudrama. 7 x 60 min.

New Line TV

888 Seventh Ave. New York, NY 10106 (212) 649-4900 Fax: (212) 649-4966 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Jim Rosenthal, president; David Spiegelman, senior exec VP, domestic TV distribution & marketing; Vicky Gregorian, senior VP, national sales manager; Robin Seidner, VP, national TV promotions & marketing; Mike Murashki, VP, West Coast region; Lehel Reeves, sales exec, northeast region.


"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World," Action Adventure. Follows a band of mismatched explorers as they encounter lost civilizations and exotic creatures; 44 x 60 min.

"New Line 10," Movie Package. 13 x 120 min.

"Thirteen Thrillers," Movie Package. 13 x 120 min.

"New Line 9," Movie Package. 15 x 120 min.

NOS Sales

P.O. Box 26444 1202 JJ Hilversum, The Netherlands (31-35) 6773561 Fax: (31-35) 6775318 Email: Web site: Booth: 1632 Attending: Kaisa Kriek, sales manager.


"The New World," contemporary documentary series about society, politics, media, economics, culture, art and science.

"Clean and Dream," documentary chronicling the dreams of five cleaners working at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport; 50 min.

"Northern Lights," documentary series on important scientific topics.

"North Korea," documentary on a country that's incomparable to any other society in the world; 32 min. or 50 min.

Nu Image/ Millennium Films

6423 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 (310) 388-6900 Fax: (310) 388-6901 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Danny Dimbort, co-chairman & CEO; Carole DeLosSantos, VP, intl.


"Derailed," Action. A secret agent is hired to escort a Russian spy with top-secret information from Eastern Europe to Paris.

"Hard Cash," Action. An infamous thief and his new crew pull off a brilliant robbery but soon discover the money was marked.

"Undisputed," Action. A story about a world heavyweight champion who is incarcerated in a maximum-secuirty prison and goes head to head with the other inmates.

"The Grey Zone," Drama. This is the story about special squads of Jewish prisoners placed by the Nazis in the extermination process before being put to death themselves.


Oasis Intl.

6 Pardee Ave., Suite 104 Toronto, Canada M6K 3H5 (416) 588-6821 Fax: (416) 588-7276 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Peter Emerson, president; Valerie Cabrera, exec VP; Steve Murphy, VP, sales; Brian Barrett, VP, finance & operations; Prentiss Holman, sales exec.


"Screech Owls," Live Action Kids Series. 39 x 30 min.

"Tom Stone," An excon with a past has been hired by a secret police unit to go where the police won't to root out crime; 26 x 60 min.

"Hollywood Raw," The ultimate unauthorized and uncensored documentaries of Hollywood's hottest stars; 13 x 30 min.

"Killing Spring," Drama. A former cop-turned-crime reporter is drawn into an investigation immersed in a world of kinky sex, academic competitiveness and ruthless ambition; 90 min.


Wurzburggasse 30 A-1136 Vienna, Austria (43-1) 87878-14515 Fax: (43-1) 87878-12757 Email: Web site: In Las Vegas: Mirage Hotel Attending: Dr. Elfriede Hufnagl, head of sales & purchasing; August Rinner, head of film and series; Werner Taibon, head of program planning; Dr. Andrea Bogad, head of fictional series & TV movies.


"Salt -- Tears of the Earth," documentary on the mining of the white gold in the great salt-mining areas of the world; 50 min.

"Jesus in Tarragona," a look at Tarragona in the Spanish province of Catalonia, which every year features a 450-year-old tradition -- one of the country's most famous Good Friday processions; 25 min.

"Edelweiss -- An Austrian Family Affair," the Dorfmeisters manage to suppress their dark past as Nazis until their daughter introduces her new boyfriend, who is Jewish; 90 min. TV movie.

"Orth Castle Hotel," series centered on a hotel on a picturesque little island not far from the city of Gmunden on the banks of Lake Traun; 2 x 90 min. & 97 x 45 min.

Ozark Motion Media

3804 Kelley Ave. Springdale, AR 72762 (501) 751-6631 Fax: (501) 756-8636 Booth: 4050 Attending: Bill McFetridge, president.


"Life of Riley," Music Sitcom. Based on the story of Joey Riley, a former firefighter who was recently named Branson's Comedian of the Year; 30 min.



4000 Warner Blvd. Bldg. 148, Room 201 Burbank, CA 91522 (818) 954-5549 Fax: (818) 954-7713 In Las Vegas: Mandalay Bay Hotel; cell phone (213) 509-7308 Attending: Shebnem Askin, senior VP, worldwide sales.

Paramount Domestic TV

5555 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038 (323) 956-5000 Fax: (323) 862-3938 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: John Wentworth, exec VP, marketing, network programming & TV group media relations, Paramount TV Group; Joel Berman, president; Greg Meidel, president, programming; John Nogawski, president, distribution; Mark Dvornik, exec VP, general sales manager; Dennis Emerson, senior VP, off-net sales manager.


"Entertainment Tonight/Entertainment Tonight 60," weekday x 30 min.

"Judge Judy," weekday x 30 min.

"The Montel Williams Show," weekday x 60 min.

"Becker," weekday x 30 min.

Paramount Intl. TV

5555 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90038 (323) 956-5000 Fax: (323) 862-3938 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Gary Marenzi, president; Joseph Lucas, exec VP, sales & marketing; Susan Akens, senior VP, business affairs; James Hurlock, senior VP, sales; Isis Moussa, VP, marketing; Chris Ottinger, VP, business development.


"First Monday," Drama. The inner workings of one of the world's most powerful and least understood institutions, the U.S. Supreme Court; 12 x 60 min.

"Andy Richter Controls the Universe," Comedy. Comedian Andy Richter portrays an aspiring writer who escapes the mundane predictability of his existence by fantasizing what might happen if he could control the outcome of any situation; 10 x 30 min.

"Dead Zone," Drama. The story of a small-town school teacher who after awakening from a lengthy coma discovers that every time someone touches him he sees graphic visions involving the person's fate; 22 x 60 min.

"Baby Bob," Comedy. A 6-month-old baby has the mind of an adult and a mouth to match, and wreaks hilarious havoc on his family, their friends and an entire town with his wisecracking antics; 6 x 30 min.

Pathe Intl.

10 rue Lincoln 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 40-76-91-69 Fax: (33-1) 40-76-91-94 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Christine Hayet, director of sales; Mayalan de Croisoeuil, sales assistant.


