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Veggies not superior.

You will often come across people who confidently say "I am a pure vegetarian because I don't eat meat".

There is nothing special or superior if some one is vegetarian. We can be pure or impure only by our deeds and not by our eating habits.

Through the ages debate goes on to trace if man is herbivorous or carnivorous. I don't think it is a honest way to categorise a human being by his flat or pointed teeth as someone put forward in the opinion column.

It is true that a vegetarian diet is helpful for certain diseases. That doesn't mean that a non-vegetarian diet is the root cause of all diseases.

Alcohol is a vegetarian diet made out of juices of fruits. Everyone is aware that maximum deaths are caused by alcohol.

Tobacco and hashish are 100 per cent vegetarian made of dried leaves and are a major cause of unnatural death.

Sometime back the Indian government banned Kesri Dal because they found out it caused death - "Spastic Paraplegia".

I disagree with the suggestion to avoid meat just because it contains excessive protein, cholesterol and saturated fat.

Who says just a non-vegetarian diet? Even vegetable food like groundnut oil, cashew nut, coconut, ghee and butter contain high cholesterol.

So many diseases like cholera, paratyphoid and typhoid are spread through water. It also causes amebiaces, giadiasis, round worm, pin worm, wild hepetises, etc. Will you advise us not to drink water?

Milk can be a cause of so many diseases like chizelia, cholera, paratyphoid, tuberculosis, salmonesis, brusolosis. Will you advise us not to drink milk?

The vegetarian proteins are lacking in one or more of the essential amino acids. Meat has lot of amino acids which cannot be secreted by the human body and thus it helps us to gain basic building blocks to assemble thousands of complicated proteins. Problems arise only due to excessive eating.

Years ago a yoga teacher who visited Bahrain went up to the extent of warning his audience that "if you consume animal food you will inherit animal instincts".

A data was analysed about people who lived above 100 years. Out of 1,200 people surveyed, it emerged that just four were vegetarians.

Papanasam Bala

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Sep 15, 2008
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