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NGOS' initiatives to enhance social sustainability in the supply chain: poverty alleviation through supplier development programs. Rodriguez, Jorge A.; Thomsen, Cristina Gimenez; Arenas, Daniel; Pagell, Mark Report Jul 1, 2016 15568
Mitigation, avoidance, or acceptance? Managing supplier sustainability risk. Hajmohammad, Sara; Vachon, Stephan Report Apr 1, 2016 12061
Fish story: third-generation Seattle Fish Co. has stocked inland eateries since 1918. Jackson, Margaret Table Jan 1, 2016 2460
Toward a "theoretical toolbox" for the supplier-enabled fuzzy front end of the new product development process. Wowak, Kaitlin D.; Craighead, Christopher W.; Ketchen, David J., Jr.; Hult, G. Tomas M. Statistical table Jan 1, 2016 9708
Reinventing supplier innovation relationships: nine better practices gleaned from companies with experience on both sides of the table can help companies build stronger supplier innovation relationships. Slowinski, Gene; Sagal, Matthew; Williams, Kimberly; Stanton, Timothy Nov 1, 2015 4828
BluFlux RF Technologies. Nov 1, 2015 441
The relationship between manufacturer and distributors: knowledge transfer and performance. Redaelli, Emir Jose; Paiva, Ely Laureano; Teixeira, Rafael Report Oct 1, 2015 9373
Competition or cooperation? Promoting supplier performance with incentives under varying conditions of dependence. Terpend, Regis; Krause, Daniel R. Statistical data Oct 1, 2015 14467
How can supply management really improve performance? A knowledge-based model of alignment capabilities. Handfield, Robert B.; Cousins, Paul D.; Lawson, Benn; Petersen, Kenneth J. Statistical data Jul 1, 2015 9895
Deep, sticky, transient, and gracious: an expanded buyer-supplier relationship typology. Kim, Yusoon; Choi, Thomas Y. Statistical table Jul 1, 2015 15560
The rapport management of sellers: Exploring the seller-buyer relationship in small and medium-sized enterprises of China. Cheng, Yang Report Jul 1, 2015 9653
A dyadic investigation of collaborative competence, social capital, and performance in buyer-supplier relationships. Whipple, Judith M.; Wiedmer, Robert; Boyer, Kenneth K. Report Apr 1, 2015 11417
Ranking suppliers using QFD/FAHP method. Khalaj, Fatemeh; Denavi, Hassan Dehghan; Sadeghian, Abolfazl Report Jan 15, 2015 7338
A theory of the nexus supplier: a critical supplier from a network perspective. Yan, Tingting; Choi, Thomas Y.; Kim, Yusoon; Yang, Yang Statistical table Jan 1, 2015 10665
Drivers of supplier sustainability: moving beyond compliance to commitment. Foerstl, Kai; Azadegan, Arash; Leppelt, Thomas; Hartmann, Evi Report Jan 1, 2015 14903
Managing financially distressed suppliers: an exploratory study. Bode, Christoph; Hubner, Denis; Wagner, Stephan M. Report Oct 1, 2014 12436
Evaluation and forecasting of suppliers' performance using "fuzzy data envelopment analysis", a case study: Alfa company. Zendeh, Alireza Bafandeh; Zandi, Rahil; Norouzi, Davoud Case study Oct 1, 2014 3131
Supplier selection criteria used to develop dematel. Shakerian, Hamed; DehghanDehnavi, Hasan; Sadrabadi, Alireza Naser Report Oct 1, 2014 4150
A state entropy model integrated with BSC and ANP for supplier evaluation and selection. Pan, R.; Zhang, W.; Yang, S.; Xiao, Y. Report Sep 1, 2014 10751
Breaching the walled garden: APIs helping organizations access multiple programs. Sullivan, Patrick Sep 1, 2014 3003
Pressure or pamper? The effects of power and trust dimensions on supplier resource allocation. Pulles, Niels J.; Veldman, Jasper; Schiele, Holger; Sierksma, Henk Jul 1, 2014 14570
The use of AHP method for selection of supplier. Hruska, Roman; Prusa, Petr; Babic, Darko Jun 1, 2014 7227
Prioritizing suppliers of a petrochemical unit considering fuzzy approach (case study: Mobin petrochemical unit). Shahraki, Mohammad Reza; Forghani, Seyed Farshad; Kalantari, Saeid; Estanesti, Morvarid Report May 1, 2014 2838
Export performance relationship among Malaysian exporters. Alshammari, Saad Dubayyan; Islam, Rabiul Report May 1, 2014 8179
Buyer-supplier collaboration quality in new product development projects. Yan, Tingting; Dooley, Kevin Apr 1, 2014 15109
Transitioning to ICD-10: what your RCM and clearinghouse vendors should be doing to help you now. Edwards, Ken Apr 1, 2014 679
Absorptive capacity in buyer-supplier relationships: empirical evidence of its mediating role. Saenz, Maria Jesus; Revilla, Elena; Knoppen, Desiree Apr 1, 2014 13775
The study of competitive priorities and information technology selection: exploring buyer and supplier performance. Jitpaiboon, Thawatchai Report Mar 1, 2014 12180
Pybus market founders focus on connections: effort earns nod from WBJ readers. McDaniels, Nevonne Mar 1, 2014 2184
An Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach to a real world supplier selection problem: a case study of Carglass Turkey. Koc, Eylem; Burhan, Hasan Arda Jan 1, 2014 4344
Evaluation of seasonal performance improvements in a 3-ton air-conditioning heat pump system using a novel design of integrated electronic expansion valves and distributors. Bowers, Chad D.; Wrocklage, Dave; Elbel, Stefan; Hrnjak, Predrag Report Jan 1, 2014 3248
A green managerial criteria pyramid model and key criteria for green supplier evaluation. Fallahian-Najafabadi, Ali; Kazemi, Sajad; Latifi, Iraj; Soltanmohammad, Nima Report Oct 1, 2013 7217
Assessment of Artemisinin based combination therapy utilization among patent medicine vendors in some rural areas in Nigeria. Nduka, S.O.; Agbata, C.A.; Eze, B.H.; Ezeobi, I.; Nwadukwe, C.C.; Uzodinma, S.U. Report Oct 1, 2013 3735
To give or not to give? Jackson, Iinda Sep 1, 2013 617
Trust and supplier-buyer relationships: an empirical analysis. Vieira, Luciana Marques; Paiva, Ely Laureano; Finger, Andrew Beheregarai; Teixeira, Rafael Report Jul 1, 2013 7093
Supplier performance measurement in discrete manufacturing industry-empirical study on Indian manufacturing sector. Mohanty, Manoj Kumar; Gahan, Padmabati Apr 1, 2013 7063