"Masters of Fire" (Les Maitres du Feu), documentary that attempts to evoke something of the power and wonder experienced by that ancient ancestor who first rubbed two stones together and created fire; 52 min.

"Cuisine TV Programs," lively display of picturesque and tempting recipes, featuring the best France has to offer; 13 x 26 min.


Rauchstrasse 9-11 81679 Munich, Germany (49-89) 982470830 Fax: (49-89) 982470811 Email: Web site: Booth: 3411 Attending: Michael Knobloch, managing director; Joris Eckelkamp, intl. sales.


"Corto Maltese," miniseries concerning an existentialist adventurer, sea captain and romantic hero and his epic adventures on the high seas before WW1; 2 x 90 min.

"Giacomo C.," our hero uncovers spies, intrigue and crime amid the glitter and decadence of 18th-century Venice; 2 x 120 min.

"House of Luk," feature about a Chinese restaurant whose venerable owner, along with the food, serves up a healthy portion of wisdom and hope; 99 min.

"Sound on Film," four great directors and composers met in an extraordinary celebration of image and sound; 60 min. or 4 x 15 min.

Pilot Film & TV

The Old Studio 18 Middle Row London W10 5AT, U.K. (44-20) 8960-2771 Fax: (44-20) 8960-2721 Email: Web site: Attending: Lucy Jones, sales exec; Ian Cross, exec producer.

Planet Pictures

4764 Park Granada, Suite 208 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 222-9000 Fax: (818) 222-4370 Email: Booth: 1601 Attending: Jim Hayden, president; Jennifer Hayden, managing director; Peter Torvik, business affairs; Hiroko Tomono, client services.


"Spafinders," Travel. This series showcases healthful living, exotic travel and challenging adventures; 39 x 30 min.

"Behind the Big Camera," Docu. This is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Imax films; 6-12 x 30 min.

"Business World News," Current Affairs. Provides an in-depth look at innovative and successful companies and the people that made them that way; 26 x 30 min.

"Technology World," Current Affairs. Stories from around the globe about how new science and technology is promising us a better world; 26 x 30 min.


11777 Mississippi Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 477-8400 Fax: (310) 477-5555 Booth: 3471 Attending: Bruce Johnson, president-CEO; William Baumann, exec VP, COO & CFO; Michael Jacobs, senior VP, worldwide sales; Stephanie Slack, Adam Wright, VPs, worldwide sales; Zac Reeder, head of acquisitions.


"Trapped," Action Adventure. A man tries desperately to save his wife and daughter from a massive avalanche that buried them in a ski resort.

"All You Need," A young woman finds everyone in her family becoming dysfunctional and realizes the only person you spend your whole life with is yourself.

"Role of a Lifetime," Romantic Comedy. A movie actor who is presumed dead returns to Hollywood to make his big comeback and lands a role playing himself.

"Diary of a City Priest," Drama. An inside look at the emotional and spiritual struggles and joys of an extraordinary priest called to serve in one of Philadelphia's toughest neighborhoods

Portfolio Entertainment

110 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 602 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4P 2Y1 (416) 483-9773 Fax: (416) 483-6537 Email: Booth: Canada Umbrella Stand Attending: Lisa Olfman, Joy Rosen, president & founder; Marina Cordoni, senior VP, distribution.


"RoboRoach," Animation. Scientists are turning ordinary roaches into miniature slaves by implanting them with computer equipment and controlling their every move; 26 x 30 min.

"Klootz," Animation. Join these boy blunders for nonstop comic antics; 210 x 90 sec.

"Benjamin's Farm," Children's. A series of educational interstitials for preschoolers, a farm-boy invites his audience into a world of cows and apples; 30 x 5 min.

"Pet Project," Lifestyle. Unleashes an off-beat approach to unusually talented pets and their owners; 78 x 30 min.

PowerSports PowerDocs

18226 Ventura Blvd., Suite 102 Tarzana, CA 91356 (818) 798-9995 Fax: (818) 708-0598 Booth: 3346 Attending: William McAbian, president; Tal Dean McAbian, exec VP; Aaron Weinstein, senior VP, production & marketing; Micky McAbian, VP, business affairs; Christine Norton, intl. sales; Alex Madjidian, sales & contract coordinator.


"Bugvaders," Children's Animation. Titanic predatory insects are colonizing the galaxy and our fate lies in the hands of four teenagers.

"Bagees," Preschool Animation. Life for the Bagees at a hotel is full of adventure, gossip, and made and broken friendships; 26 x 10 min.

"Nostradamus - Beyond the Prophecies," Docu. Examines past and future predictions through the world's foremost expert, John Hughes; 52 min.

"Clear & Present Danger: The Evolution of Modern Terrorism," Docu. A look at the evolution of modern terrorism, how its role, missions and operatives have changed, and what drives terrorists to make what they deem as the ultimate sacrifice; 52 min.

Promark Entertainment Group

3599 Cahuenga Blvd. W., 3rd floor Los Angeles, CA 90068 (323) 878-0404 Fax: (323) 878-0486 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Jonathan Kramer, president; Annouchka Lesoeur, director of intl. sales; Dorothy Crompton, VP, nonfiction acquisitions & sales.


"Expose," Nonfiction. A collection of programs featuring compelling fact-based subjects; 70 x 60 min.

"Federal Protection," Action. Frank wouldn't give up his chop shop business to a Chicago mobster and was shot, however, the federal protection program picked him up and gave him a second chance.

"Black Point," Action. A reclusive ex-Navy officer befriends a woman and tries to save her from an abusive relationship with her gangster lover.

"The Shipment," Action. Three New York gangsters attempting to smuggle bootleg Viagra inside cattle find themselves in a mess when the cows accidently end up in a small Texas town.



Avenida de las America No. 65-82 Bogota, Colombia, South America (571) 426-9292 Fax: (571) 426-9309 Email: Booth: 1619 Attending: Gabriel Reyes, president; Luis Calle, programming VP; Maria Lucia Hernandez, director, intl. sales; Ingrid Wobst, marketing manager; Ricardo Cruz, programming assistant.


"Eco Moda," Drama. 52 x 60 min.

"El Inutil," Telenovela. A drama of a young fellow who dislikes work and any kind of responsibility and the only thing he likes to do in life is dance; 150 x 60 min.

"Pobre Pablo," Telenovela. A young bodyguard pretends to be his wealthy employer when he meets a young and beautiful rich girl; 160 x 60 min.

RDF Intl.

