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Vegan Success: Scrumptious, Healthy, Vegan Recipes for Busy People.



Vegan Success is written in a casual, friendly manner, as if your neighbor just dropped in to share some cooking tips. It contains a vegan glossary, a shopping list (including brand names the authors prefer but not all of the fruits and vegetables that you will need for the recipes), label-reading tips to avoid non-vegan ingredients, and substitution suggestions. Then, the authors get right to the recipes, which are generally simple to prepare, easy to modify for different tastes, and delicious.

The book includes sections on Tofu, Tempeh, Lentils, and Beans; Vegetable-Centered Dishes; and Vegan Sandwiches; among others. Even longtime vegans will find new ideas for using tofu and vegetables. My family liked the Slow-Roasted Tofu, the Baked Eggplant, and the Real Gravy, and my 17-year-old test subjects loved the Berry Cobbler.

The book would have benefited from more careful editing to avoid factual mistakes, such as the inclusion of butter (a non-vegan ingredient) in one recipe, and missing instructions. (Do I really want to saute a whole onion?) The use of the word "vegan" in so many recipe titles was redundant given the name of the book. Additionally, there are no nutritional analyses. However, the authors definitely make clear that being vegan does not mean sacrificing delicious taste, a variety of ingredients, or quick meals.

Vegan Success. Scrumptious, Healthy, Vegan Recipes for Busy People (ISBN 0974924512) is published by Logical Expressions, Inc. The 224-page book retails for $19.95 and can be purchased online at <> or in bookstores.
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Author:Michalek, Jane
Publication:Vegetarian Journal
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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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