An experimental test of negotiation strategy effects on knowledge sharing intentions in buyer-supplier relationships. Thomas, Stephanie P.; Thomas, Rodney W.; Manrodt, Karl B.; Rutner, Stephen M. Report Apr 1, 2013 10642
International distribution channels in dental equipment industry: exclusive distributors versus nonexclusive distributors/Canais de distribuicao internacionais na industria de equipamentos odontologicos: distribuidores exclusivos versus nao exclusivos/Canales de distribucion internacionales en la industria de equipamientos odontologicos: distribuidores exclusivos versus no exclusivos. Lima, Gustavo Barbieri; de Carvalho, Dirceu Tornavoi; Marangoni, Suzana Marcia; Pereira, Nayara Carv Apr 1, 2013 7274
Design the maximization of shareholder profit model by approach of suppliers' needs security in Iran's banking network. Mali, Mojtaba Feb 1, 2013 1549
Who's seeking whom? Coalition behavior of a weaker player in buyer-supplier relationships. Bastl, Marko; Johnson, Mark; Choi, Thomas Y. Jan 1, 2013 12810
Reducing behavioral constraints to supplier integration: a socio-technical systems perspective. Kull, Thomas J.; Ellis, Scott C.; Narasimhan, Ram Jan 1, 2013 14788
Employee perception about buyer supplier relationship in automobile industries. Nithya, N. Jan 1, 2013 4533
Vendor views. Jackson, Linda Sep 1, 2012 490
Decisions of intelligent support for supplier selection/Tiekeju atrankos intelektines paramos sprendimai. Bivainis, Juozas; Dieninis, Jonas; Janseviciute, Daina Report Sep 1, 2012 5863
A hybrid MCDM model encompassing AHP and COPRAS-G methods for selecting company supplier in Iran. Zolfani, Sarfaraz Hashemkhani; Chen, I-Shuo; Rezaeiniya, Nahid; Tamosaitiene, Jolanta Case study Sep 1, 2012 5740
United States : BALLOON FIESTA vendors slam new deal. Brief article Jul 30, 2012 113
The intersection of power, trust and supplier network size: implications for supplier performance. Terpend, Regis; Ashenbaum, Bryan Report Jul 1, 2012 17067
The liability fact: how to leverage relationships and be the provider of choice. Huso, Deborah Interview Jul 1, 2012 349
The role of the innovation capitalist in open innovation: a case study and key lessons learned: innovation capitalists can help companies manage the challenges of sourcing innovation externally. Nambisan, Satish; Bacon, John; Throckmorton, James May 1, 2012 6721
Tapping supplier innovation. Wagner, Stephan M. Report Apr 1, 2012 10258
The effects of strategic supplier selection on buyer competitive performance in matched domains: does supplier integration mediate the relationships? Koufteros, Xenophon; Vickery, Shawnee K.; Droge, Cornelia Report Apr 1, 2012 14683
Vendor-management best practices: vendor networks are the lifeblood of national field service companies. Learning how to manage them is key. Jaffa, Alan; Runyon, Nancy Statistical data Feb 1, 2012 2783
Accessing supplier innovation by being their preferred customer: as firms increasingly rely on collaboration with suppliers in their innovation processes, achieving preferred customer status with key suppliers becomes a cornerstone of growth, forcing buyers to consider how they might make themselves more attractive as customers. Schiele, Holger Report Jan 1, 2012 4598
Domestic supplier integration in the Chinese automotive industry: the buyer's perspective. Lockstrom, Martin; Schadel, Joachim; Moser, Roger; Harrison, Norma Report Oct 1, 2011 13598
Low-cost country sourcing competence: a conceptual framework and empirical analysis. Kusaba, Keiko; Moser, Roger; Rodrigues, Alexandre Medeiros Report Oct 1, 2011 16699
Measuring the value of ingredient brand equity at multiple stages in the supply chain: a component supplier's perspective. Pfoertsch, Waldemar; Chen, Junsong Sep 1, 2011 8248
Networks key to new NHS. Conference notes Jul 15, 2011 243
Managing the supplier--supplier interface in product development: the moderating role of technological newness. Hong, Yunsook; Hartley, Janet L. Survey Jul 1, 2011 12011
Vendor-added value: mastering the art of scaling back and keeping your reputation intact. Wilken, Mary W. May 1, 2011 509
The impact of trade and foreign direct investment policies on technology adoption and sourcing of Chinese firms. Xu, Bin Company overview Apr 1, 2011 8538
Effects of suppliers' reputation on the future of buyer-supplier relationships: the mediating roles of outcome fairness and trust. Wagner, Stephan M.; Coley, Linda Silver; Lindemann, Eckhard Report Apr 1, 2011 12324
Benefiting from supplier operational innovativeness: the influence of supplier evaluations and absorptive capacity. Azadegan, Arash Report Apr 1, 2011 10210
Sustainment SRM: why the Army is uniquely positioned to benefit. McIntosh, James D.; Selter, Jonathan Jan 1, 2011 2375
Managing buyer-supplier relationships: empirical patterns of strategy formulation in industrial purchasing. Terpend, Regis; Krause, Daniel R.; Dooley, Kevin J. Report Jan 1, 2011 17054
Understanding the relationship between uncertainty and international information technology sourcing strategy: a conceptual framework. Ahsan, Mujtaba; Haried, Peter; Musteen, Martina Report Jul 1, 2010 10011
Standards for synthetic biology. Jun 22, 2010 2265
Don't be afraid to ask for more. Kolus, Kevin Feb 1, 2010 786
Thinking differently about purchasing portfolios: an assessment of sustainable sourcing. Pagell, Mark; Wu, Zhaohui; Wasserman, Michael E. Report Jan 1, 2010 11783
The Five "Cs" that can drive buyer power: are you using technology to drive purchasing programs? How effective is your vendor program? Are you working hand in hand with your vendor to make them a part of your system? "Commerce, Community, Communication, Compliance and Compensation" are the Five "Cs" that should be a part of every franchisor's vendor program. James, Doyle Aug 1, 2009 1369
Integration in the global sourcing organization--an information processing perspective. Trautmann, Gerhard; Turkulainen, Virpi; Hartmann, Evi; Bals, Lydia Apr 1, 2009 11213
Waitrose seeks fair deal on ombudsman. Brief article Feb 21, 2009 155
