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Owners: Velma Huggins and Carlton Lewis Address: P.O. Box 4883, Little Rock, 72214, 664-1695 or 377-1853 Start-up date: July 1991

Velma Huggins and Carlton Lewis are siblings with very diverse backgrounds.

Lewis has a bachelor's degree in marketing, yet he is a practicing plumber.

Huggins has been a professional gospel singer, currently is a medical technician at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and is licensed by the state as an income tax practitioner.

Together, they have started a construction company, of all things.

Vel-Carr provides construction from the ground up, remodeling, plumbing and electrical services. Vel-Carr contracts out the work.

The siblings hope to focus their business on plumbing in the future because, "frankly, that's where the money is," says Huggins.

Huggins handles the money. "I don't go on job sites because that's not my cup of tea," she says.

Lewis is the "hands-on man."

"We designated each of our jobs and we stick to them," Huggins says. "That's why the business runs very smoothly."

The business is currently based in the attic of Lewis' home.

"Carl already knew the major players in the Arkansas construction business through his marketing work for several companies, so we really didn't have to hustle our business," says Huggins.
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Title Annotation:New Businesses
Author:Harper, Kim
Publication:Arkansas Business
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Date:Dec 16, 1991
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