49 Princes Place Holland Park London W11 4QA, U.K. (44-20) 7908-1200 Fax: (44-20) 7908-1300 mail: Web site: Booth: 1637 Attending: David Frank, managing director; Stephen Lambert, director of programming; Anne-Marie Pardoe, head of sales; Julie Norman, snr. sales exec; Danielle O'Shea, sales exec.


"Scrapheap Challenge (aka Junkyard Wars)," teams have just one day to build incredible machines using only materials they find on the scrapheap; 36 x 52 min.

"Perfect Match" dating show where the families and friends choose the partners! 4 x 50 min.

"Faking it," series in which people from one background are trained, given a total makeover and then passed off in completely new surroundings; 9 x 50 min.

"Clips," over 2,000 "caught on camera" clips.

Regent Entertainment

1401 Ocean Ave., Suite 300 Santa Monica, CA 90410 (310) 260-3333 Fax: (310) 260-3343 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Gene L. George, president; Meggan Kimberley, senior VP sales


"Deep Freeze," set in the Arctic, an expedition team unearths a disaster of global proportions when they discover a deadly creature that threatens the lives of the team and the world. 1 x 93 mins.

"Gen-Y Cops," an American FBI agent (Paul Rudd) and a team of young hip cops in Hong Kong are assigned to protect a robot from a team of high-tech criminals. 1 x 90 mins.

"A Woman's A Helluva Thing," the ultimate macho-man (Angus McFayden) returns home upon the death of his estranged mother and gets the shock of his life: his long-lost love (Penelope Ann Miller) has inherited his vast ranch-estate because she had become his mother's lover. 1 x 110 mins.

"The Annihilation of Fish," a proud and proper Jamaican nicknamed "Fish" (James Earl Jones) wrestles with an imaginary demon. 1 x 90 mins.

RGH/Lions Share Pictures

8831 Sunset Blvd., Suite 300 West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 652-2893 Fax: (310) 652-6237 Email: Booth: 36581; phone (818) 621-0419 Attending: Eric Louzil, Billy Blake, co-CEO's; MyungHoon Hong, president intl. sales & business development; Gloria Morrison, VP, development exec producer; Travis King, sales manager; John Howard, head of press relations.


"Maniacts," Action Drama. Two serial killers meet and fall in love in an insane asylum; 1 x 90 min.

"Blackwoods," Psychological Thriller. Matt's on a journey into his conscience, fed by images from when he bounced a woman he would never know off his car windshield; 1 x 90 min.

"I Love You Too," Drama. A naive young man studying to become a lawyer meets a wild, uninhibited femme who opens his world up; 1 x 90 min.

"Missing Link," Family. A film about an inquisitive young boy who takes a big step toward growing up; 1 x 90 min.

Reality TV

21 W. 21st St., Suite 201 New York, NY 10011-7157 (212) 727-4320 Fax: (917) 744-2749 Email: Booth: 1002 Attending: Jason Clendenin, CEO; Marshall Hennington, VP; Jack Jones, business consultant; Marcus Green, production manager; Lisa Curry, development; Julie Jones, coordinator.


"Celebrities on Trial," Realtiy. 6 x 30 min.

"The Experts," Reality. A show about a covert department in the government that comprises a panel of experts in the field of law enforcement; 6 x 30 min.

"Urban Industry TV," News Magazine. This show chronicles the evolution and viability of this powerful and diverse market and its impact on popular culture; 6 x 30 min.

"One in a Million," Gameshow. Three contestants have to crack the combination of a vault by answering seven questions in three categories; 6 x 30 min.

Rive Gauche Intl. TV

15442 Ventura Blvd., Suite 101 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 (818) 784-9912 Fax: (818) 784-9916 Email: In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel, Suite 3102 Attending: Ron Glazer, president; Stephane Soubiran, exec VP; Christiane Nicolini-Glazer, VP; Sharon Beverly, office manager.


"Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed," Reality Based. 1 x 60 min.

"Amazing Animal Videos," Reality Based. 30 x 30 min.

"Glutton Bowl I: The Worlds Biggest Eating Contest," Reality Based. 1 x 120 min.

Roissy Films

58 rue Pierre Charron 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 53-53-50-50 Fax: (33-1) 42-89-26-93 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Raphael Berdugo, chairman & CEO; Marie-Anne Pujol, sales manager; Loll Geneste, Fanny Burdino, sales assistants.


"Male/Female," series of made-for-TV features dealing with the various aspects of relationships between men and women today; 10 x 90 min.

"The Three Musketeers," the first screen version of Alexandre Dumas' classic adventure, shot in 1921; 14 x 26 min.

"The Captain's Daughter," epic story of adventure and romance based upon Alexander Pushkin's novel; 115 min.

"Kennedy and I," Simon decides he will somehow get through his midlife crisis in his own humorous way - no matter how crazy that might seem to those around him; 90 min.

RTBF (Radio-Television Beige)

52 Boulevard Reyers 1044 Brussels, Belgium (32-2) 737-2111 Fax: (32-2) 737-4357 Email: Web site: Booth: 4046 Attending: Victoria Metzger, head of sales; Ives Swennen, head of commercial affairs & co-productions.


"Blues Road Movie," road movie in search of the roots of the blues; 52 min.

"Star Chasers," two married astronomers, one based in Hawaii, the other in Chile, share their love of the sky over the Internet or by telephone only to get together for a few days before each of them returns to their window on the universe; 52 min.

"The Outrageous Mr. Rops," documentary on painter Felicien Rops; 56 min.

"Kongomani," documentary on war photographer Marc Hoogsteyns; 52 min.

RTV Intl.

Mohlstrasse 23 81675 Munich, Germany (49-89) 99-72-71-0 Fax: (49-89) 99-72-71-90 Email: Web site: Booth: 3811 Attending: Peter Hille, CEO; Oliver Kreuter, head of global distribution.


"Wilf," children's animated series featuring an irresistible dog, who has a never-ending flow of bright ideas; 26 x 12 min.

"The Gnarfs," the inhabitants of the planet Moppa are confronted by two robots who end up on their planet after being discarded as space trash; 26 x 12 min./13 x 24 min.

"RoboRoach," a cockroach named Rube was about to become a computerized slave until his big brother Reg saved him from the lab; 26 x 24 min.

"Moorhuhn," animated adventures of a curious creature; 26 min.


Salsa Entertainment

2828 Coral Way Suite 306 Miami, FL 33145 Email: Web site: Booth: 2231; phone (702) 943-3595 Attending: Lisa Hryniewicz, president; Jerry Diaz, VP, intl. sales; Morgann Favennec, managing director; Luis Sourdis, sales & operations manager; David Brower, VP, marketing; Cathy Leclere, marketing manager.