Can free market trade ever be fair trade? Long-term trading relationships with buyers are needed to protect farmers in the developing world. Watson, Guy Feb 7, 2009 567
KLAS study on CIS vendors. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 104
Structural embeddedness and supplier management: a network perspective. Choi, Thomas Y.; Kim, Yusoon Report Sep 22, 2008 6838
Supplier innovativeness and the role of interorganizational learning in enhancing manufacturer capabilities. Azadegan, Arash; Dooley, Kevin J.; Carter, Phillip L.; Carter, Joseph R. Report Sep 22, 2008 14478
Buyer dependency and relational capital formation: the mediating effects of socialization processes and supplier integration. Petersen, Kenneth J.; Handfield, Robert B.; Lawson, Benn; Cousins, Paul D. Sep 22, 2008 8584
Marriage counseling: look for signs to determine if a prospective tech vendor is a dream or a nightmare. Ceccon, Andrew Jun 1, 2008 561
Chaos over Asda terms. Smith, Chloe May 10, 2008 556
Creating a contract for success: make sure you lay out exactly what you expect and when you expect it. Davies, Clint; Vogt, Dan Apr 1, 2008 1194
Be partners, not rivals: to ensure your important needs are met, work collaboratively in the contract negotiation process. Litwak, Paul; Morris, Michael Apr 1, 2008 1355
Vendor management tips: selecting the right vendors and properly managing vendor relationships can help protect your company from damages and long-term losses. Savidge, Joseph P. Feb 1, 2008 589
Timing and extent of supplier integration in new product development: a contingency approach. Parker, Delvon B.; Zsidisin, George A.; Ragatz, Gary L. Report Jan 1, 2008 7979
The cavitation phenomenon in the flow zone distributor bodyspool valve. Balasoiu, Victor; Bordeasu, Ilare; Popoviciu, Mircea Octavian; Gombos, Radu; Gombos, Mircea Jan 1, 2008 1506
Protecting ownership of patient information: factors to keep in mind when sharing patient information with vendors. Mancino, Peter B.; Gulick, Stacey L. Dec 1, 2007 1696
Locating the best vendors for your franchise: partnering franchisees with the right vendor is a winning proposition for everyone. Goldberg, Danny Oct 1, 2007 1610
Welcome to the revolution: the supermarkets have really raised their games on the ethical sourcing front, which is good news for the dairy market. Fortescue, Sam Sep 8, 2007 1544
Integrating suppliers into new product development: project teams perform better with inputs from carefully selected suppliers, a study shows. Handfield, Robert B.; Lawson, Benn Survey Sep 1, 2007 4589
Smoke or mirrors in retrospective inquiry? There's nothing technically illegal about retrospective discounts. Adam Leyland examines the fraught relationship between trade investment practice and the Code of Practice. Leyland, Adam Cover story Aug 25, 2007 1612
The buyer: environmental issues to the fore. McVeigh, Connor Brief article Jun 30, 2007 177
Asda in major beef charm offensive. Brief article Jun 30, 2007 153
Kenyan growers 'lack trust in retail buyers'. Fortescue, Sam Brief article Jun 23, 2007 283
Sainsbury's rolls out Bumblebee scheme. Fortescue, Sam Brief article Jun 23, 2007 288
NFU blasts Morrisons for farmer treatment. Fortescue, Sam Brief article Jun 23, 2007 318
Supplier evaluations: the role of communication quality. Prahinski, Carol; Fan, Ying Jun 22, 2007 7841
Sainsbury's says waterbed effect theory is 'contrived'. Hegarty, Ronan Jun 2, 2007 331
Survey says Nisa is retailing class act. Brief article Jun 2, 2007 134
Proactive suppliers can boost retailers' profits: it's not enough just to have the products sitting on shelves. Suppliers must take an imaginative and hands-on approach to help retailers understand the dos and don'ts of effective retailing. May 19, 2007 562
'Pay and deduct' hits suppliers' cashflows. Lithgow, Tony Brief article May 12, 2007 311
Together we can make it work: collaboration is taking off as retailers and suppliers start to work together to develop leaner, meaner and greener, supply chains. Creasey, Simon May 12, 2007 1473
Rejected 31% profit margin 'proves the waterbed effect'. Brief article Apr 7, 2007 254
Fair trade scheme for Whole Foods. Brief article Apr 7, 2007 108
Strategic buyer-supplier relationships, information technology and external logistics integration. Paulraj, Antony; Chen, Injazz J. Mar 22, 2007 8973
Delineating the "ease of doing business" construct within the supplier-customer interface. Stading, Gary; Altay, Nezih Mar 22, 2007 6953
Essential partners in collection development: vendors and music librarians. Zager, Daniel Mar 1, 2007 4246
Top 10 secrets for working with your technology vendor. Cooley, Scott Feb 1, 2007 1657
Why do I need my own project manager if the vendor provides one? If you want to have a successful technology implementation, it is important to have your own set of eyes supervising the project. Shatz, Debbie Column Feb 1, 2007 2911
A model of relational governance in reverse auctions. Pearcy, Dawn; Giunipero, Larry; Wilson, Andrew Jan 1, 2007 8732
The impact of electronic reverse auctions on supplier performance: the mediating role of relationship variables. Carter, Craig R.; Kaufmann, Lutz Jan 1, 2007 8306
"Psychic" technology for franchise companies: knowing what franchisees don't know ... before they don't know it. Martin, Dan Dec 1, 2006 1104
What it takes to work together: successful client/vendor relationships depend on collaboration, accountability, and honesty. Givens, Lyn Dec 1, 2006 697
Avnet Electronics Marketing Recognized as Best Distributor in China. Nov 30, 2006 754
Buncombe County Completes Implementation of Lawson Strategic Sourcing. Nov 28, 2006 698 and KOWIN/Chery Automotive Sign Agreement at Beijing Auto Show to Partner on Creating the World's Leading Automotive Sourcing Portal. Nov 21, 2006 733
CDC Software Awarded SI Group's IT Supplier Excellence Award. Nov 21, 2006 969
Sourcing's New Position in the Strategic Agenda: TPI's Brand Relaunch Recognizes Significant Changes in the Strategic Use of Sourcing. Nov 15, 2006 667
