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Vedantra Pharmaceuticals, Neon Therapeutics Forge Joint Research Collaboration to Develop Cancer Vaccines.

M2 PHARMA-March 14, 2017-Vedantra Pharmaceuticals, Neon Therapeutics Forge Joint Research Collaboration to Develop Cancer Vaccines


- US-based immunotherapy company Vedantra Pharmaceuticals, Inc has forged a joint collaboration to explore cancer vaccine research with immuno-oncology company Neon Therapeutics, the companies said.

The two companies said they will contribute their respective expertise non-exclusively to explore the potential benefits of combining Vedantra's cutting edge albumin-binding, lymph node targeting amphiphile technology with Neon's innovative capabilities in neoantigen vaccine research.

Neoantigens, which are often associated with tumors, arise as a result of accumulating somatic mutations and foreign sources such as viruses.

These alterations in a patient's tumor DNA occur during the development and progression of tumors. The objective of the joint research collaboration is to continue development of therapeutic vaccines that raise immune responses against neoantigens that allow the body to naturally expand immune cells capable of destroying infected or cancerous cells without harming normal tissues.

In this era of neoantigen discovery, albumin-binding amphiphilic peptides delivering a neoantigen payload directly to the lymph node provides a natural setting for production of large quantities of T-cells specifically trained to attack tumors by homing in on the presence of specific neoantigens on the tumor cell surface.

Recognition of the tumor neoantigen stimulates the T-cell to kill the tumor cell.

The process starting with a defined neoantigen peptide is elegant in its simplicity. It involves coupling a highly specific lipid construct to the neoantigen in a single step. The resulting conjugate binds to albumin upon injection, thus directly carrying the neoantigen to the lymph node where T-cells are primed.

Thus, unprecedented levels of poly-functional, tumor-killing CD8 T-cells can now be achieved with peptidic neoantigens coupled to amphiphilic components.

Vedantra Pharmaceuticals is an immunotherapy company focused on developing products for cancer and infectious diseases. Vedantra's technologies enlist both antibody and T-cell responses that impair and destroy pathogens before they can replicate and cause serious damage in the body.

Prophylactic vaccines have been among the greatest achievements in human healthcare, demonstrating the power of natural immune responses when focused on the right targets.

Vedantra builds upon advances in antibody and T-cell therapies, using the body's natural immune responses against defined targets to create effective, durable and safe prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines targeting endemic maladies.

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Publication:M2 Pharma
Date:Mar 14, 2017
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