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Vegetable Growing Handbook.


by Walter S Splittstoesser.

Now in its 3rd edition, Dr Splittstoesser's book deals with both organic and the more traditional methods of growing vegetables. Essentially this book is for the vegetable gardener rather than the commercial grower, nevertheless the techniques used on the smaller scale often apply equally well to large scale cropping. This text covers all the latest biological, chemical, mechanical and organic methods of cultivation, and it looks at integrated pest control. Anyone with an interest in growing plants can hardly have failed to notice the competition for the `crop', be it a rose or a cabbage.

Not only has this edition been updated but a chapter on nutritional quality and value has been added. Likewise, there is now a chapter on special-use vegetables. The section on herbs has been greatly expanded to take account of current interest. A simple hydroponic system described so as to allow experiment. The nine chapters hardly reveal the scope of the book. There titles are Planning the garden; Plant growth; Soils and plant nutrition; Pest control; Harvest and storage of vegetables; Nutritional value of vegetables; Growing common vegetables; Growing special-use vegetables, and Growing and preserving herbs.

Now if we look more carefully at the subheadings, information is provided on artichokes, asparagus, amaranth, asparagus bean, asparagus lettuce or celtuce, okra, onion, calabaza, chayote, Jicama and Luffa. The herbs section runs from aloe vera through angelica, anise and coriander to rosemary and thyme. The sections on how seeds grow and the importance of correct nutrition are equally important.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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