Ketera and The Claro Group Team to Offer Strategic Sourcing and Services. Nov 14, 2006 591
1 EDI Source, Inc. introduces "EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers" to the Supply Chain Professionals at U Connect 07, The GS1 US Community Event for Standards. Nov 14, 2006 334
Morrisons enters collaborative era. Brief article Nov 11, 2006 136
American Banker and Financial Insights Publish Third Annual Rankings of Financial Industry Technology Vendors. Nov 9, 2006 1646
IDC Presents Top 10 Vendors by Vertical Market for CRM and Security Software Markets. Nov 8, 2006 681
GLOBAL SOURCING 101. Nov 8, 2006 445
Interactive Intelligence Improves Ranking Among Top 500 Global Software and Services Suppliers. Nov 7, 2006 626
12 Retailers Launch EDI Enablement Programs with SPS Commerce Targeting 5,000+ Vendors. Nov 6, 2006 502
Procter & Gamble Expands Use of CombineNet for Enterprise-wide Strategic Sourcing Activities. Company overview Nov 1, 2006 687
ExactCost Becomes Contracted Supplier of Group Purchasing Leader Premier, Inc. Oct 31, 2006 874
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth Launches, Stradling Global Sourcing, Inc with Former Sourcing Leader at Gartner Consulting as CEO. Oct 31, 2006 545
Doba and Affinity Internet Integrate Services to Provide Members Enhanced Product Sourcing and Selling Tools. Oct 25, 2006 599
Eqos Announces Retail Report from Industry Directions "Driving Growth through Product and Supplier Innovation". Oct 18, 2006 575
Evolution of 'On Demand' Supply Chain, a Revolution for Suppliers. Oct 16, 2006 723
World's Largest Automotive Sourcing Portal to Allow Viable International Online Commercial Transactions; US Automotive Economy Could See Rewards. Company overview Oct 12, 2006 674
Shine Wireless Distributor Program Goes Live Nationally. Oct 5, 2006 550
Verticalnet Recognized for Delivering Robust Supplier Relationship Management Suite. Oct 4, 2006 556
KeyBank Selects Procuri TotalSource to Unlock Supply Savings and Standardize Strategic Sourcing Processes. Company overview Oct 2, 2006 450
SecureInfo's New Certification and Accreditation Program Enables Vendors to Deliver Security-Assessed Products to the Federal Government. Oct 2, 2006 745
New BAA supply model. Oct 1, 2006 350
Motion Industries Recognizes 26 Suppliers with Operational Excellence Supplier Partnership Awards. Sep 28, 2006 357
SciQuest Adds to Supplier Network, Offering SciQuest Customers More Products Than Ever Before. Sep 27, 2006 561
Walls Industries Implements TradeCard to Reduce Costs, Improve Vendor Relations, and Drive Growth. Sep 26, 2006 751
Hitachi Receives Rising Star Award for Outstanding Global Distribution Program; Leading Hard Drive Vendor Recognized for Sales Growth and Strong Distributor Partnerships. Sep 20, 2006 685
TradeStone Exhibits Record Growth in Summer 2006; Award-Winning Global Sourcing Company Adds Several Clients, Expands Market Reach. Company overview Sep 19, 2006 1761
IODA Increases Partnerships with Physical Distributors; Deals Enable Distributors to Offer Their Labels Digital Distribution Using IODA's D3 Platform. Sep 19, 2006 1113
Univar USA Inc. Partners with Odyssey Logistics & Technology on All Inbound Transportation; Leading U.S. Chemical Distributor Looks to Odyssey for Increased Productivity and Superior Customer Service. Sep 18, 2006 688
Norway's Largest Pharmaceutical and Health Care Products Distributor Deploys the IMI Warehouse and Order Management Solution from CDC Software to Streamline its Warehouse Operations. Sep 18, 2006 1241
Procuri and Austin-Tetra Launch Supplier Compliance Service; On Demand OFAC Service Streamlines Compliance and Risk Management. Company overview Sep 13, 2006 788
Procuri and SciQuest Partner to Provide a Comprehensive Integrated and Hosted Supplier Management Solution; Joint Solution Enables Customers to Pick and Choose Modules That Are Highly Configurable to Meet Their Spend Management Goals. Sep 13, 2006 696
Sterling Commerce Delivers New Solution to Help Companies Optimize Their Supplier Communities; Sterling Supply Chain Visibility Provides Actionable Intelligence, Enabling Companies to Proactively Manage Supply Chain Disruptions. Sep 13, 2006 598
Jane Biddle Joins Eqos as Chief Marketing Officer; Prominent Supply Chain Technology Executive to Drive Global Market Leadership for Provider of Sourcing Solutions to the Retail Supply Chain. Industry overview Sep 12, 2006 462
UK Mail Order and Internet Retailer J D Williams Selects TradeStone for Global Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management; Retail PLM Solution to Unite Supply Chain Stakeholders. Company overview Sep 12, 2006 866
Trusted Consultancy - SourcePoint - Continues Momentum with Launch as Pace Harmon; Top-Tier Advisors in Outsourcing, Strategic Sourcing, and Technology Raise the Bar and Drive Client Demand. Company overview Sep 12, 2006 412
Federal Signal Engages First Index's Global Sourcing Services. Sep 12, 2006 452
Promet Energy, an African-American Owned Natural Gas & Electric Supplier, Becomes Major Supplier to Mittal Steel USA. Sep 6, 2006 325
How to handle complaints. Vasilash, Gary S. Sep 1, 2006 349
Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. Awarded Lockheed Martin STAR Supplier-Facility Award; Second Time Designation Granted for Company's Supplier Excellence Achievement in Meeting Strict Aerospace Industry Performance Criteria. Aug 30, 2006 744
Broadlane Launches Interchange, First Electronic Sourcing and Contracting Tool for Healthcare Group Purchasing. Aug 24, 2006 848
Ariba to Host Low-Cost Country Sourcing Summit in Shanghai; Event Designed to Help Companies of All Sizes Identify and Maximize Opportunities for Sourcing Direct Materials in China. Aug 22, 2006 802
QAD Enterprise Applications Make It Easy for Auto Suppliers to Comply with Recent Updates to Global MMOG/LE Guidelines; Solution Provider Plays Key Role in Making Efficient Long-Distance Supply Chain a Reality. Aug 22, 2006 1129
