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Velano Vascular Receives FDA Clearance for Blood-Draw Technology.

M2 PHARMA-February 10, 2015-Velano Vascular Receives FDA Clearance for Blood-Draw Technology


The US Food and Drug Administration has granted marketing clearance for medical device company Velano Vascular's new technology promising an innovative approach to the in-hospital blood draw, the company said on Tuesday.

According to Velano, the proprietary device reduces the need for needle sticks (clinically known as venipunctures) for blood draws in the hospital, a procedure that occurs approximately 350m times annually in the United States alone.

The Velano Vascular technology is designed to reduce unnecessary pain and anxiety for patients receiving medications and hydration via intravenous delivery, while aiming to provide a safer work environment for healthcare providers conducting blood draws.

According to research conducted by Velano Vascular, one out of every three hospital patients is stuck two or more times daily for blood draws, with a significant subset of these inpatients receiving as many as three blood draws or greater, along with numerous needle sticks.

Twenty-eight percent of adult venipunctures and 44% of pediatric venipunctures require more than one stick to successfully draw blood.

Using the disposable, single-use Velano Vascular technology, newly placed peripheral intravenous catheters can be momentarily repurposed to draw blood from patients, thereby reducing the need for additional needle sticks to conduct blood draws among the majority of hospitalised patients with IVs in place.

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Publication:M2 Pharma
Date:Feb 10, 2015
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