"Pongwiffy," animated sitcom featuring quirky witches, snooty wizards and a gaggle of stupid goblins!

"Cramp Twins," the animated adventures of Wayne and Lucien Cramp - 10-year-old twins who are not at all alike; 26 x 26 min.

"Da Mob," story of three youngsters who are convinced of their greatness and desperate to become a successful hip-hop/beat box band; 26 x 22 min.

"Generation O!" animated series featuring the only international rock sensation fronted by an 8-year-old girl; 13 x 26 min.

Sandy Frank Entertainment

954 Lexington Ave., Suite 255 New York, NY 10021 (212) 772-1889 Fax: (212) 772-2297 Booth: 2635 Attending: Sandy Frank, chairman; J. Phillip Oldham, exec VP, marketing & sales; Maury Shields, senior VP, administration; Sandi Spidell, VP, operations; Rosalie Perrone, VP, controller; Barbara Kalininska, Eastern European sales consultant.


"Name That Video," This series combines the proven success of the worlds most famous music gameshow, "Name That Tune," with today's musicvideo culture.

"Incredible World," A catalog of over 1,400 two-five-minute reality stories.

"Battle of the Planets," Space Adventure. Five teenagers transform into superheroes to protect the Earth from invaders and their mechanical monsters; 85 x 30 min.

"Name That Tune," Gameshow.

Screen Media Ventures

757 Third Ave., 2nd floor New York, NY 10017 (212) 308-1790 Fax: (212) 308-1791 Booth: 3009 Attending: Joseph Kovacs, president; Steve Nurkin, exec VP; Almira Malyshev, VP, intl. sales; Todd Jackson, VP, sales; Michael Dwyer, director, intl. sales; Donna Tracey, director, operations.


"The Body," Behind a simple hardware store, an archaeologist discovers an ancient skeleton; 109 min.

"Love and Sex," A pretty young journalist meets a man she believes is the one, but he has one flaw, fear of commitment; 82 min.

"4 Days," A boy, left alone holding more than $100,000 in stolen cash from his father's bank robbery, is picked up by an older woman and they find themselves pursued by the vengeful partner of his father; 92 min.

"Automatic," In 2033, a man-machine security guard has been invented and just before announcing its great achievement, the director of marketing is killed by a prototype; 90 min

September Intl.

Glen House 22 Glenthorne Road, 3rd floor London W6 0NG, U.K. (44-20) 8563-9393 Fax: (44-20) 8741-7214 Email: Web site: Booth: 1637 Attending: David Green, CEO; Sally Miles; managing director; Alessio di Capua, sales & marketing director; Sam Brick, director of programs.


"Hollywood Religions," serious and entertaining exploration of the tensions between trendy religions and Hollywood; 2 x 60 min.

"L.A. Vice," documentary series exploring the seedy underbelly of the Hollywood dream, through the eyes of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept.; 8 x 60 min.

"Hollywood Star Treatment," series that brings the pages of fashion and celebrity magazines vividly to life; 20 x 30 min.

"Las Vegas Confidential," series in which every aspect of Vegas life is uncovered; 6 x 60 min.

Sesame Workshop

One Lincoln Plaza New York, NY 20023 (212) 595-3456 Fax: (212) 875-6108 Booth: 3211 Attending: Martha Van Gelder, group VP, products & intl. TV distribution; Jennifer Chrein, VP, global TV distribution; Renee Mascar, associate VP, intl. TV distribution; Kerry Novick, director, intl. TV distribution, Asia/Americas; Nancy Steingard, senior VP, creative development; Kurt Mueller, Karen Fowler, directors of creative development.


"Sesame Street Family Specials," Children's. 13 x 30 min.

"Sagwa, The Siamese Chinese Cat," Children's. A spirited and curious kitten sets out to find her own place in the enchanting world of ancient China; 40 x 30 min. or 80 x 12 min.

"Tiny Planets," Children's. Introduces children to the world of science; 65 x 5 min.

"Dragon Tales," Children's. Animated fantasy adventure encourages children to pursue challenging experiences and to help them understand that trying and not fully succeeding is a natural part of growing up; 65 x 22 min. or 130 x 11 min.


Warner Center 21800 Oxnard St., Suite 150 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 715-7005 Fax: (818) 715-7009 Booth: 3040 Attending: David Jackson, president; Shauna Shapiro Jackson, exec VP; Renae Black, VP, U.S. sales & intl. distribution; Cara Shapiro, director of acquisitions.


"Shattered Lies," Action Thriller. A private detective, a young woman, bank robbers and crooked cops embark on an explosive chase for a piece of paper that will lead them to $3 million.

"In the Shadow of the Cobra," Action Thriller. One woman embarks on the chase of her life in the pursuit of a rare and ancient artifact that caused the death of her archaeologist husband.

"Judgment," Thriller. The entire Earth is under the reign of one government and a group of believers faces extreme danger as it tries to stand up to the sinister regime.

"Portrait of a Vampire," Action Horror. A former mercenary learns that his former ally has become a vampire and now he must stop him even if it means killing his best friend.

Skryptonite Ltd.

3521 Alginet Drive Encino, CA 91436 (818) 990-8461 Fax: (818) 990-0652 Email: In Las Vegas: (818) 681-8026 Attending: Ken Anderson, company director, U.K.; Doug Zwick, company director, U.S.


"Wilf--The Witch's Dog," Animated. The first dog to become an official Witch's Pet, based on the popular Puffin book series; 13 x 26 min. or 26 x 12 min.

"The Family of Emily Strange," Live Action. This film features a perfectly ordinary girl coping with relatives who are anything but; 26 x 30 min.

"Mr. Croc," Animated. Mr. Croc can do anything and the kids all know he's the silliest grown-up around; 26 x 12 min. or 13 x 24 min.

Solid Entertainment

610 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 204 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 319-3440 Fax: (310) 319-3442 Email: In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Richard Propper, director of intl. licensing; Hadas Perchik, intl. sales associate.


"Giant Cranes," Docu. Visit these marvels of human engineering from around the world and see some of the greatest crane accidents ever caught on tape; 1 x 50 min.

"Cave-In!," Docu. Follow emergency rescue teams armed with high-tech equipment to save miners trapped thousands of feet under the surface of the Earth; 1 x 50 min.

"World Series of Poker," Docu. One Las Vegas tournament hosts 600 poker players; 1 x 48 min.