SITA's Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management Enhanced by Selecting Digital Fuel; Digital Fuel to Help SITA Augment Its Superior Customer Service Levels by Enabling Systematic Setup, Delivery, Management and Reporting on Customer and Supplier Services. Aug 22, 2006 687
ClearOrbit Expands Supply Chain Collaboration Capabilities for Manufacturers and Distributors with Updated Software Suite; Suite's New ``Supply Network Intelligence'' Provides Monitoring and Resolution of Critical Events within Extended Supply Chain. Aug 22, 2006 787
Ketera Launches On Demand Supplier Content Management Solution; New Content Management Solution Fully Integrates With the Ketera Supplier Portal; Helps Procurement Overcome Significant Implementation and Adoption Barriers. Aug 17, 2006 602
Teletouch Announces New Subsidiary, Progressive Concepts, Inc., a Leading Cingular Master Distributor, Reseller and Top-10 MVNO under the Hawk Electronics Brand. Aug 17, 2006 1336
Medical Specialties Distributors Signs $53 Million Credit Agreement with GE Healthcare Financial Services. Aug 16, 2006 475
Worldwide Market for Offshore IT Services Is Booming, as Indian Vendors Begin To Threaten the Market Share of Top Global Players, IDC Finds. Industry overview Aug 15, 2006 531
Health Industry Insights(TM) Projects Major Value Shift for Pharmaceutical Distributors; Research Firm Examines How Drug Safety Concerns Are Changing Distribution Revenue Model. Aug 14, 2006 462
SS8 Networks Speeds Time-to-Market for CALEA Compliance Through Acceler8 Alliance Program; Brisk Growth in Acceler8 Alliance Program Demonstrates Vendors' Commitment to CALEA Compliance and Worldwide Lawful Intercept Requirements. Aug 2, 2006 678
Avnet Electronics Marketing Asia Takes Most Preferred International Distributor Title in China. Aug 2, 2006 683
Georgia Underground Superstore sets bar for utility suppliers. Griffin, Jeff Company overview Aug 1, 2006 1484
Leading Retailer Edcon to Deliver High Fashion Across South Africa Using the Eqos Sourcing Solution; Time-to-market, supplier collaboration, and cost savings drove Edcon's selection of Eqos. Jul 31, 2006 770
Glazer's Wholesale Drug Company Selects Management Dynamics' Supply Chain Visibility and Event Management Solution; Leading Wine and Spirits Distributor Implements Industry First in Online Supplier Collaboration and Global Inventory Management. Jul 25, 2006 655
Paul Blalock, Transportation & Supply Chain Technology Veteran, Joins CombineNet; Blalock Brings More Than Sixteen Years of Transportation Experience to the Advanced Sourcing Technology Company. Jul 25, 2006 402
The pod people of lavaur: although location matters for any business, the Zollets have demonstrated that perseverance and a bit of diligence have made them one of the largest pod suppliers in the region of Lavaur, France. Bell, Jonathan Jul 20, 2006 1174
Arkeia Software Announces New Partners in Asia-Pacific Region; Major Distributors Signed in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Company overview Jul 19, 2006 714
Nisa-Today's keeps trying to please. Brief article Jul 15, 2006 121
ModusLink Honored With Progressive Supplier Award From Toshiba; Recognized for Innovative New Inventory Management System. Jul 12, 2006 505
Luxoft Makes the Top 50 Best Managed Global Outsourcing Vendors 2006, Only Russian Outsourcing Company to Make the List. Jul 12, 2006 526
Companies Report Significant Challenges in Supply Chain Management; Inconsistent, Ineffective Practices, and Lack of Incentives Cited in New Archstone Consulting Study on Supplier Relationships. Jul 12, 2006 534
Ariba Ships Adapter for SAP NetWeaver(R); Software Enables Users of SAP(R) Solutions to Seamlessly Connect to Ariba Supplier Network. Jul 11, 2006 982
Eaton Joins EPA'S Green Suppliers Network. Jul 10, 2006 506
National Grid's New Choices Program Offers Discount, Eases New York Customer Choice of Alternative Energy Supplier. Jul 6, 2006 777
Premier Honors Healthcare System, Contracted Supplier for Efforts to Promote Diversity in Supply Chain Process. Jul 5, 2006 834
ABB Business Automation Group Extends Partnership with First Index in Global Sourcing Initiative. Jul 5, 2006 341
DaimlerChrysler wants the best suppliers only. Jul 1, 2006 472
Getting the most from distributors: knowing what they offer can help rationalize the purchasing process. Olde, Michael Jul 1, 2006 755
SciQuest's Best-in-class Supplier Enablement Solutions to Integrate with Oracle(R) E-Business Suite and Peoplesoft Enterprise Applications for Procurement Solutions Tailored for Higher Education and Life Sciences. Jun 27, 2006 589
CombineNet Founder Dr. Tuomas Sandholm to Receive IAAI Award for Application of Artificial Intelligence in Strategic Sourcing. Jun 26, 2006 480
Research and Markets: Symantec, McAfee and Checkpoint Are Considered to Be the Leading Vendors in the Security Market. Jun 24, 2006 494
Verticalnet to Host Webcast Focusing on Practical Approaches to Global Sourcing; Verticalnet Brings Together Industry Leaders To Discuss Key Factors To Propel Global Sourcing Success. Jun 23, 2006 784
Premier Recognizes Dade Behring for Excellence in Supplier Performance. Jun 22, 2006 413
Premier Honors Contracted Suppliers Whose Performance Exceeds Member Expectations; Nine Companies Receive Premier's First-Ever Pinnacle Awards; Another 69 Companies Receive Performance Award Recognition. Jun 22, 2006 668
Guitar Center Unifies Sourcing in 90 Days with TradeStone's Rapid Implementation Process; Enterprise-Wide Software Delivered On-Time and On-Budget Strikes the Right Chord at Musical Instrument Retailer. Jun 20, 2006 681
Verticalnet Releases Upgrade of XE Spend Manager Application; Verticalnet's Spend Manager version 5.3 Upgrade Delivers a Global Solution that Empowers Sourcing Professionals to Direct the Spend Analysis Process. Jun 19, 2006 1161
OneLink Corporation Announces Strategic Expansion for CCRA International Subsidiary; Business Unit Will Pursue Global Travel Services Marketplace Via Addition of Non-Hotel Vendors, International Membership; New VP Mai Meyaart to Run Subsidiary. Jun 15, 2006 852
