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Vatican says cloning may bring "new racism". (The Church and Cloning).

ARCHBISHOP RENATO MARTINO, the then-representative of the Vatican at the United Nations, has suggested that human cloning may pave the way for "a new form of racism, for the development of these techniques could lead to the creation of a `subcategory of human beings,' destined basically for the convenience of others." He also suggested that the risk existed for the development of a "super race" akin to the practice of eugenics.

He said that any differentiation between reproductive and therapeutic cloning was unacceptable and that the Vatican opposition to all forms of human cloning was "well known." Even when the result was beneficial, Martino said the church hierarchy opposed the use of embryonic stem cells. However, Martino noted that the Vatican supported the use of adult stem cells for the purposes of research.
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Date:Dec 22, 2002
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