"Yasemin Dalkilic: Worlds Deepest Woman," Docu. Battle oxygen depravation to test how deep the human body can go in one breath of air for the world record in freediving; 1 x 51 min.

Southern Star Sales

8 West St. North Sydney, NSW 2060 Australia (612) 9202-8555 Fax: (612) 9956-6918 Email: Booth: British Pavilion Attending: Cathy Payne, chief exec; Victoria Baldock, head of sales for North America & Asia Pacific; Joanne Azzopardi, sales exec, Latin America.


"McLeod's Daughters," Story of the McLeod sisters, who pull together an all-female workforce when they inherit a vast cattle property; 22 x 60 min.

"Tracey McBean," A child inventor with a gigantic imagination, which she uses to solve every problem that comes her way; series x 11 min or 30 min.

"Always Greener," This is the story of two families who give up their lives to see how the other lives, one in the city, the other in the country; 22 x 60 min.

"Cushion Kids," Six cushion kids and a bird live in a crazy, adventurous place and you have to be a kid to go there; 26 x 30 min.

Splendid TV

292 Fifth Ave., Suite 501 New York, NY 10001 (212) 714-3563 Fax: (212) 714-6894 Email: Booth: 3956 Attending: Andreas Klein, chairman; Douglas Schwalbe, Marcus Ticotin, co-CEOs; Alexandra Pizot, marketing.


"Project Greenlight," Series. Premiere HBO reality series chronicling the making of a Miramax feature film; 12 x 30 min.

"Glory Days," Series. The story of a burned-out mystery writer who returns to his hometown and finds it a breeding ground for eerie events, bizarre happenings and peculiar inhabitants; 12 x 44 min.

"James Dean," TV Movie. This film will explore the tragedies and insecurities that fueled Dean's burning ambition to succeed as an actor and ultimately lead to his downfall; 120 mi

"Victoria & Albert," Miniseries. Victoria ascends to the throne and falls head over heels for a handsome German prince and a marriage of convenience is transformed into a lifelong passion; 2 x 120 min.


Espace Lumiere, 5-13 boulevard de la Republique 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex, France (331) 4425-1000 Fax: (331) 7175-8986 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Belinda Menendez, co-president, Universal Studios TV distribution.


"Ghost Dog, The Way of the Samurai," Ghost Dog lives above the world, alongside a flock of birds in a homemade shack on the roof of an abandoned building and is a professional killer, able to dissolve into the night and move through the city unnoticed.

"The Straight Story," The real-life journey of a 73-year-old man who decides to travel 317 miles on his lawnmower to mend his relationship with his estranged older brother.

"Life is Beautiful," The story of a Jewish bookkeeper in 1930s Italy trying to hold his family together in a Jewish concentration camp.

Studios USA

1325 Ave. of the Americas, 5th floor New York, NY 10019 (212) 373-7600 Fax: (212) 373-7660 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Steve Rosenberg, president; Arthur Hasson, exec VP, sales & new business; Elizabeth Herbst, exec VP, advertiser sales; Bruce Casino, VP: cable & ancillary sales; Debbie Brunner, VP, creative services; Phil Martzolf, senior VP, national sales manager.


Entertainment Savant House, Suites 30-32 63-65 Camden High St. London NW1 7JL, U.K. (44-20) 7383-5192 Fax: (44-20) 7383-0627 Email: Web site: Booth: 4039 Attending: Kevin Sullivan, president, Trudy Grant, president of sales; Muriel Thomas, snr. VP, sales.


"The Piano Man's Daughter," a Gothic tale of morality and chance concerning a '30s musician who exposes the mysterious secrets of three generations of Irish for-bearers; 121 min.

"Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series," follows Anne Shirley as she continues to get herself in and out of trouble in Avonlea; 26 x 30 min.

"Anne of Green Gables Trilogies," for the first time, all three miniseries-the original "Anne," its sequel and the continuing story are brought together as a 13-part series; 13 x 50 min.

"Super Rupert," children's series that follows young Rupert in his pursuit to protect the world and the inhabitants of Boxborough from unseen evil forces; 13 x 26 min.


30 Sackville St. London W1S 3DY, U.K. (44-20) 7478-7352 Fax: (44-20) 7478-7402 Booth: 1637 Attending: Neil Osborne, snr. sales manager.


"Gillette World Cup 2002," authoritative and comprehensive preview of the 17th FIFA World Cup; 13 x 30 min.

"Gillette World Sport," sports magazine; 52 x 30 min.

"Toyota World of Wildlife III," spectacular wildlife series celebrating the diversity and beauty of the natural world; 26 x 30 min.

"Class 1 TV," series bringing the drama and excitement of Class 1 Offshore Powerboat Racing to the world; 9 x 30 min.

System TV

45-47 rue Paul Bert 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, France (33-1) 55-38-20-20 Fax: (33-1) 55-38-20-30 Email: Web site: In Las Vegas: Hilton Hotel Attending: Daniel Renouf, president & director general; Eric Esteve, sales & acquisitions manager.


"Nina Simone, The Legend," 52 min.

"The Stanislavski Century," 3 x 60 min.

"Appel d'Ait," 8 x 26 min.

"Hidden World," 5 x 52 min.



41-42 Berners St. London W1P 3AA, U.K. (44-20) 7323-7902 Fax: (44-20) 7323-7933 In Las Vegas: Aladdin Resort Attending: Alison Rayson, managing director; Kate Bourne, sales director; Geraint Marsh, sales manager.


"Mercy Peak," drama series; 20 x 50 min.

"Murphy's Law," undercover crime drama; 90 min.

"I Want a Husband," new take on the dating format, where the city sophisticate meets the honest farmer; 60 min.

Team Entertainment

11818 Wilshire Blvd., 2nd floor Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 312-4400 Fax: (310) 312-4401 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Jay Shapiro, president & CFO; Higgin Kim, president, new media & corporate development; Chrystiana Sailer, VP, new media and corporate development; Jamie Waldron, president, programming; Philippe Perebinossoff, VP, programming.


"Call of the Wild," Family Action. 13 x 60 min.

"Live Through This," Drama; 21 x 60 min.

"The Ghost of Greville Lodge," 93 min.

"Final Jeopardy," Movie Special.


650 Townsend St. San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 355-4054 Fax: (415) 355-4055 Email: In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Joe Gillespie, COO; Tom Grams, general manager; Karen Kaufman Perlman, VP, Asia/Europe; Nancy Juliber, VP, intl. production; Michael Propper, sales exec; Laura Civiello, director of acquisitions.