Verticalnet Reports Record Growth in On Demand Supply Management Adoption; Companies Leverage On-Demand Capabilities of Verticalnet XE to Quickly Realize the Benefits of Strategic Sourcing. Company overview Jun 14, 2006 717
Bankruptcy Concerns for Auto Suppliers Continue to Increase, According to New AlixPartners Study. Jun 14, 2006 1336
TradeStone Software Delivers Its Award-Winning Sourcing and Unified Buying Solution as a Service; Two-Week Deployment Time Enables Small and Medium Sized Retailers, Suppliers and Product Development Companies to Compete Globally. May 30, 2006 805
Gartner Launches Three New Offerings Tailored To Clients' Job Related Activities; New Offerings For IT Leaders in ''Business Intelligence and Information Management,'' ''Sourcing & Vendor Relations'' and ''Enterprise Architecture''. May 25, 2006 800
Supply Chain Consortium Suggests Ways to Cut Transportation Costs; Use More Effective Carrier Sourcing as the Fuel. May 24, 2006 384
Belcan's Dallas Office Receives Coveted 2005 Supplier Excellence Award from Texas Instruments; As One of TI's 18,000 Worldwide Vendors, Belcan TechServices is the Only Staffing Supplier to Receive the Recognition. May 23, 2006 550
Financial Services Adopting Sourcing Lessons from Manufacturing According to Research from London Business School and Capco. May 22, 2006 828
Glovia Introduces Additional Supply Chain Management Functionality; Enhanced Planning, Scheduling and Execution Capabilities Streamline Customer and Supplier Management. May 22, 2006 719
Ariba Enhances Supplier Connectivity Solution; Company Receives ''Powered by NetWeaver(R)'' Qualification, Enabling Customers to Connect to the Ariba Supplier Network Faster and Easier Than Ever Before. May 16, 2006 936
Shanghai Pharmaceutical Successfully Implements Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management Solution; Supply Chain Provider to Power Leading Medicine Distributor in China. May 16, 2006 792
LogicTools' Next Generation Inventory Optimization Solution Provides Broad Functionality for Manufacturers, Retailers, and Distributors. May 15, 2006 525
Industrial Professionals' Discovery Process Emphasizes the Importance of a Visible Online Presence for Distributors. May 11, 2006 578
PrO Unlimited Announces Winners of Fifth Annual Global Supplier Awards. May 11, 2006 354
General Motors Honors Laird Technologies' Division as a 2005 Supplier of the Year. May 10, 2006 466
Federal-Mogul Corp. Honored by General Motors as 2005 Global Supplier of the Year. Company overview May 9, 2006 500
Leading Companies Team with Ariba to Advance Spend Management; Best-in-Class Organizations Exhibit Solutions and Capabilities Designed to Drive Excellence at Ariba LIVE Partner Showcase and Supplier Pavilion Sponsored by American Express. May 8, 2006 941
Verticalnet to Deliver Comprehensive Global Spend Analysis and Strategic Sourcing for Industry-Leading Invensys Group; Global Sourcing Program Aimed at Improved Efficiency, Process Standardization and Cost Reduction. May 8, 2006 708
Puridiom and Procusoft Offer the First End-to-End Procurement Solution That Delivers Best Value Sourcing. May 6, 2006 826
Tesco maps out supply revolution: group sourcing has been used for non food lines for a while now, but as Tesco employs the same strategy for some of its grocery lines, should the competition be worried? Durston, James May 6, 2006 1112
2006 FSA Suppliers Expo EUROPE Exhibitor Profiles. May 4, 2006 1483
IBM Honors Avnet Partner Solutions for Outstanding Success; Wins IBM PartnerWorld Beacon Award for Most Innovative Distributor Finance Program and 2005 Services Sales Leadership Award. Company overview May 3, 2006 536
Enporion Announces Availability of eVMS - electronic Vegetation Management Solution; Asplundh Tree Expert Co. Becomes First Customer and Distributor to Utility Industry. May 3, 2006 702
Array Networks Enters into Distributor Agreement with Ingram Micro; Industry Leading High-Performance SSL VPN and Application Acceleration Solutions Now Broadly Available to Resellers and End Users. May 3, 2006 723
SigmaQuest's SigmaSure Now Features System for Tracking Quality of Suppliers' Components; New Supplier Quality Application Gives OEMs Greater Confidence in Suppliers' Products, Prior to the Manufacturing/Integration Process. May 1, 2006 680
Leading SOA Vendors Announce SOA Link -- A Multi-Vendor Governance Interoperability Initiative. May 1, 2006 1372
ModusLink First Supply Chain Service Provider to Offer Wireless Activation Service for Computer Hardware Vendors; Implements New Service in Europe with Leading Notebook Manufacturer to Facilitate Easy, Rapid Activation for Customers. Apr 26, 2006 786
Moving Targets: ABI Research Advises DRM Vendors to Aim for the Source. Apr 26, 2006 451
European Healthcare IT Managed Services Markets Offer Lucrative Opportunities for Vendors and Service Providers. Apr 25, 2006 856
Tech Data U.S. and Cisco Bring Network-Enabled Storage Solutions to Channel; Tech Data is the First U.S. IT Distributor to Offer the Cisco(R) MDS 9000 Series. Apr 24, 2006 721
Leading Mexican Distributor Implements RedPrairie for Visibility and Improved Customer Service. Company overview Apr 20, 2006 473
Research and Markets: OEM Sourcing Strategy Report Provides an Introduction to the Requirements of the Vehicle Maker BMW. Apr 20, 2006 309
Ariba to Host Webcast on Sourcing in Latin America; In-Country Commodity Experts and Sourcing Professionals to Share Insights and Best Practices for Maximizing Opportunities in Mexico and Brazil on April 27. Apr 20, 2006 686
PhoCusWright Research: All U.S. Online Travel Buyers Aren't Created Equal; Choice of Online Travel Agency, Supplier Sites Differs by Trip. Apr 17, 2006 577
New Captive for Fuel Distributors Brings Much Needed Capacity to Market; Liberty Mutual and Conifer Energy Offer Captive Program for Fuel Marketers. Apr 13, 2006 654
