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Vegan vagarities.

A quick jump in time and place to today reveals a general population who loves meat and fowl--as long as it is pre-packaged and no one has to think about how it got there. A significant number of these people have been brought up on cute little talking TV animals and fail to make the connection between that, what they are eating, and real cows, chickens, buffalo, deer, elk and the like. Some of these individuals are also violently anti-gun/anti-hunting. They remind me of some of our very popular movie stars like Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and many others, who make a great deal of money slaughtering bad guys with every weapon the prop guys can imagine, and are, at the same time very outspoken gun-grabbing individuals. This is hypocrisy. If you're going to be anti-gun, don't use them even in movies, even if it does make you millions. Likewise, if you're anti hunting, don't eat or use the products of animal or fowl.

That leaves us with vegetarians wrapped and shod in some very unusual clothing and practically nothing to eat, if you consider the millions of insects and worms killed--yes, killed, heartlessly and with great malice--to supply that strawberry and its transportation to the comer grocery. Just think of the millions of free-flying freedom-loving happy insects slaughtered on the windshields of vehicles driven by vegetarians. Now that's what I call real hypocrisy. C'mon you people; walk--don't drive--and watch where you step.

Most anyone knows you must cram some nourishment down your neck every few days or you are gonna die. If you are alive and want to stay alive you will do so because of the death of a great number of living creatures. That's a simple fact. It follows, if you are anti-hunting then you must also live with being a hypocrite.

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Title Annotation:Handgun Hunting
Author:Jones, J.D.
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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