"TechTV Minutes," Entertainment. Content ranges from new products, videogaming tricks, useful and strange sites on the Web, and music technology information 60 sec., 90 sec., 120 sec.

"TechTV's Titans of Tech," Business & Finance. Brings viewers into the personal and professional lives of some of the greatest technology minds of today; 4 x 60 min.

"Zip Film Internatinal," Entertainment. Presents the world of technology in an entertaining and informative magazine show; 5 x 60 min & 1 x30 min per week.

"Extended Play," Entertainment. Previews the hottest new videogames on the market; 40 x 30 min.

Tele Images International

64 rue Pierre Charron 75008 Paris - France +(33-01) 44 35 17 00 Fax: + (33-01) 44 35 17 62, +(33-01) 42 25 77 56 Booth: 4065; + (33-04) 92 99 83 00 Attending: Simone Halberstadt Harari president and CEO; Catherine Couriat, sales executive; Caroline Gillis, sales executive


"Nana," the trials and triumphs of a young woman who refuses to bow to misfortune. 2 x 90 mins

"Gerard Depardieu," documentary. This film gives the viewer the opportunity to discover the many facets of the actor's funny, sensitive and insatiable personality. 1 x 52 mins.

"Starck," documentary. A new and fascinating insight into the life and work of the great designer Philippe Starck. 1 x 52 mins.

"The Beast of Gevaudan," documentary. The first film which has looked into the Gevaudan affair and the insights of modern science will enable it to throw light on this series of murders. 1 x 52 mins.

Teleproductions International -- TPI

4520 Daly Drive Chantilly, VA 20151 (703) 222-2408 Fax: (703) 222-3964 Email: Web site: Booth: 3817 Attending: Larry Higgs, president; Ron Alexander, dir. international marketing & sales; Nancy Epstein, manager, program acquisitions


"Kashmir: A War In Paradise," documentary. An examination of the longstanding dispute between India and Pakistan over the region known as Kashmir. 1 x 60 mins.

"World's Most Dangerous," documentary. Explore the world's most dangerous animals, jobs,countries, food, people, natural disasters and rituals. 1 x 60 mins.

"Maha Kumbh," documentary. Every 12 years, millions of Indians come to confluence of three rivers to take a dip in the waters which they see as their ticket to spiritual salvation. 1 x 60 mins.

"360 Degrees," documentary. From Egypt's pyramid protectors to NASA's asteroid hunters, we travel the world in search of fascinating human interest stories. 26 x 30 mins.

The Television Syndication Co.

501 Sabal Lake Drive, Suite 105 Longwood, FL 32779 (407) 788-6407 Fax: (407) 788-4397 Booth: 2717; phone (702) 733-7000 Attending: Cassie Yde, president; Robert Yde, director of marketing; Barbara Ohnsman, production coordinator; John Demaio, acquisitions supervisor.


"Cute & Cuddly: Animals at Play," Children's. Footage of lovable animals having the times of their lives, backed by clever music; 3 x 40 min or 6 x 20 min.

"Get Reel," Magazine. The latest from the world of entertainment, sports and leisure time; 69 x 30 min.

"The City Walker," Reality. Exploring the cities of New York, London, Tokyo and areas seldom seen, looking at the lifestyles of the people; 26 x 30 min.

"Culture Quest," Gameshow. Contestants compete for impressive travel packages based on their knowledge of the countries of the world, their people, their customs and culture; 13 x 30 min & 265 x 30 min.

Tepuy Films

Via Dos Castillas, 9C-P2 Office 2B 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain (34-91) 351-7107 Fax: (34-91) 351-6062 Email: Web site: In U.S.: 2745 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables, FL 33134 (305) 774-0033 Fax: (305) 774-0331 Email: Booth: 2521 Attending: Marcos Santana, chairman & CEO; Ignacio Barrera, exec VP; Esperanza Garay, exec VP, sales & acquisitions; Victoria Mendoza, VP, sales - Europe & Asia; Melissa Pillow, sales exec; Catherine Vidal, sales assistant.


"Luzbel is Visiting," series following the fortunes of a self-assured young man destined to break a family's grip on local society; 100 x 60 min.

"Market Love," series that plays on the well-worn path of mistaken identity as two twins cross paths and swap lives.

"My Little Mom," a medieval tale of witchcraft; 26 x 60 min.

"Single and Available," the life of a single girl who refuses to rush into marriage; 26 x 60 min.


44-50 Avenue du Capitaine Glarner F-93585 Saint-Ouen Cedex, France (33-1) 49-48-65-20 Fax: (33-1) 49-48-65-03 Email: Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Isabelle Graziadey, sales manager.


"The Giant of the Hidden Valley," the exceptionally well-preserved skeleton of the largest mammal ever known was unearthed in northern Pakistan and after 20 million years asleep, and thanks to the new techniques of animation, the baluchiterium is coming back to life; 52 min.

"Great Sporting Duels Series," a look at the extraordinary performances of sports champions and the historical context in which certain major sporting events have occurred; 43 min. & 52 min. or 6 x 52 min

TF1 Intl.

1 Quai du Point du Jour 92656 Boulogne Cedex, France (33-1) 41-41-12-34 Fax: (33-1) 41-41-43-02 Web site: Booth: 4065 Attending: Jean-Louis Capra, chairman; Didier Sapaut, CEO; Perrine Teze, president, intl. sales; Annabel Bighetti, exec snr. VP, intl. TV sales; Adeline Fontan Tessaur, VP, TV sales.


"Dice," one roll of the dice can change your life forever ...; 2 x 102 min or 6 x 45 min.

"Mikhail Gorbachev -- The Last Soviet," fresh, original portrait of a man who sought to reform a political system but instead became its undertaker; 52 min.

"The Bellflower Bunnies," discover the enchanting adventures of an adorable family of rabbits; 13 x 26 min.

"School of Life," series on high school days and adolescent dreams in contemporary well-to-do Paris; 26 x 52 min. & 26 x 52 min.

Theatre of Comedy

The Shaftesbury Theatre 210 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 2DP United Kingdom +44 (020) 7379-3345 Fax: +44 (020) 7836-8181 Email: Web site: Booth: 1939; (702) 943-4233 Attending: John P. Fitzgerald, CEO; Jeff Cotugno, VP


"As Time Goes By," comedy. Dame Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer star as old flames who ask the burning question, "Can the flame of passion still flicker in middle age?" .66 x 30 mins.