Energy Installations is an Emerging Market that UK Energy Suppliers are Well Positioned to Exploit. Apr 12, 2006 218
PolyOne Distribution to Implement Optiant's PowerChain(R) Suite; Leading Plastic Resins Supplier to Deploy Industry-Centric Solution to Reduce Expediting Costs, Enhance Service Levels. Apr 11, 2006 497
Struggling US Auto Suppliers Ignoring up to $7.6 Billion in Cash Tied up in Excess Working Capital, Hackett-REL Research Shows; Hard-Pressed Companies Face Even Greater Liquidity Pressure in 2006. Apr 11, 2006 668
Opsware Expands Reseller Network in Southeast Asia with Addition of Quantiq International; Leading IT Security Solution Distributor to Resell Opsware's IT Automation Software. Apr 10, 2006 800
Expanded Implementation of Healthcare IT Solutions to Create Exciting Opportunities for European Healthcare IT Professional Services Vendors. Apr 10, 2006 870
Lawson Introduces First Landmark-Developed Application Designed for SOA; Lawson Strategic Sourcing Helps Customers Improve Supplier Relationships; Reduces Time and Costs Associated With Sourcing Events. Apr 10, 2006 784
TANDBERG Television Launches OpenCable Initiative; OpenWorks(TM) Distributor for OpenCable(TM) Consumer Device and Centralized Set-Top Box Management. Apr 10, 2006 812
Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance and JPMorgan Launch U.K. Supplier Finance Service. Apr 6, 2006 674
NetSuite Wholesale/Distribution Edition Brings Enterprise Power to Mid-Sized Distributors. Apr 6, 2006 872
European Healthcare IT Outsourcing Market to Offer Lucrative Opportunities to Healthcare IT Vendors and Service Providers. Industry overview Apr 5, 2006 787
Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance and JPMorgan Launch U.K. Supplier Finance Service. Apr 5, 2006 674
Jump(TM) Mobile Announces Aggressive New Distribution Channels; Jump(TM) Contracts with Six New Distributors to Drive Growth in New and Existing Markets. Apr 5, 2006 855
Study Reveals: Auto Suppliers Find No Cost Guarantee in China Sourcing; OESA and PRTM Management Consultants' Survey: More Than Half of Companies Studied Achieved Less Than 40 Percent of China Sourcing Targets. Apr 3, 2006 576
Ariba Expands Low-Cost Country Sourcing Summit Series; Based on Success of Past Events and Demand for Sourcing and Commodity Expertise, Company Plans Additional Summits in Asia and Eastern Europe. Mar 29, 2006 908
HandHeld Entertainment Expands ZVUE Distribution to Australia and New Zealand; World Tech Distributors to Distribute ZVUE Portable Media Players to Retailers Throughout Australia and New Zealand. Mar 29, 2006 858
South Dakota Board of Regents Chooses SciQuest Sourcing Manager for Increased Savings, Improved Efficiencies. Mar 28, 2006 571
Verticalnet XE Supply Management Solution Delivers Standardized Sourcing Process and Sustainable Savings for La Poste. Mar 23, 2006 876
IdaTech Signs New Hydrogen Supplier Relationship With Norco and IGSA. Mar 21, 2006 722
Heil Trailer Renews Contract with First Index, Inc.; Heil Trailer Continues to Use First Index to Identify Domestic and Low Cost Country Suppliers. Mar 21, 2006 363
Whale and Leading French Mobile Distributor Launch Secure Application Access Service; Alternative to BlackBerry; Whale and SFD Partner to Deliver Leading French Cellular Provider SFR's Application Access Offering on Standard PDAs. Mar 21, 2006 954
More Wine, Spirits and Beverage Distributors Look to HighJump Software for Supply Chain Execution Solutions. Mar 21, 2006 612
Dassault Systemes Announces Availability of Next Generation PLM Sourcing Solutions; 3D-based sourcing solutions for collaborative PLM. Mar 20, 2006 570
Frictionless Commerce Selected to Provide Enhanced Sourcing and Contracting Capabilities for Broadlane. Mar 20, 2006 836
Unisys Announces New China Global Sourcing Center. Mar 16, 2006 683
DiversityNEXT Summit - Only at TelecomNEXT; AT&T Procurement Chief Maureen Merkle to Discuss Opportunities for Suppliers. Mar 16, 2006 729
tekVizion Labs Launches Verification Program Independent Facility Supports, Extends Vendors' Testing Capacities. Mar 14, 2006 472
Flexible Contracting Represents for Suppliers and Buyers the Trade-off between Managing and Bearing the Risks of Energy Contracting. Mar 10, 2006 353
Verticalnet Survey Reveals Supplier Performance is Top of Mind for Both Large Enterprises and Mid Market Companies. Mar 8, 2006 906
UGS, A.T. Kearney Procurement Solutions and Tata Consultancy Services Launch Asian Sourcing Network (ASN); First-Ever Joint Solution of Information Technology, Software and Consulting Services to Facilitate Low-Cost Country Sourcing. Mar 6, 2006 1320
Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.'s Institutional Cash Distributors Completes Record Brokered Trade on Behalf of Oracle Corporation. Mar 1, 2006 733
Automotive coating market: under increased price and margin pressure, automotive OEM coatings suppliers face the challenge of lowering costs while providing environmentally-friendly products that perform more efficiently. Spurred on by these challenges, paint companies are evolving, finding avenues for growth through investments in emerging markets and innovative technology. Wright. Tim Company overview Mar 1, 2006 2206
Ariba and IIMM Announce Sourcing Excellence Awards; Ranbaxy Laboratories, Tata Steel and Hindustan Motors Take Top Honors. Feb 28, 2006 769
Strategic Sourcing group wants lower prices. Feb 24, 2006 536
ESI International Introduces New Sourcing Management Program; Training Provides Cross-Functional Perspective and Skill Set Necessary for Successful Vendor Management. Feb 23, 2006 403
European Capital Invests euro 14 Million in Tokheim, Leading European Supplier of Retail Fuel Systems. Feb 22, 2006 988
Genius Products Announces Corporate Realignment of Wellspring Media Division; The Weinstein Company Becomes Official Domestic Distributor for Wellspring's Theatrical Releases. Feb 22, 2006 961
Fortune 1000 Information Security Organizations Are Planning to Use More Vendors According to In-Depth Interviews with Security Professionals Conducted by TheInfoPro. Feb 22, 2006 652
