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Vegetable Processing.

VEGETABLE PROCESSING. Edited by D Arthey and C Dennis. 279 pages with index. Price: 62.00 [pounds]. (UK: The Blackie Publishing Group)

In temperate parts of the world many vegetables are grown but, to serve those who eat them, they need to arrive in good condition whether they be processed or not. Different processes are used to treat vegetables to suit different needs. These processes are well understood but the technology surrounding them is continuously being updated to ensure improved quality for the consumer. This text discusses the latest techniques that are being used to provide this improved quality and ensure that a considerable variety of produce is available the year round.

To create such a well-rounded book the editors have been assisted by a dozen contributors who are well-versed in their particular fields, and together their views and knowledge are set out as ten chapters. These are entitled: Introduction; Crop production, harvesting and storage; Preparation procedures; Thermal processing; Freezing; Chilling; Other preservation methods; Packaging; Quality; and Plant, equipment and cleaning. At first sight, these chapters might seem almost too wide-ranging but the subject area is large, these products are important in our efforts to feed ever more mouths and there is still a need for more information, and this book with it illustrations gives a valuable insight into modern techniques of vegetable growing, handling, processing and storage. For all those involved in handling and processing vegetables this book is certainly recommended reading to bring you up to date on those rarer techniques like irradiation processing and freshening or packaging systems that use collapsible tubes and post-harvest handling and immunoassays.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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