"Studio One," drama. Originally broadcast live 1948 to 1958, this series of one-act specials is the pinnacle example of what is known as the Golden Era of Television. 66 x 60 mins

3DD Entertainment

190 Camden High St. London NW1 8QP, U.K. (44-20) 7428-1800 Fax: (44-20) 7428-1818 Email: Web site: Booth: 1637 Attending: Charlotte Patton, head of sales; Gillian Gilman, sales director, U.K., U.SA; Stephanie Gilliard, sales exec.


"Nobody Someday 2001," program that follows Robbie Williams' European arena tour in early 2001, and records the trials and tribulations of life on the road; 90 min.

"The Pixies 2001," documentary combining dynamic Pixies performance footage with interviews from some of the most respected names in music; 60 min.

"Robbie Williams - Live at the Albert 2001," unique show from the Royal Albert Hall featuring Williams performing classic '50s swing tracks from his new No. 1 album `Swing When You're Winning'; 60 min.

Thump Records

P.O. Box 445 Walnut, CA 91788-0445 (909) 595-2144 Fax: (909) 598-7028 Booth: 1622 Attending: Bill Walker, president; Rick Nunoz, Our Prods.; Leon Quenneville, On Q Prods.


"Thump! TV," Music. Program plans include guest appearances and interviews with Thump artists, contests and more; 56 x 30 min.

"Lowrider TV," Music. This show will capture the hip combination of cars, music, fashion and culture; 30 min.

"Old School TV," Music. A series featuring videos from the most popular old-school compilation CDs in the industry; 30 min.

Trust Film Sales

Filmbyen, bygn 57 Avedoere Tvaervej 10 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark (45-36) 868788 Fax: (45-36) 774448 Email: Web site: Booth: 3217 Attending: Rikke Ennis, TV sales exec.


"Executive Protection," nerve-wracking thriller about a man who hires the Mafia to take care of his business; 112 min. feature.

"Kira's Reason -- A Lovestory," psychological drama about a woman who's trying to get back to a normal life after a manic disorder; 92 min.

"Elling," heartbreaking story about surviving in society when you are a bit different and just want to live life your way; 90 min.

"One Hell of a Christmas," having finished a jail sentence, Carlitos wants to set an example for his little son but gets dragged into a nightmare world of drugs, sex and evil; 90 min.


Munchner Strasse 16 D-85774 Unterfohring Munich, Germany (49-89) 20508100 Fax: (49-89) 20508199 Email: Web site: In U.K.: Loonland U.K. Royalty House 72-74 Dean St. London W1V 6AE (44-20) 7434-2377 Fax: (44-20) 7434-1578 Booth: 2231; phone (702) 943-3595 Attending: Peter Volkle, CEO; Dr. Carl Woebcken, CFO; Thomas Kubeile, CMO; John Bullivant, director of programs; Lisa Hryniewicz, head of distribution; Ken Olshansky, snr. VP, creative affairs, Sunbow Entertainment.


"Pongwiffy," animated series featuring quirky witches, snooty wizards and a gaggle of stupid goblins; 26 x 26 min.

"Da Mob," story of three youngsters who are convinced of their greatness and are desperate to become a successful hip-hop/beat-box band; 26 x 22 min.

"Something Else," animated series centered on two unusual characters who teach children that each individual is special regardless of how different they might look; 26 x 11 min.

"Cramp Twins," the story of Wayne and Lucien Cramp, 10-year-old twins who are not at all alike; 26 x 30 min.

20th Century Fox TV Distribution

P.O. Box 900 Beverly Hills, CA 90213 (310) 369-1000 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Mark Kaner, president, intl. TV & worldwide pay TV; Marion Edwards, exec VP, intl. TV; Peter Levinsohn, exec VP, worldwide pay TV & PPV; Jamie McCabe, VP, Christine Dowson, VPs, worldwide pay TV; Chandra Years, exec director of intl. marketing promotion & publicity.


"Emma Brody," Drama. A recent college graduate accepts a job at the U.S. Embassy in London and her personal life becomes complicated; 6 x 60 min.

"American Family," Drama. The story centers around the Gonzales family and looks at the cross-cultural experience and examines the issues faced by all families everywhere; 13 x 60 min.

"Greg the Bunny," Comedy. A behind-the-scenes look at a fictional kids TV show and a world where the puppets are living and coexist with humans on and off the set; 13 x 30 min.

"24," Drama. A former CIA field operative now stuck at a desk job of a counterintelligence unit all of a sudden finds his family life interrupted when it's discovered his daughter is missing; 13 x 60 min.

Twentieth Television

2121 Ave. of the Stars, Suite 2100 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 369-3924 Fax: (310) 369-3899 Email: In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Bob Cook, president & COO; Robb Dalton, president of programming & production; Paul Franklin, exec VP, general sales manager; Bob Cesa, exec VP, barter ad & cable sales; Joanne Burns, senior VP, research marketing & new media; Jodie Rea, senior VP, sales & credit administration.


"Good Day Live," News Entertainment. 60 min.

"The Rob Nelson Show," Talkshow. 60 min.

"Malcolm in the Middle," Comedy. 30 min.


Universal Studios TV Distribution

100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg. 1440, Suite 3030 Universal City, CA 91608 (818) 777-1300 Fax: (818) 866-1554 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Rick Finkelstein, president & COO, Universal Pictures; Belinda Menendez, Phil Schuman, co-presidents.


"E.T. The Extra Terrestrial-20th Anniversary Edition," The story of a special friendship that develops between a lonely young boy and a wise, benevolent visitor from another planet who becomes lost on Earth.

"Firestarter: Rekindled," The story of Charlie McGee's psychokinetic revenge on the corporation, Sysops, and Rainbird, the man who killed her father.

"Come Together," Romantic Comedy. The story of two opposites who just might live happily ever after.

"Slapshot 2: Breaking the Ice," A motley collection of misfits, dreamers and womanizers, this hockey team is forced to decide if they are crowdpleasing clowns with steady paychecks or board-crunching, hard-driving hockey players.

Universal Worldwide TV

100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg. 9128/02 Universal City, CA 91608 (818) 777-5300 Fax: (818) 733-4879 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel Attending: Ned Nalle, president; Matt Cooperstein, senior VP, domestic TV syndication; Dave Mayer, senior VP, business affairs; Dick Silliman, senior VP, legal affairs; Lori Shackel, senior VP, marketing & creative services; Kristin Flannery, VP, advertising & promotion.


"Blind Date," weekly x 30 min.

"The 5th Wheel," weekly x 30 min.

"Universal Features One," Collection of 21 feature titles.