MSC Industrial Supply Expands Relationship With Ariba; Leading MRO Supplier Joins Ariba Supplier Advantage Program; Teams With Company to Drive Quick and Seamless Integration of Ariba Supplier Network Among the Fortune 1000 Companies. Feb 21, 2006 970
Verticalnet Announces On-Demand Components of its XE Supply Management Suite Selected by The Sourcing Authority Selected for Online Supplier Negotiation. Feb 21, 2006 758
Open Ratings Powers Eaton's Supplier Risk Strategy; Executive Dashboard Core to Enterprise Risk Management. Feb 17, 2006 499
IP-PBX Vendors to Go Head-to-Head During VoiceCon Spring 2006 Request for Proposal (RFP) Forum. Feb 15, 2006 1169
ClosetMaid Joins Builder Sourcing's Homebuiler Buying Group; ClosetMaid Becomes the Supplier Member for Closet and Storage Solutions. Feb 14, 2006 452
Hunton & Williams Strengthens Global Technology & Sourcing Practice; Karen Sanzaro Joins Atlanta Office. Feb 13, 2006 518
Worldspan Enlists Distributor Partner Stargate to Expand Service and Build Presence Among Travel Agencies in South Africa. Company Profile Feb 8, 2006 824
KarstadtQuelle Selects TradeStone Software to Unite Global and Direct Sourcing Operations. Feb 7, 2006 648
JPMorgan Chase Honors 2005 Suppliers of the Year. Company Profile Feb 7, 2006 534
The supplier 411. Carter, Rick Feb 1, 2006 427
Value-added strategies in an online environment: as online purchasing shifts back-office responsibilities to customers, it creates a window of opportunity for the distributor to emerge as a key strategic partner. Wahlers, Ian Feb 1, 2006 1080
Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.'s Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD) Division Surpasses the $13 Billion Mark in Funds Brokered for Clients. Feb 1, 2006 661
Scan Based Trading up Markedly in 2005, Says Prescient; As Competition and Cost-Cutting Intensifies, Retailers and Suppliers ZOOM(TM) in on Consumers. Feb 1, 2006 874
IGEL Technology and Alternative Technology Sign Distributor Agreement; Agreement Further Extends IGEL Technology's Channel Reach in the United States. Feb 1, 2006 530
World Wide Technology Enables 900 Suppliers in Under Six Months with ClearOrbit's Purchase Order Collaborator. Feb 1, 2006 1061
Meat Suppliers Numbers Grow within Amphire Community; More Meat Suppliers Go Online With Foodservice's Largest Distribution Community. Jan 31, 2006 288
Two Partners Join Hunton & Williams' Global Technology and Sourcing Practice. Jan 31, 2006 791
Alternative Technology Signs Distributor Agreement with IGEL Technology. Jan 30, 2006 532
Healthcare Holds Great Potential for Minority Suppliers, Premier Expert Tells National Minority Supplier Development Council; Supplier Diversity White Paper, Recorded Teleconference Available on Web. Jan 27, 2006 417
Syntax-Brillian Signs with The Advantage Group for Distribution of Its 720p and 1080p LCoS(TM) HDTVs to the Custom Installation and Custom Retail Distributor. Jan 25, 2006 728
Network Engines and Fusion Distribution Establish Partnership to Sell Security Appliances Across Mid-East Markets; Network Engines Signs First Distributor in New Region. Jan 25, 2006 711
Everest Research Institute Publishes Annual Report on Global Sourcing; New Study Sheds Light on Offshore Labor Market; Sees Labor Arbitrage as the Primary Value Proposition of Offshore Outsourcing for Next 30 Years. Jan 25, 2006 768
Verticalnet Selected by Capgemini Energy to Improve Sourcing, Supply Management and Spend Visibility for Large Utility Customers. Jan 23, 2006 510
Corporate Meeting Suppliers Use StarCite Online Marketplace by Two to One Margin Over Alternatives. Company Profile Jan 18, 2006 787
Lexington Home Brands Implements ClearOrbit's Purchase Order Collaborator to Track Global Inventory and Supplier Shipments. Jan 18, 2006 835
Ariba Takes Sourcing to the Next Level; Latest Release of Ariba Sourcing Integrates Advanced RFX, Auction and Optimization Functionality with On-Demand Access to Expertise to Help Companies to Source Smarter and Faster Than Ever Before. Jan 17, 2006 1034
Verticalnet Selected by Leading Pharmaceutical Company to Improve Effectiveness of Global Sourcing and Spend Visibility. Jan 17, 2006 651
Guitar Center Doesn't Fret about Global Sourcing and Order Management; Retail Leader Selects TradeStone Software to Amp Up Unified Buying Process. Company Profile Jan 17, 2006 731
Verticalnet to Host Two-Part Webcast Series on Supplier Performance Management for Mid to Large Global Enterprises. Jan 12, 2006 775
Ultriva Releases New Supplier Replenishment Software for Lean Manufacturing. Jan 12, 2006 573
MBG Announces Enhanced Telecommunications e-Sourcing Services Through Strategic Partnership With Source Loop; e-Sourcing Proven to Provide Substantial Savings in the Procurement of Telecom Services. Jan 11, 2006 456
Ariba Teams with Avolent to Streamline Invoice Presentment and Payment Through Ariba Supplier Network; Companies Help Buyers and Suppliers Exchange Information More Quickly and Efficiently at a Lower Total Cost. Jan 10, 2006 818
Builder Sourcing Launches The Whole House Program(TM) At IBS; A Comprehensive Program Where Builders Lower Costs and Suppliers Gain Market Share. Jan 10, 2006 574
PUMA(R) North America Selects Vision Sourcing & Demand Management, Vision SalesLink and Vision Analytics from Jesta I.S. Jan 10, 2006 641
Premier Showcases Success of Healthcare Systems in Promoting Supplier Diversity; M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, North Broward Hospital District to Address National Teleconference on January 10; Premier to Issue White Paper. Jan 6, 2006 478
The Internet in Europe Shows No Threat to Independent Financial Advisers, but it is Changing the Way Independent Distributors Work. Jan 4, 2006 628
Wireless Communications Specialist Nordic Semiconductor and Distributor Nu Horizons Electronics Expand Distribution Partnership from Asia to North America. Company Profile Jan 4, 2006 742

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