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Vatican family council goes on the offensive.

ROME -- In a document marking its 25th anniversary, the Pontifical Council on the Family issued a scathing condemnation of artificial birth control and alternatives to the traditional form of marriage, according to Zenit News Agency.

"Never before has the natural institution of matrimony and family been the victim of such violent attacks," reads the document, Family and Human Procreation, issued in Italian on June 6. The document goes on to lament couples "willingly made sterile" through the use of artificial means of birth control and to condemn attempts by same-sex couples to marry and have children through adoption or in vitro fertilization.

The document permits the use of Natural Family Planning but strongly criticizes couples who use the method to limit the number of children to one or two.
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Title Annotation:artificial birth control on traditional form of marriage
Author:Cones, Bryan
Publication:U.S. Catholic
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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