Variety Communications

Viale Bruno Buozzi 64 00197 Rome, Italy (39-06) 36001417 Fax: (39-06) 36001407 Email: Web site: Booth: 3841 Attending: Rocio Moscoso, sales manager; Maria Rita Tuccio, Franco Gaudenzi, presidents.

Vision Films

4626 Lemona Ave. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 (818) 784-1702 Fax: (818) 788-3715 Email: Booth: 3501 Attending: Lise Romanoff, managing director, worldwide sales; Tanya Sowa, director of intl. sales & servicing; Brian Reeder, distribution coordinator.


"The Effects of Magic," Thriller. An old magician's box, a broken heart and a talking rabbit help a father and son reunite; 90 min.

"Smokin Stogies," Action Comedy. The mob, the FBI and a group of drug dealers race through the hot streets of Miami in search of $1 million worth of smuggled Cuban cigars; 90 min.

"Desperation Blvd.," Comedy. Judy Tenuta is a former child TV star who will stop at nothing to make a comeback; 90 min.

"Heroine of Hell," Thriller. A troubled woman looks for solace by painting visions of hell to punish the wicked; 90 min.


Wai Lana Yoga

P.O. Box 6146 Malibu, CA 90264 (805) 986-3557 Fax: (805) 986-5447 Email: Booth: 3553 Attending: Sunil Khemaney, exec director; Richard Bellord, marketing director.


"Wai Lana Yoga," Fitness. 188 x 30 min.

"Kathy's Kitchen," Cooking Show. 65 x 30 min.

Wallonie Bruxelles Images

15-17 Place Surlet de Chockier 1000 Brussels, Belgium (32-2) 223-2304 Fax: (32-2) 218-3424 Email: Web site: Booth: 2238

Wellspring Media

419 Park Ave. S., 20th floor New York, NY 10016 (212) 686-6777 Fax: (212) 685-2625 Booth: 3843 Attending: Al Cattabiani, president; Sheri Levine, exec VP; Michael Thornton, VP, sales; Linda Saetre, director of sales; Julia Panely, director of marketing.


"American Masters," Docu. 5 x 90 min.

"The Directors Season V," 13 x 60 min.

"Devil's Playground," Docu. Follows a group of Amish teens in their right-of-passage period as they venture into the world of their English peers; 60 min.

"Directed by Alan Smithee," Docu. Alan Smithee is Hollywood's common pseudonym to shield entertainment talent from having their real name associated with a production they felt did not represent their work, this film takes an up-close look at the nonexistent man behind the scenes; 60 min.

Western Intl. Syndication

12121 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 422 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 820-8485 Fax: (310) 820-8376 In Las Vegas: The Venetian Hotel, Room 801. Attending: Chris Lancey, president-CEO; Lisa Jones Johnson, exec VP, development & operations; Dan Zifkin, exec VP, worldwide sales; Ronald Geagan, VP, national sales manager; Karen Brooks, VP, western region sales; Robert Pargament, VP, northeastern region sales.


"It's Showtime at the Apollo," Series. An amateur competition from the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem; 24 x 60 min.

"The Immortal," Action Adventure. An eternal struggle to conquer the forces of evil in this supernatural series; 22 x 60 min.

"The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet," Comedy. A 1950s family classic; 300 x 30 min.

"Pug & Zero's Field Trip," Children's. Quantum surfing explorers from another dimension are swept away to unexpected adventure; 26 x 30 min.

Whamo Entertainment

1850 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 210 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 477-0338 Fax: (310) 477-8116 Email: Booth: 3014; phone (310) 749-9426 Attending: Joseph Szew, president-CEO; Fernando Szew, VP, marketing & sales; Mar Gaya, managing director, Whamo Europe; Grance Pearson, sales & distribution supervisor; George Port, business affairs; Cindy Ianarelli, producer.


"The Buzz with Dr. Cindy," A series about kids and business; 13 x 30 min.

"Three Stooges," Comedy. 52 & 152 x 30 min.

"Jungle Girl and the Lost Island of the Dinosaurs," Animation. The story of Emma, a prim and proper English child who becomes the Jungle Girl; 1 x 60 min.

"Little Drummer Boy," Animation. 1 x 60 min.


York Entertainment

16133 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1140 Encino, CA 91436 (818) 788-4050 Fax: (818) 788-4011 Email: Booth: 3040 Attending: Tanya York, president and CEO; Corie VanDeutekom,.VP international sales


"Dirty Kopz," Action, Cast: Ryan Combs, Jules Dupree, Marco Denegal. When a Mexican drug cartel kidnaps a psychic to reveal the future about an upcoming $8 million drug deal, their plans are foiled by five crooked cops who want to keep the $8 million for themselves. 95 Mins

"Rappin-N-Rhyming," Drama. Cast: Todd Ryan, Tami-Adrian George, Rahim Muhammad. A problematic group of inner-city high school students takes a field trip to an affluent, all-girl preparatory school, where two unlikely students begin dating ... as do their equally unlikely teachers. 93 mins.

"Random Acts of Violence," action. Cast: MACK 10. Left alone as a teenager to care for his mother and sister, young gangsta Isaiah Knight embarks on a vigilante rampage to clean up the streets and terminate those who betrayed him. 95 mins.

"Keepin' It Real," Comedy. Cast: Ben Jurand, Kurupt, Tiny Lister Jr. An attractive but arrogant daughter of a rapper-turned-record-mogul steals a valuable master tape for her rap-star boyfriend, who is seeking to become her father's biggest competition. 92 mins.


Zia Film Distribution

369 Montezuma Ave., Suite 320 Santa Fe, NM 87501 (505) 438-9299 Fax: (505) 438-6137 Email: Booth: 1601; phone (505) 780-2689 Attending: Bobbi Valentine, president; Douglas M. Heller, exec VP; Grant Raynham, director of intl. sales.


"Animal Action With Eddie & Gregg," Children's. Eddie is a renouned wildlife expert giving audiences a simple approach to animals; 26 x 30 min.

"Box Office America," A countdown of Hollywood's biggest weekend motion picture box office hits; 52 x 30 min.

"The Healing Chamber," Docu. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a highly successful medical practice used to save lives and limbs; 1 x 60 min.

"The Hiding Place," Family Drama. This feature explores the son-mother relationship when Jack pays a weekly visit to his elderly mother who is slipping in and out of the past; 1 x 97 min.

-- Product listings compiled by Carol Swanson in Lincoln, Neb., and Lee Simkins in London.
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